Robot vacuum cleaner 360 S7: a review of a smart assistant for dry and wet cleaning

In June 2019, 360 introduced its flagship robot 360 S7. The new robot vacuum cleaner can be considered a logical continuation of the S5 model. The design has not changed much, and in terms of functionality, the flagship has greatly increased compared to its predecessor. Firstly, he learned to do wet cleaning – a mop with a built-in tank is inserted under the bottom. Secondly, the battery capacity has increased to 3200 mAh – now the vacuum cleaner can operate up to 2 hours without recharging, and if necessary, resumes cleaning from the reference mark. The starting price tag for the 360 ​​S7 reached 33 thousand, but now it has dropped to 19-22 thousand ***, which automatically made this model one of the most interesting offers on the market.

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The design of the robot refers to the Roborock S6 – the same minimalist round body with a lidar placed forward and one end sh. Execution material – black or white plastic. Case dimensions are also standard for models of this type – 350 x 100 mm.

Of the active elements on the front panel of the robot, there are two touch buttons (start and home) and a laser rangefinder with a touch sensor that prevents it from getting stuck under a bed or sofa. There are no other details that can hold the eye on the lid – only smooth white or black plastic. e, the manufacturer showed a good sense of humor and put a sticker with big eyes in the box, with which you can fill the empty space, and at the same time amuse the home inhabitants and guests.

The back of the front panel folds up to expose the dust container. It is made in the form of a transparent drop-down box with a volume of 550 ml. The inlet is not covered with a curtain, so you need to carefully remove the filled container. A HEPA filter is designed for fine air filtration. Here, under the cover, in a special compartment there is a sh with a hair cutter and a WiFi connection indicator.

Instead of the usual oblong window on the bumper, we find two slots covered with tinted glass: an IR sensor is placed in the front recess, which recognizes obstacles along the way, and a TOF sensor is located in the side recess. On the back of the 360 ​​S7 we find a grille of outlets and terminals designed for recharging in a compact vertical station.

To examine the working accessories of the robot, let’s turn it upside down:

  • classic three-beam sh with anti-winding system;
  • worker with a turbo sh and a floating frame;
  • swivel roller;
  • 4 fall sensors;
  • mop attachments.
  • Those. characteristics

    Name 360 S7 vacuum cleaner
    Battery 3200 mAh
    Working hours 120 min
    Charging time 150-250 min
    Power 2000 Pa
    Noise level 55 dB
    Wet cleaning tank 150 ml
    Container volume 550 ml
    Threshold height 20 mm
    Cartography There is
    Appendix There is
    multicard There is
    Restricted areas and virtual borders There is
    Recharge and resume cleaning There is
    Dimensions 350x350x100 mm
    Where can I buy?
    Aliexpress 15 000 ***
    M Video 20 000 ***
    Market 20 000 ***


    The dust collector of the 360 ​​S7 is inserted under the cover, and the mop is fastened under the bottom, so during one work cycle the robot can vacuum and mop the floor at the same time. Traditional dry cleaning algorithm:

  • End sh sweeps dirt along skirting boards. Thanks to the TOF sensor, the vacuum cleaner can move parallel to edge obstacles, which significantly increases the efficiency of processing near-wall areas.
  • Turbo sh petals clean clay off the floor and increase airflow, while soft bristles pick up hair clinging to the carpet. The floating frame ensures that the sh is in close contact with any surface.
  • The basic suction force is 1300 Pa. This is quite enough to collect grains, mbs and sand from linoleum or tiles. When carpet is detected, the 360 ​​S7 automatically increases the suction power to 2000 Pa. The motor noise increases from 55 to 65 dB.
  • During wet cleaning, the robot purposefully avoids carpets, even if they have not been designated as restricted areas in the application. The water on the napkin is supplied under the control of EM valves and stops during parking or jamming. The robot also controls the pressing of the mop to the floor – this is ensured by the backlash of the holder.

    The main mode of operation of the vacuum cleaner is automatic. The robot scans the surrounding space with a lidar, determines the configuration of the room and begins to sequentially clean it with zigzag passages. The presence of obstacles when approaching up to 1 meter is determined by frontal IR sensors. A soft touch bumper is triggered when a black, transparent, or other obstacle passed by the IR sensors is activated. Surface sensors protect the robot from falling from stairs or balconies. 360 S7 maps the room in real time and stores it. In total, up to 10 cleaning plans are stored in memory.

    You can activate the automatic mode by simply pressing a button on the case, but to use all the functionality of the robot, you need to connect it to your smartphone. The following features are available in the mobile app:

  • zoning of the premises with the naming of rooms, setting target and restricted areas;
  • adjusting the direction of movement with the joystick;
  • motor power switching (800, 1300 and 2000 Pa);
  • scheduling work for the week ahead;
  • accessory wear assessment;
  • search for a stuck robot by voice signal;
  • notification volume control (in English or Chinese);
  • turning off the light indication;
  • the choice of cleaning without collision with obstacles.
  • A 3200 mAh battery is responsible for battery life. In quiet mode, the vacuum cleaner manages to process up to 200 sq. m. on one charge. If the area of ​​​​the apartment turned out to be larger, 360 S7 will resume work after recharging.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The 360 ​​S7 is a classic premium with a lot to offer. But he also has his shortcomings.


  • powerful motor;
  • combined cleaning;
  • carpet recognition;
  • combined turbo sh;
  • SLAM navigation;
  • wide functionality of the virtual card;
  • 10 room plans;
  • contactless cleaning;
  • resume work after recharging.
  • disadvantages:

  • lack of a English-language voice package;
  • one end sh;
  • mediocre battery;
  • modest equipment without filters and shes;
  • outdated wet cleaning system;
  • there is no official service in the English Federation.
  • Conclusion

    360 S7 – a universal multifunctional model that is suitable for complex cleaning in apartments with a complex layout and in multi-storey buildings. The robot is equally good at cleaning carpets and smooth surfaces, in addition, the 360 ​​S7 is able to adapt to the characteristics of the apartment: without unnecessary prompts it circles around carpets during wet cleaning, does not approach mirrors and polished furniture (non-contact mode). After lowering the price tag, the robot can compete with market leaders in the price category up to 20 thousand – Xiaomi Mijia LDS and ECOVACS DEEBOT Ozmo 902. Mijia LDS, unlike 360 ​​S7, boasts advanced wet cleaning, but does not recognize carpets, DEEBOT Ozmo 902 is equipped with two end shes and replaceable working units, but did not pay attention to power and energy supply (1000 Pa motor and 2600 mAh battery). Therefore, 360 S7 can rightfully be considered one of the best models in its segment. Anyone who wanted to spend the purchase of a robot no more, no less, but 20 thousand ***, can safely opt for this particular robot.

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