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Review Faucet Aerator 2022: Real Water Saving Or Cheating And Wasted Money? Against the background of the growth of housing and communal tariffs and, accordingly, an increase in the amounts in utility bills, many are thinking about saving (trying to reduce the consumption of water, gas, electricity). This article will focus on saving water.

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To significantly reduce water consumption in an apartment or house, manufacturers and marketers offer to buy and install aerators on faucets. They promise to reduce water consumption by 50%! Let’s try to figure out if this is so? What will we get after buying an aerator – real water savings, or will we waste money on an aerator, believing the manufacturer’s promises?

The aerator is a special nozzle that is installed on the mixer spout. By means of several mesh filters and a mixer, the water flow passing through the aerator is mixed with the air and diffused. The water becomes more “voluminous” and softer.

There are many articles and videos on the Internet where the happy owners of aerators are experimenting with the flow of water from a mixer without an aerator and with an installed aerator. With the tap fully open, without an aerator on the mixer, in ten seconds, the average water consumption is just under two liters. With aerator, for the same time – one liter. It would seem that here it is, water saving by 50% is obvious. But by what means? By reducing the pressure of water, which meets resistance on its way in the form of an aerator. The same water consumption can be obtained without an aerator by simply turning off the tap. But, firstly, who will always be without an aerator to regulate the water pressure for a little savings. And secondly, the stream from the aerator, due to the division of a single stream of water into many small streams, becomes “wider and more voluminous”. Such a stream of water, when washing dishes or hands, “treats” a larger area than a single stream and during a break in washing (take a detergent, squeeze a sponge, lather hands, etc.), the water consumption is wasted, with an aerator is less, than without an aerator.

Basically, there are two types of aerators:

  • fixed or fixed (almost all modern mixers are equipped with such aerators “by default”. They work in one mode and have a low cost)
  • movable or rotary (such aerators are more expensive, but they have several modes that allow you to adjust the desired pressure, method and direction of water supply)

Let’s try to roughly calculate the real savings in water consumption (and, accordingly, the change in the amount in the payment for water) when installing two rotary aerators in the sinks in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

The price for one such aerator offline will be about 1500-2000 dollars. Therefore, we will take for calculations such an aerator with Aliexpress, the price of which, at the moment, is 220 dollars, and the aerator has three operating modes (it is clear that offline, you will buy an aerator of about the same “level and quality”, but much more expensive. )

Initial data:

Three-room apartment with three tenants. Two faucets in the bathroom and in the kitchen, shower, toilet cistern. Hot water – through a gas water heater. Average monthly water consumption is 18 cubic meters. The cost of one cubic meter of cold water is 36.48 dollars, water disposal is 32.87 dollars . For our input, in the payment for water, we will see the amount of 12 dollars.

The volume of water that passes through the two mixers will be approximately 20% of the total water consumption in the apartment – 3.6 cubic meters. Now let’s imagine that we put two aerators on the faucets (in the kitchen and in the bathroom) and the water savings from this, according to the seller and those who conducted the experiments, were 50%. This means that now we will consume 1.8 cubic meters through the mixers, and the total consumption will already be 16.2 cubic meters. In the payment for water, we will now see 1123.46 dollars. For a month, with aerators, we will save 124.84 dollars. It turns out that two aerators purchased at Alixpress will pay off in 3.5 months (offline in a year, or a year and a half). And then, every month we will save almost 125 dollars! Agree, not as much as we would like, but not at all. It will not be possible to “totally” save on the installation of aerators, but there will still be no savings.


So what are aerators? Real, Sensitive Savings or Marketing Hoax? The truth, as often happens, is somewhere in between. With aerators, saving a significant amount on payment for water, of course, will not work. But you still, when installing rotary aerators on mixers, slightly reduce the total water consumption, and washing dishes and hands will become a little easier, more pleasant and more convenient.

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