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Review Of Massager Xiaomi Yunmai SE: I Definitely Recommend To Buy 2022. Today in the review is a cool massager gun Xiaomi Yunmai SE MV-FG-0308. In short, I recommend buying. In front of me is, indeed, a very popular and functional massager, powerful 2730 bpm, quiet, convenient, autonomous, with an extended scope of delivery: with a variety of massage heads, a sturdy plastic case for transportation and a powerful charging station.

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YUNMAI SE Smart Massage Gun Deep Muscle Relaxation Portable Electric Massager Muscle Pain Relief Muscle Stimulator


  • Product Name Xiaomi Yunmai SE Body Massager
  • Model: Slim Elegant MV-FG-0308
  • Input voltage: 100 – 240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Power: 45W
  • Working conditions: -10 ~ 40 ° C
  • 5 operating modes
  • Beats per minute:
  • mode 1 – 1540
  • mode 2 – 2050
  • mode 3 – 2730
  • Battery capacity: 2900mAh (Li-On)
  • Continuous working time:
  • mode 1 – 14 hours
  • mode 2 – 10 hours
  • mode 3 – 9 hours
  • Beс: 0.84 kg
  • Importer: LLC “Ruston”

Packaging and delivery set

The device is packed in a cardboard box with technical specifications in English and an image of the device itself. Inside the package, I found a high-quality case made of hard, sturdy plastic. The top case has a black fabric cover, the material is practical, not easily soiled. Case with a zipper, equipped with a carrying handle with a rubberized pad, branded fittings are used. Looking inside the case, I was also pleasantly surprised – this is not just a case-bag with a bunch of free space. Each complete accessory is located in its place. During transportation and storage, the product will not be scratched, the parts do not rub against each other, the wire will not be frayed. A special large mesh pocket is located on one half of the case, it will be convenient to store instructions or other paper products in it.

The manufacturer has completed the product as follows:

  • Massager gun
  • 4 massage heads: round nozzle, U-shaped nozzle, flat nozzle, bullet nozzle
  • Zippered plastic case
  • Charging base
  • Network cable
  • Instructions in English and a warranty service card with a purchase mark and information on the search for company products in social networks.

Device appearance

So, I will go directly to the description of the massager. It is designed in the form of a “pistol”. It is a massive device in an ergonomic body. The product is made of strong plastic, body color – graphite. There are brand names on the case. The massager is comfortable to hold, it fits perfectly in the hand and does not slip out, because has a soft touch coverage. The material and color are very practical, the device does not collect fingerprints, does not attract dust. It is not difficult to take care of the massager, as well as the charging station, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth and wipe it dry.

The handle of the device is a little more than 15 cm long. It has a 4-bar battery indicator. And below it is a charging port.

It is convenient that the control panel is not located on the handle, so you can avoid accidental starting or switching modes during operation. The control is concentrated at the end and is carried out with one button: a long press turns on the device, and the short ones are responsible for choosing one of five modes. The control panel is additionally equipped with a light indicator that signals operation in a certain mode.

Agree, it is very convenient to use any electronic device if it is always in its place, charged, plus, storage of additional accessories to it is well and compactly organized. As I wrote earlier about the foot massager, which could not take root in our apartment for a long time: everyone tried to drag him into his room until the youngest son identified him in the living room by connecting him near the sofa. So it became available to everyone.

As for the new massager, the developers can only be praised for organizing the storage and charging of the device. The charging base not only fulfills its direct function, but is also an organizer for the entire set of accessories. Compact, heavy, stable, thanks to its weight and adhesive tape, which takes up almost the entire base. Peel off the tape and stick the base on a flat, smooth surface. The base, in turn, reliably holds the pistol, which sinks into its body by only 3 cm, and gets out with effort, thanks to a strong magnet holding it in the station. As you can see, the base is equipped with special recesses for storing massage heads, they are all the same in shape and depth, and the accessories can be installed in any place.

The attachments, like all other components, are made soundly, these are massive parts, with a body made of strong plastic, with rubber pads of different thicknesses, depending on the function performed. The material of the linings is of high quality, does not particularly cling to dust and debris, it is easy to clean. The nozzle is tightly inserted into the socket of the massager to a certain mark.

The device, case bag, attachments and charging station are made very soundly, no foreign smells, no defects. Very high quality workmanship and materials.

Functional features and operation of the device

Before starting the massage, carefully read the instructions, there are contraindications and sufficiently detailed recommendations on safety and operation of the device. Warn the person being massaged to cover the massage area with clothing, that massage is allowed only on soft tissues and is not intended for the area above the neck.

The device is started by long pressing the start button. I think it is right to have a complicated switch on, especially if there are children in your house: so that trouble does not happen when a child accidentally takes a massager and easily starts it up.

The device is programmed for 5 operating modes, 2 of which are called “intelligent” by the manufacturer. This means that the massager is capable of imitating a professional massage technique, increasing the force of impact from minimum to maximum. 1 intelligent mode – Relaxation, 2 – Deep massage. The percussion depth is 10 mm. Deep massage will be appreciated by professional athletes, gym lovers, but a relaxing massage will be useful for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The instruction manual provides advice on massage positions.

Of course, special attention should be paid to the rich set of attachments, thanks to which it will not be difficult to work out any muscle groups:

  • The round head is suitable for massage of the back, arms, thighs, calves and other large muscles
  • U-shape ideal for neck massage on both sides
  • Bullet-shaped is suitable for deep tissues such as joints, palms, soles
  • Flat – for relaxation and workout of any muscle groups

With regard to autonomy. The device has a wireless interface. According to the manufacturer, the installed 2900 mAh battery is designed to operate the massager for 84 days, subject to 10 minutes of daily massage. As I wrote above, the device is equipped with a battery charge indicator. Do not wait until all indicators go out, if only one light is on – this is a signal that the battery is low. In this case, the device automatically switches to power saving mode.

The power adapter looks solid, is made of sturdy plastic, the cable is protected against kinks, more than 150 cm long. Do not use the device while charging. If the device has not been used for more than six months, the battery is most likely completely drained and it will take about 8 hours to fully charge it. Do not forget, any device should be charged only with its own cable.

It should be noted that this model has overheating protection. The device is equipped with a timer that is set for 10 minutes. After this time, the device will turn off. But the manufacturer does not prohibit continuing the massage session, bringing it up to 30 minutes of continuous work. Any program can be interrupted by long-pressing the power button. It should be said that even during long-term operation, the body of the massager does not heat up.

I admit that at home we have various massagers: foot bath, back massager, hand massager, shoulder massager, Goosebump for head massage, but the gun massager is really universal. Self-massage will save you money before salon procedures, it is available anytime, anywhere, take the device to a workout or to the office, it will not cause any inconvenience to others, it is practically silent.

If you decide to buy a massager, do it right now. Today the seller offers a very large discount of 299 dollars. Here is the link to buy the Xiaomi Yunmai SE MV-FG-0308 Massager


Massage guns are gaining more and more popularity, they can rightfully replace professional manual massage, and even sports masseurs recommend such devices. Their advantage over roller massagers, and even more so over manual massage, lies not only in vibration, but in their “shock ability”, which will certainly accelerate blood flow, improve metabolism, relax muscles and even help relieve stress. Those who fight cellulite definitely choose such devices.

Fascial massagers Xiaomi Yunmai occupy the first positions in the ratings of massage devices. In front of me is, indeed, a cool expensive item in premium packaging. The cost, in my opinion, is justified, especially considering how much it costs one course of manual massage at a local medical center. Once you buy the Yunmai MV-FG-0308 home massager once, you get a laconic and ergonomic design, excellent quality materials, an extended scope of delivery with a variety of massage heads, a sturdy plastic carrying case and a powerful charging station. The massager is really functional – 5 modes of operation, 2 of which are intelligent, imitating professional manual massage. Powerful (2730 beats / min) and at the same time designed for a calm massage (only 1540 beats / min), with a percussion depth of 10 mm – you will definitely choose the right mode and power for yourself, whether it is a relaxing massage after a workout or a soothing massage after a hard one. working day.

Wireless operation, honest good autonomy, almost silent operation, protection against overheating, switching to power saving mode – that’s what I liked, apart from its basic functions.

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