Roborock S7 Review Robot Vacuum Cleaner – New Flagship With Vibrating Mop

Review Xiaomi Roborock S7 is the new flagship of  Roborock company, which in itself already sounds like a claim for the best robot vacuum cleaner of 2022. Roborock S7 differs from its predecessors by innovative cleaning capabilities. For example, when driving onto a carpet, the robot not only increases the suction power, but also raises the mop, which allows it to perform complex cleaning in houses with mixed surfaces. This vacuum cleaner has a vibrating mop for wet cleaning, a ribbed roller for dry cleaning, job settings for each room, and much more. Later in the review, I will talk in detail about the design, navigation and functionality of the Roborock S7, as well as share the results of tests in the field.

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Roborock S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Sonic Mopping WiFi App Control Auto Sweep Dust New Rubber Brush


Only the essentials were put in the box:

  • the robot vacuum cleaner itself;
  • docking station and cord with plug;
  • semicircular nozzle with an installed napkin;
  • documentation.

Replacement brushes and filters will have to be ordered at an additional cost.


The Roborock S7 has remained faithful to the brand’s style: a solid white body with a lidar turret and one end brush. Of the decorative elements, only the unusual C-shaped status indicator can be noted. Management on the body is represented by three buttons – local cleaning, turning on and returning to the base. The dimensions of the case are usual – 350 x 100 mm.

The dust collector is inserted under the cover. It is a fold-out 460 ml container. Inside there are filters: mesh and folded (HEPA). On the panel next to the dust container, you can find a Wi-Fi connection indicator.

The tank, as on the 5th and 6th models, is placed at the back. This is a 300ml D-shaped tank. There is no pump inside – it is installed inside the case. The bumper of the Roborock S7 is traditional – with three slots and a rubber pad.

The following elements are located under the bottom of the vacuum cleaner:

  • five-beam silicone brush;
  • a floating working unit with a ribbed roller (the frame not only rises and falls, but also walks from side to side, adapting to the relief of any coating);
  • vibration block, into which a mop with a napkin is inserted;
  • 6 surface sensors along the edges of the bottom;
  • large driving wheels;
  • swivel roller and charging terminals.

The charging station deserves a separate mention. In general, it is made traditionally, but in front of the charging terminals, the manufacturer guessed to put micro-brushes that clean the hair from the bottom before charging. Small but nice innovation. It is also worth noting that the robot company will soon delight us with a self-cleaning base for this model.

Cleaning type dry and wet
Fine filter HEPA filter E11 included
Control from smartphone
Battery capacity 5200 mAh
Battery life 3 hours
Suction power 2500 Pa
Cleaning container for dust 0.47 l, for water 0.3 l
Battery charging time 6 o’clock
Noise level 67 dBA
Navigation LDS
Building digital maps there is
Zoned cleaning there is
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For control, you can install on your smartphone both the proprietary Roborock application and the program from Xiaomi – MiHome. But the Roborock application is faster and clearer, so it is preferable to use it. Management capabilities include:

  • interactive cartography: dividing the apartment into rooms and setting the cleaning parameters for each of them: the number of passes (1-3), the suction power, the intensity of the water supply and the “mop route”; installation of virtual walls, restricted areas for dry and wet cleaning;
  • carpet editor – here you can refine the automatically drawn outlines of carpets;
  • map editor: saving, renaming and deleting built floor plans (the robot remembers up to 4 maps in total);
  • setting of “carpet avoidance modes”: automatic lifting of the mop, power increase, detour of carpets or “deep cleaning with vibration”;
  • setting up a schedule by days of the week;
  • blocking the vacuum cleaner from children;
  • enabling the “do not disturb” mode;
  • changing the parameters of the voice package;
  • viewing the cleaning history and assessing the wear of accessories.

The trajectory of the Roborock S7 is the same as that of its predecessors – bypassing the perimeter, then stripping in zigzags. During the cleaning process, the robot builds a map and divides it into rooms. But in addition to the standard layout, the outline of the carpets is marked on the map. Therefore, if you decide to circle them into a restricted area, it will be quite simple to do this, although there is no point in this. The fact is that when a carpet is detected, the Roborock S7 will automatically raise the mop and will not crawl over it with a wet rag. This is the first time that robotic vacuum cleaners have implemented this functionality.

The obstacle avoidance algorithm is rational: the assistant gently touches the obstacles, sweeps the chair legs, goes around the curtains and collects debris near the docking station. In local mode, the Roborock S7 makes two crosses for a better harvesting experience. The manufacturer also improved the wet cleaning algorithm – now in the application you can select the width of the adjacent parallel when moving in a zigzag: by default, the mop almost does not run into the already processed strip, but during intensive cleaning it will capture half of the already washed area (you can set these parameters in the menu “ mop route “).

The permeability is average: the robot does not even notice the thresholds of 10 and 15 mm, and it is difficult to overcome 20 mm.

Battery capacity 5200 mAh. The charge is enough for 96 minutes in turbo mode and for almost 3 hours at minimum power. Thus, the Roborock S7 will be able to handle from 90 to 180 sq.m. from one start and the same amount after recharging.

Dry cleaning

The nominal suction power of the Roborock S7 is 2500 Pa. But in fact, it vacuums much better than analogs with indicators of 3000-4000 Pa, and works quieter: from 50 to 63 dB, depending on the selected power.

Dry cleaning test results are outstanding:

  • on the laminate, the robot collected 98% of scattered flakes, cereals and crumbs and 100% of sand;
  • on an average carpet – 80%
  • on a carpet with a low pile – 108%.

An explanation is needed here. The Roborock S7 not only collected 100 grams of garbage from the carpet, which was scattered for him for the test, but also pulled out the sand left by his predecessors.

Wet cleaning

During wet cleaning, the Roborock S7 wipes away stains with a vibrating mop, so it is even suitable for working in the kitchen. But it is advisable to process problem areas in a zonal mode or with a double-triple pass, because after the first pass, stains remain on the floor. Otherwise, the functionality of wet cleaning is at the level of a robot polisher.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • corporate design;
  • high build quality;
  • rational route building algorithm;
  • lifts the mop when driving onto carpets;
  • cleans the carpet from sand and dust;
  • washes away stubborn dirt in the kitchen;
  • the roller is not clogged with hair;
  • you can customize the cleaning parameters for each room;
  • works up to 3 hours without recharging


  • no spare consumables;
  • lacks a front camera.

Roborock S7 suitable for large apartments with shaggy, hard or mixed surfaces. The vacuum cleaner pulls sand out of deep crevices, cleans carpets with high quality from dust and small debris. The application has a large number of options for customizing cleaning for the characteristics of your home.

At the moment, this is the only robot on the market that can do a comprehensive cleaning in one working cycle: it will wipe off stains that have dried to the floor, raise a mop when driving onto carpets and thoroughly vacuum them.

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