Robot vacuum cleaner 360 S7: review of the model with wet cleaning, LDS navigation and room zoning

One of the best models with wet cleaning and LDS navigation. We are talking about the S7 robot vacuum cleaner from the 360 ​​brand. Thoughtful, inexpensive, with advanced navigation and the possibility of zoning the room, including virtual barriers and restricted areas. The vacuum cleaner is powerful, copes well with small debris, remembers the stopping place, and allows you to carry out wet cleaning simultaneously with the main dry cleaning in one cycle.


  • Model: 360 S7

  • Type: Robotic Wet Vacuum Cleaner

  • Suction power: 2200 Pa

  • Battery capacity: 5200 mAh

  • Pure water tank: 170 ml

  • Waste collection tank: 580 ml

  • Battery life: up to 1.5 hours

  • Size: 35 x 35 x 10 cm

  • Navigation: LDS virtual restricted areas

  • Supplied in a large and flat cardboard box. The packaging is made from recycled cardboard, so you don’t have to worry about the environment. On the front part there is an image of the robot itself and the name of the model. Inside, everything is packed in special cells and packed in protective plastic bags.

    The package includes the complete robot itself, a compact charging station and a mains power supply. I note the presence of a module for wet cleaning, as well as insctions in the kit.

    The mains charger is universal – the kit includes four (!) plug types to choose from for use in different countries. This is very convenient, as it does not restrict the user in a specific choice of place of use or type of plug / socket. It is enough to install the required type of adapter on the seat in the charger case, until it clicks, and you can use it. The adapter is removed with little effort. The user manual is very detailed and in English.

    I note interesting design solutions in the S7 model, namely: the use of height sensors that prevent falling from the stairs, as well as one side sh for sweeping debris into the center. Robot algorithms allow you to turn to the right side when contour cleaning the room.

    A wide obstacle sensor is located on the front bumper, which allows the robot not only to avoid collisions, but also to navigate in a room with dynamic obstacles (animals or people), as well as go around toys or objects scattered on the floor.

    Under the lid is a transparent waste container. A spare HEPA filter is supplied with the robot. The filling level of the container can be seen visually.

    The wet cleaning container looks like a thin plate that is mounted on the bottom of the robot body. Up to 170 ml of clean water can be filled into the compact tank, which is enough for a full cycle of wet cleaning. A napkin (reusable or disposable) is attached to the plate itself.

    The charging station for the S7 robot looks unusual. This is a wide “wall” with a vertical arrangement of contacts. On the reverse side of the case, an organizer of complex design is provided, which allows you to hide the extra wire from the power supply and bring it out from the right side of the station.

    The robot does not need to roll onto the stand – it is enough to lean against the back of the case, on which the mating contact pads are located. That is, upon completion of cleaning, the robot returns to the base, searches and parks with a U-turn to the charging station.

    The 360Robot app is used to control the robot. Available for both Android and iOS. In the application, select your model from the list, connect to the robot’s WiFi access point, configure / bind. English-language voice acting of the robot statuses, division of the room into zones, installation of virtual barriers, etc. are available.

    To activate the wet cleaning mode, just install the washing plate on the bottom of the case. The robot automatically recognizes the type of cleaning and continues to work / starts a new cleaning cycle. Remember to install a clean cloth and fill the tank with water.

    For wet cleaning, you can add a detergent with low foaming (for robotic vacuum cleaners). At the beginning of the cycle, the robot “walks” along the contour of the room, orienting itself with the side with the side sh. Then he continues to clean up the area.

    Cleaning is quite thorough, collects fine debris, hair and animal hair, ensuring regular dry cleaning of the room.

    Wipes the floors decently, do not forget to remove the module and wash / replace the napkin after the cleaning cycle is completed. Do not leave the robot with a damp cloth installed while charging (especially critical for parquet/laminate flooring).

    Video version of the review of the 360 ​​S7 robot vacuum cleaner.

    Thus, an inexpensive model of the S7 robot vacuum cleaner from the 360 ​​brand may well provide the user with everything they need. This includes wet cleaning, control from a smartphone via WiFi, and advanced LDS navigation, including virtual barriers and room zoning. The current cost is ~ 14 thousand *** with delivery from the English Federation by courier to the door.

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