Review Youpin Mini Thermometer & Hygrometer LCD Backlight Screen

Review Of Thermometer-Hygrometer With A Large Display And Backlight 2022. Controlling the temperature and humidity in the room, in order to understand how comfortable the environment is, is a very useful task. Data can be obtained with a variety of small thermometers-hygrometers. It is useful when such devices are equipped with additional functions, for example, they have a backlight, they can display the minimum and maximum recorded values, and also show the time. One such option will be discussed in this review.

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The device is delivered in a simple dense cardboard box without identification marks, although the product page mentions that the thermometer-hygrometer has something to do with the Xiaomi family (although it does not have any “smart” functions and Bluetooth 🙂

The package contains the device itself and instructions in English:

The device is a flat square box with a large LCD display:

On the display, on the inside of the glass, some markings are painted, and under the display there is a touch-sensitive backlight button:

I note that this device has perhaps the largest display of all compact thermometers-hygrometers currently on sale, with a diagonal of 9.5 cm:

On the back side there are four control buttons, a battery compartment cover, a folding stand and an eyelet for hanging the device:

Folding eyelet:

External air intake holes are located on the sides:

Characteristics of a thermometer-hygrometer:

  • Power supply: 2xAAA batteries
  • Temperature measurement range: -9.9 ° C + 60 ° C
  • Humidity measurement range: 0% ~ 99%
  • Display type: LCD
  • Display diagonal: 9.5cm
  • Time display type: 12 / 24H
  • Degree display type: C ° / F
  • Data update rate: 10 sec.
  • Backlight operating time: 15 sec.


To gain access to install the batteries, you need to open the stand and remove the cover:

After installing them, the device performs a self-test of the display:

Using the buttons, you can set the date-time, switch the display between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and while holding the “С ° / F” button, reset the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity values ​​for the last 24 hours. The numbers on the display are large and well readable. In addition, on a colored strip, a small triangle, the degree of comfort of the environment (as measured by humidity) is displayed:

When setting the time, you can select the display mode 12/24:

The LCD display is of a very high quality, the numbers are visible even from large angles …

… and read well under direct light:

When the stand is folded back, the device stands firmly on a horizontal surface:

By touching the sensor under the display, turn on the backlight:

The display stays on for 15 seconds. The backlight function is very useful at night. This is how it looks in the dark, it doesn’t shine very brightly so as not to blind your eyes, but enough to clearly see the numbers on the display:

I will add that the refresh rate of the data on the display of the review device is about 10 seconds, which is very good. some models of similar thermometers-hygrometers do this every 30 seconds, or even less often.

Comparison in terms of measurement accuracy with other models, of which I have quite a lot + multimeter temperature probe. The readings of the overview practically coincide with other devices in both temperature and humidity:

To check the possibility of fixing minus values, I put the device in the freezer:

Minus values ​​show up to -9.9 ° C, then the LL icon is displayed, and at lower temperatures the display freezes and stops showing values:

After returning to warmth, work is restored, and in the field of the minimum fixed value is displayed “LL”.

In general, I liked the device, I am glad that manufacturers add new useful functions to such devices, for example, backlighting. The build quality and workmanship of the survey thermometer are excellent, the display is large, the accuracy and data refresh rate are good, you can see the minimum and maximum values ​​of temperature and humidity, as well as the time and date.

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