Robot lawn mower Worx Landroid S 390 WR100SI and its eight differences from the cheapest model

This robot mower is the second lowest price of all robots that can be found in EU-US, but it has several major differences from the cheapest model.

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Worx Landroid S390 aka WR100SI costs 48,000 ***, but it is almost impossible to find it on sale. There is a small chance that they remained in some OBI stores at the “old” price of 39,990 ***.

In many ways, it is similar to the cheapest LandXcape LX790 robot mower, but there are several important differences.

Everywhere they write that the robot is designed for lawns of 390 m² (4 acres), the same figure is in the name “Landroid S390”, but it has the same mowing parameters as the LX790 (18 cm mowing width, three knives), that’s just it is impossible to install more than six acres on the LX790, but here in the application it is set from 50 to 2500m² (25 acres). Perhaps – the mowing area is just the length of the boundary wire in the kit and the number of pegs for attaching it.

The kit includes 130 meters of wire and 180 pegs, exactly the same charging base as the LX790 (even the signals are compatible – both robots “see” the signal of any of the bases), a 20 V 1.5 A power supply, pegs for attaching the base, two wire connectors, three spare sets of knives, insctions (there is no English, moreover, the English insction manual can be found on the Internet, but it seems that there is no English installation insction at all).

The disk with knives is shifted to the right side, thanks to which the robot mows almost to the edge of its body, in addition, the grass shed by the front roller almost does not fall under the knives.

Behind the orange handle of the mechanical shutdown of the battery.

The rear wheels have a diameter of 20.5 cm, the front roller has a diameter of 7.5 cm.

The front, left and rear clearance is 5 cm, the front right clearance is 4 cm, the rear ledge reduces the clearance to 2.5 cm. This is done for greater safety (so that the robot cannot damage the hand of a small child lying in the grass).

On the body there is a large mechanical handle that raises and lowers the disk with knives (the clearance does not change), a large red STOP button, three control buttons and two indicators.

The robot supports Wi-Fi and the application, thanks to which there is the possibility of flexible settings, there are mowing zones (you can assign a zone and when you select mowing in it, the robot will crawl along the wire to the beginning of the specified zone and start mowing there), when stuck and other problems, push -notifications, a work log is kept (you can see how long the robot mows, how much it charges) and statistics. From the application, you can stop the robot, but for some reason it is impossible to resume its work or send the robot to the base, even though there are such buttons.

All differences between Worx Landroid S390 WR100SI and LandXcape 600 LX790:

  • WiFi and App;

  • Ability to create mowing zones;

  • There is a 10-hour mowing mode, triggered by buttons on the body (allows you to mow the entire lawn at a time after a long absence);

  • The presence of a handle for physically disconnecting the battery;

  • Disk with knives shifted to the right side (mowing at the edge, the front roller does not sh the grass before mowing);

  • Small clearance on the right side;

  • Metal bar for protecting knives, under which grass can be clogged;

  • Shorter wire length (and fewer pegs) included.

  • There are more pluses than minuses. Despite the lower ground clearance, the robot’s patency on an uneven area with bumps turned out to be quite decent, and a good anti-jamming algorithm allows the robot to simply bypass those metas where it cannot pass (then the robot will return there anyway, but on the other side).

    After much deliberation, I decided to keep this particular robot for myself.

    PS Video review.

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