Review Xiaomi Oclean Air 2 Sonic Toothbrush

Xiaomi Oclean Air 2 Sonic Toothbrush: Differences from Oclean Air and Full Review 2022.

Today we will take a look at the new Xiaomi Oclean Air 2 sonic toothbrush and compare it with the first version of the Oclean Air. Should I switch to the second generation? Let’s figure it out.

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The brush is delivered in a cardboard box, made like a box. The lower part is covered by a cardboard cover that continues the printing of the image of the brush on the box itself. On the back you can see the main specifications of the device.

Opening the box, we find a toothbrush, magnetic charging base and attachment. The whole set is in separate cells of the box and covered with a transparent plastic “blister”. There is an instruction manual in the flap of the box.


  • maximum frequency — 40,000 rpm
  • maximum torque — 220 gf / cm
  • charging time — 2.5 hours, autonomy up to 40 days
  • magnetic docking station, fits all Oclean Air toothbrushes
  • features — smooth start, low noise level, tongue cleaning
  • water protection according to IPX7 standard
  • weight 95 grams

Differences and appearance

Externally, the brush practically does not differ from the Air of the first generation. Small changes include a duller print of the Oclean logo and a slightly bulging ring that frames the charging contacts at the bottom. It is worth noting that the Air 2 received a large selection of colors (there are four in total), while the Air of the first generation was produced only in white. However, I prefer white brushes, which are easiest to find the same white brush head.

By the way, the complete Air 2 brush attachment on the back now has a special silicone insert for cleaning the tongue and cheeks inside the mouth.

The power button began to really be pressed and in terms of feedback it is tactile a little more convenient than in the case of the Air of the first generation, in which the button can be compared to a sensor that reacts to pressure. But pressing the Air button was accompanied by a sound vibration, while the Air 2 simply lights up the backlight ring when turned on. When connected to charging, the situation is similar. In other words, the only indicator of the Air 2’s actions was the button illumination ring.

Another difference is that the first generation Air outperforms the Air 2 in oscillation frequency. These are my favorite 42,000 vibrations per minute versus 40,000 for the Oclean Air 2. The charging bases have also been simplified. Now it has only two contacts, compared to four in the Air of the first generation. The cable is shorter, not flat, and looks much cheaper. The USB contact itself is plastic, while the first generation Air is completely made of metal and can be connected on two sides.

Well, perhaps the most important difference was the lack of the Air 2’s ability to connect to a smartphone. That is, this is not a smart toothbrush and it does not allow you to view analytics, set your own cleaning programs, monitor the battery level and use other useful tricks.


The Oclean company in the new model went along the path of simplification and announced the reduction of noise during operation, which is a rather dubious achievement, since the brush is slightly different from the vacuum cleaner, at least in appearance. On the other hand, those who brush their teeth early in the morning and do not want to make unnecessary noise may like this. So to speak, I brushed my teeth “stealth” and went to work. Not many have used the smart features in the first generation Air, but the lack of them in the Air 2 still upset me a little. What are your thoughts on how different companies can simplify their product lines? Write about it in the comments, it will be interesting to read. Good luck and good mood to everyone.

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