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Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Wet Cleaning: Review Of The Model Liectroux XR500 With Laser Navigation & Remote Control. Robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning – a guarantee of cleanliness in the house. While you are at work or in class, the robot cleans dust on its own and even wipes the floors with a damp cloth. For high-quality navigation around the room, you should choose robots with a laser lidar – a kind of turret superscture above the vacuum cleaner body, which serves to accurately measure the distance to objects, to avoid collisions, and also to calculate the position of the robot in the room. One of the inexpensive models is the Liectroux XR500 robot, which is not only controlled from the Tuya smart home app, but also with a simple remote control.

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  • Model: Liectroux XR500
  • Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • Wet cleaning: Yes
  • Suction power: 6500 Pa
  • Pure water tank volume: 350 ml
  • Waste tank volume: 600 ml
  • Control: from the panel, remote control, through the Tuya application
  • Features: Y-mode cleaning, contour cleaning, remote control, multi-level maps
  • Battery capacity: 3000 mAh (14.8 V)
  • Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 9.6mm
  • Weight assembled: 2.7 kg

The packaging is standard – a large flat cardboard box, inside a cell made of recycled cardboard and a robot with accessories. All parts are packed in a film for protection during transportation, the laser superscture is covered with a protective ring.

The delivery set of the robot includes a remote control (!), a removable module for wet cleaning, a charging base with a power supply, spare shes, filters and wipes, a cleaning tool, a user manual. The robot vacuum comes with bumper protectors and glossy stickers, which should be removed before use.

The appearance of the Liectroux XR500 robot is shown in the photo below. It is a classic layout with a movable front bumper and superscture with lidar. Modules for dry and wet cleaning are made removable and interchangeable.

The robot comes out of the box with the side shes removed. Before work, you should install a pair, after specifying the specific location – the left and right shes are marked with a seat. A spare HEPA filter is included. To clean the motor wheels, side and central shes, the set includes a special tool with the ability to cut hair and animal hair.

The central turbo sh has V-shaped soft silicone inserts that perform effectively on both soft and hard floors. The robot is equipped with sensors against falling from the stairs, and two side shes allow you to optimally choose the route for contour cleaning of the room.

As I said above, the modules for dry and wet cleaning are replaced. That is, after a dry cleaning cycle, you should remove the corresponding module with a dust container and install a wet cleaning module with clean water and a cloth. And start the cycle already for wet cleaning.

The containers are identical in shape and have electrical contacts to control the motors and the pump. The vacuum cleaner’s fan blades are visible in the dry cleaning module. The wet cleaning module is equipped with a clean water tank. Both containers can be cleaned after cleaning.

The clean water tank has a special silicone valve for filling, as well as insctions pasted on the top of the body. In order to navigate when pouring water, and even during the cleaning cycle, a capacity scale in hundreds of milliliters is applied to the body, and the body itself is made of transparent acrylic.

The user manual from the kit is quite detailed and in English. Provides general information on the use of the robot, maintenance, selection of cleaning mode, as well as on the application and on the zoning of the room on the map. The supplied remote control allows you to start a cleaning cycle without access to the application or the Internet, including the choice of cleaning mode.

The base for charging the robot is quite compact and fits comfortably into any interior. It is powered by an external power supply, the wire is quite long. In order to prevent the base from slipping while parking the robot,bber pads are provided on the bottom.

You can start the robot, cancel the cleaning cycle and return it to the parking lot both from the application and using the remote control. Similar commands are available directly from the panel on the robot body. From the remote control, you can also select the contour cleaning mode, change the intensity of work (suction force or water supply), set timer cleaning.

For orientation in the room, a rotating sensor with a laser rangefinder (lidar) was used. The robot unambiguously orients itself in the room, determines the placement of furniture and various obstacles, remembers the place where the cleaning stopped (when the charge is exhausted, containers overflow, etc.). On a map created using this technology, you can place virtual walls / barriers, mark places that exclude cleaning, divide the room into zones.

Before the first start, it makes sense to recharge the robot. To bind, you will need to first download and configure the Tuya application. When linking the robot, I displayed the latest firmware, which was installed.

The robot stands out among similar models with a rather high suction power of 6500 Pa, the robot copes well with fine debris, carefully removes soft and pile coatings (the maximum length of the pile and thresholds to be overcome is 18 mm). Note that in a clean room that is periodically cleaned by another robot vacuum, the XR500 collected a decent amount of hair and animal hair and small debris.

For the wet cleaning mode, you can activate the Y-mode, that is, the robot begins to move in special movements, wiping the floors in several passes. On medium mode, a slightly damp surface remains for natural drying. The maximum water supply can be activated on tiles, but for wood flooring it is better to set the dosage at a minimum level.

The Tuya application is quite advanced, there are many necessary settings: zoning a room, storing several levels of a room at once, choosing an operating mode, including scheduling and scripting. There are virtual barriers and no cleaning zones. English-language voice acting is present, although it is named in a different way.

In this case, it will be convenient to control using the familiar remote control. The remote control allows you to control the robot manually, that is, you can bring it directly to the place of contamination and activate cleaning, and then send it to the base. There is also a button for contour cleaning of the room. It is far from possible in all cases to deploy a WiFi network with full coverage in all rooms and simultaneous Internet access, and it will be difficult for older people to learn how to manage through the application.

Thus, the Liectroux XR500 robot vacuum cleaner is an affordable model with laser navigation and wet cleaning. The convenient implementation of replaceable modules made it possible to increase the volume of the tanks and install a powerful suction motor (6500 Pa), and a convenient and functional remote control allows you to control the robot without being tied to the cloud and smartphone. The promo code for the discount is currently valid: AE2910.

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