Review Roborock S5 max Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Should You Buy in 2022?

Review Roborock S5 Max was released in 2019, but most of the premium segment models still cannot catch up with it in terms of functionality & quality. Roborock S5 Max 2022 equipped with a branded silicone sh and a floating turbo sh for carpets, dry and wet cleaning are performed in one working cycle, the application allows you to adjust the operation parameters in different rooms, and the battery lasts for 3 hours of non-stop operation. And this is only a small part of the advantages of this wonderful old generation robot. Read more about all its features, as well as test results on the floor and on the carpet, later in the review.

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Roborock is trying to reduce the price tag of the vacuum cleaner and at the same time encourage customers to separately buy consumables. Therefore, only the docking station, adapter, nozzle with a napkin and documentation were put in the box. The set is the smallest possible.


The Roborock S5 Max was the perfect embodiment of the modern Roborock design, which was later continued in the 6th and 7th models. A one-color case with a lidar washer in the middle, a dust collector is placed under the cover, and a water tank is attached to the back. The dust container holds 460 ml of debris, the tank – 280 ml of water. At the same time, the containers do not depend on each other and can be used simultaneously. The dimensions of the case are also traditional – diameter 350 and height 97 mm.

Roborock S5 Max bumper has slots for front and side sensors. The outlets are moved back.

The following working tools are installed under the bottom of the vacuum cleaner:

  • silicone five-beam sh;
  • turbo sh in a block with a movable frame (sh ends are removed for ease of maintenance);
  • 4 surface sensors;
  • drive wheels and swivel roller;
  • terminals for charging;
  • mop attachments.
Cleaning type dry and wet
container type for dust 0.46 l and for water 0.28 l
Fine filter there is
Suction power 58 W
Noise level 69 dB
Additional Information the ability to set cleaning zones and virtual walls in the application, including separate ones for wet cleaning
Battery type Li-Ion, capacity 5200 mAh
Battery life up to 180 min
Type of sensors optical
Cleaning area limiter virtual wall
Building a room map there is
Installation on the charger automatic
. Market 35 thousand ***
Aliexpress 30 thousand ***
Lamobile 35 thousand *** discount with bestrobot promo code


Roborock S5 Max makes an accurate map using lidar. The robot cleans each room in turn: first it goes along the perimeter, then the main space in zigzags. The side sensor helps the vacuum cleaner move quickly along the walls, and the front one warns of approaching obstacles. The touch of the bumper is soft – boxes, flower pots and dog bowls will stay in place.

Roborock S5 Max does not get tangled in curtains – lidar marks them as insurmountable obstacles. The robot goes around the docking station at a distance of 2 cm, so dust can accumulate in the immediate vicinity of it.

The vacuum cleaner moves confidently over carpets, including black ones. Patency at an average level: the robot passes thresholds of 10-15 mm without slowing down, and does not immediately take a height of 20 mm.

At maximum suction power, the battery capacity of 5200 mAh was enough for unintepted work for 118 minutes. The same amount of time the robot will be able to work after recharging. Therefore, the total area that Roborock S5 Max is guaranteed to process will vary from 250 to 400 sq.m. (for 2 working cycles).


The following features are available in the mobile app:

  • map editor: you can change the boundaries of rooms and their names, put virtual walls and zone the room; for different rooms, you can configure different cleaning parameters (suction power, wetting abundance, number of passes);
  • planning a schedule by day of the week with determining the order in which rooms are processed;
  • enable/disable carpet detection;
  • change the voice package and notification volume;
  • control with a virtual joystick;
  • monitoring the condition of shes and filters;
  • view cleaning history.

Dry cleaning

When tested on laminate flooring, the Roborock S5 Max showed the following results:

  • cereals, mbs and flakes – 95% collected;
  • sand – 97%.

Even one end sh is enough for a robot for high-quality cleaning, incl. in corner areas.

Roborock S5 Max performed even better on fleecy surfaces:

  • 98% of garbage collected on a thin carpet;
  • on average – 70%.

As you can see, the suction force of 2000 Pa with a floating turbo sh is more than enough to clean carpets. At the same time, Roborock S5 Max is relatively quiet – from 50 to 63 dB, depending on the selected mode.

Reference! 70% on an average carpet is a good indicator, because. most robots don’t even pass the 50% mark.

Wet cleaning

Simultaneously with dry cleaning, Roborock S5 Max can also wipe floors. From the first pass, the mop collects surface dust, from the second it blurs dried spots. In extreme conditions (kitchen after birthday preparation) an extra pass with a clean cloth may be necessary. The tank is enough for 30-50 sq.m.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • durable plastic and expensive parts;
  • reliable end sh;
  • rational consction of the route;
  • high quality dry cleaning;
  • work in the right room with the selected parameters;
  • variability of settings in the application;
  • good performance;
  • stylish design.


  • minimum equipment;
  • no Y-shaped wet cleaning algorithm.


Roborock S5 Max is still one of the best premium robots out there. It combines all the qualities of a modern vacuum cleaner: thoughtful design, intelligent navigation and high cleaning quality. The assistant will do preventive cleaning, put the dogg in order, wipe the floors in the bedroom and in the kitchen. Currently the best price for Roborock S5 Max offers Aliexpress up to 600 dollars, and given the brand reputation, functionality and build quality, this is an excellent offer.

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