Сравнение роботов-пылесосов Yeedi K650 и Ilife V7s Plus: выбираем бюджетную модель
Yeedi K650 & iLife V7s Plus Comparison: Choosing a Budget Model
Yeedi K650 & ILIFE V7s Plus Comparison and Review Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2022: Choosing a Best Budget Model I think it’s no secret that vacuum cleaner robots are a part of
Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S5 max.  Should you buy in 2021?
Review Roborock S5 max Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Should You Buy in 2022?
Review Roborock S5 Max was released in 2019, but most of the premium segment models still cannot catch up with it in terms of functionality & quality. Roborock S5 Max 2022 equipped
Обзор робота-пылесоса Roidmi Eve Plus: избавляется от пыли без участия человека
Review Roidmi Eve Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Gets Rid of Dust Without Human Involvement
Roidmi first announced itself in 2015, having received funding from the company of Xiaomi founder Lei Jun 2022. Access to resources and support from “Chinese Apple”
Cecotec Conga WinDroid 970 review
Cecotec Conga WinDroid 970 Review Window Robot Cleaner That Can Clean Dirt
The Spanish company Cecotec has been on the market for more than 20 years and is engaged in the production of various household appliances, including robot vacuum cleaners, window cleaners
Cecotec Conga 7090 IA review
Cecotec Conga 7090 IA Review: Object Recognition System, Power 10 kPa + 3 Brushes To Choose
This review will consider a rather interesting robot vacuum cleaner called Cecotec Conga 7090 IA 2022. Country of origin Spain. In the European market, robotic vacuum cleaners from
cecotec conga 2290 ultra review
Cecotec Conga 2290 Ultra Review: Extra Power & Optional Self-Cleaning
This review looks at a definitely noteworthy robot vacuum cleaner called the Cecotec Conga 2290 Ultra 2022. Priced at no more than $300, this unit is equipped with a gyroscope for navigation
cecotec conga 1790 ultra review
Cecotec Conga 1790 Ultra Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Review Cecotec Conga 1790 Ultra is one of the junior models in the manufacturer’s line 2022. At a cost of about $ 220, the robot is equipped with a gyroscope for navigation, the
dreame bot d9 pro review
Dreame Bot D9 Pro: Dreame Bot D9 Max Review & Compassion
Dreame Bot D9 Pro is an updated version of the previously released Dreame Bot D9 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022 , which was already under review, as well as a simplified version of the
Experience of using the Neatsvor X500 robot vacuum cleaner.  The best budget model?
Neatsvor X500 Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Experience Of Using Neatsvor X500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022. The Best Budget Model? At the next sale, I came across a Neatsvor X500. The price at the time of purchase was only $210
Roborock S7 Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner – New Flagship With Vibrating Mop
Review Xiaomi Roborock S7 is the new flagship of  Roborock company, which in itself already sounds like a claim for the best robot vacuum cleaner of 2022. Roborock S7 differs from its