Review Thundeal TD60: LED Projector with Wi-Fi and Android

Review Thundeal TD60: LED Projector with Wi-Fi and Android 2021. Continuing the theme of projectors from the reputable Thundeal company, I want to introduce you to a projector that has built-in WiFi and full Android. This means that now there is no need to download a movie to a memory card, but you can immediately watch it Online through YouTube or another application for watching movies in online format. The projector is already quite normal, as for the budget segment, the resolution is 854x480P, and the brightness of 2400 lumens allows it to be fully used for home use. Using the built-in Bluetooth, you can connect various gadgets — mice, gamepads, etc. And the built-in 5W speaker allows you to watch content even in a noisy room. In this review, a detailed overview, tests of multimedia and capabilities.

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ThundeaL TD60 Mini Projector Portable WiFi Android 6.0 Home Cinema for 1080P Video Proyector 2400 Lumens Phone Video 3D Beamer 2020


Matrix resolution 854×480
Ports USB / HDMI / VGA / AV / microSD / AudioJack
Brightness 2400lm, contrast 1000: 1

More details:

The seller has several versions of this projector, in my Android review the TD60 version

Packaging and equipment

Arrived 20 days after ordering in a black bubble wrap. The box of the projector is made of thick cardboard, but the box itself is “multi-brand”, in fact, it is possible to transport almost any similar-looking projector in it.

You shouldn’t worry about transportation, inside the projector is packed in a “mega-bubble”.

The general kit is a projector and a box with accessories.

The package bundle is not rich, but in fact, what does a projector need ?!

The remote control, as I understand it, is universal for all models, since the Android version of the projector clearly lacks the “Home” button.

Powered by two AAA batteries (mini-finger).

Small RGB cable for connecting external sources to the projector.

Power cable with European plug.

The instruction in English is also universal for all three models.

Screw with plastic cap, for adjusting the angle of the projector.

The projector can be installed either on a tripod or screw in this very screw.

It is screwed in completely, so I recommend to “store” this screw in the projector, so that you do not look for it later.

The projector is made in a rather original, rounded squares, a combination of black and white. The lens is covered with a cover, but removing it is a little problematic, but then reattaching it is problematic. It is necessary to clearly get into the seats, otherwise it will fall out. Most likely intended for transportation only. The projector is larger than in the last review, but still compact — 22 * ​​16 * 7.6 cm.

The IR receiver is located on the front, but due to its location on the edge of the case, it also receives a signal from the right side of the projector.

In the upper part there is a “twist” of focus, and behind it is a “twist” of trapezoid settings. “Krutilki” sit well in their places, nothing dangles.

The control buttons are quite harmoniously located on the body, only I would have made the size a little larger, sometimes you miss in the dark. There is also a work indication LED.

On the back there is a rather loud 5V speaker and a power port.

All other ports are located on the right side of the projector. Here we have: a slot for a microSD memory card, a 3.5 jack for headphones, AV, two USB ports (in one you can connect a USB flash drive, and in the other, for example, a mouse for control), we have not forgotten about VGA and HDMI ports.

The left side is empty.

At the bottom there are four rubber feet and a thread for mounting on a tripod.

Menus and settings

The first activation takes about 30–40 seconds. Further, after pressing the shutdown button on the remote control, the projector goes into sleep mode, which takes no more than 5–7 seconds to wake up.

On the main screen there are 4 large “buttons” and 4 more small ones below, for quick access to the main programs.

After turning on the lighting, the picture remains readable, but the quality is not the same.

The edges are not blurry, the borders and the picture are clear, and thanks to the 854×480 resolution, it is not bad for a budget projector.

The main settings menu, like many TV boxes.

WiFi is only supported by 2.4 GHz, they forgot to remove the Ethernet connection in the firmware =).

The keyboard, although it occupies almost half of the screen, is fully controlled by the remote control.

In the sound settings, you can enable or disable system sounds, as well as adjust the high and low frequencies.

In the video settings, there is an opportunity to set a screensaver, change brightness, contrast and color temperature.

The total memory is 16 gigabytes, while 3.6 GB is available for the user to install applications or store various files.

I think it’s useless to wait for updates, but there is such an item in the menu.

In addition, you can change the display of the image, for example, if the projector is hung upside down. And also set the time for automatic shutdown.

The “default” keyboard can be replaced with your own, but the installed one does just fine

If you had a microphone, you could use Google Assistant. Sorry for a blurry photo, the camera was not focused in any way.

To connect gamepads and other joysticks, the projector has a Bluetooth 4.1 module.

Applications and features

All pre-installed applications allow you to use the full potential of the projector, even without connecting the Play Store. Three types of programs for transferring images from a smartphone, two browsers, two office suites, several online services for viewing content, YouTube, an explorer and already a whole honey-harvester Kodi.

LolalMM is a file manager.

HappyCast — software for connecting a smartphone to a projector. We scan the QR code, install it on the smartphone and transfer the picture from the smartphone to the projector.

In a standard browser, the Chinese search engine Baidu immediately opens, and unlike Chrome, in this browser you can use the remote control like a mouse by clicking on different sides of the remote control wheel.

Another software for Mirakast, but the smartphone did not connect, although I saw the projector.

Chrome works, but control only with the mouse.

YouTube starts without logging into the account, you can immediately start watching content.

And you can customize this “monster” KODI, load plugins, etc., but this is not for everybody.

Netflix immediately found an update, but I don’t have an account with this service, so I can’t show all the features.

In the office suite, you can view and create documents, spreadsheets and other presentations.

Another popular explorer, ES Explorer, has a very huge set of functions.

After entering the Play Store, a lot of applications are available that will be controlled using the projector’s remote control.

But I didn’t manage to play games, apparently the remote control does not fit, you need to connect a gamepad.

Hardware information

Having installed AIDA from a flash drive, I did not find it in the playmarket, we get such information.

Cortex-A53 processor 4 cores.

The Mali-400MP is responsible for the graphics, but the resolution shows that 1280 * 720.

Android, quite old, installed 6th version.

The WiFi chip was installed from Realtek, apparently because of this the WiFi speed is very good.

There are no thermal sensor

AIDA could not have been installed, in KODI it is possible to view information about the system, although not in such detail.


The projector was installed at a distance of 2.2 meters from the wall, as the manufacturer advises, and received the dimensions of the displayed image 160 * 100 cm, and the diagonal was 160 cm.Which is equal to a 62 inch TV =)

I load a test video from a 1920 * 1080 flash drive — after a couple of seconds it opens in the ES media player without problems. Although the manufacturer claims that the video is supported by 1080P, he decided to check the 4K video started, but the video did not play, only the sound.

There is a slight pixelation, but it is practically invisible from a distance of 2.5 meters.

Photos with a resolution of 5456 * 3632, also without problems and brakes.

The speaker, although there is only one, is very loud, you can not worry that you will not hear a movie or cartoon. You can listen to it yourself in the video review.

By connecting a mouse, you can use the Chrome browser, it works stably.

I was pleased with the work of the WiFi module, very good speed for 2.4GHz. 56 Mbps for download and as much as 83 Mbps for upload. Quite a decent result, especially considering that the projector is just designed to work with online content.

There are no complaints about the work of the installed YouTube, all videos open very quickly, rewind, etc., everything is simple and accessible

Navigation using the remote control is also problem-free and does not cause difficulties.

By default, all video starts in 1080P format, you can change it to 720P. And just like with a flash drive, 4K video did not work.


Overall, the result is a very decent product that can easily replace a TV in an empty room. The resolution is not even 720P yet, but this is quite enough for a budget-class projector. Stable operation of firmware and services, convenient control from the remote control. Video in 1080 format — no problems with both a flash drive and YouTube. By connecting a mouse, you can use it as a projector for presentations, or surfing the Internet. The presence of Android on board opens up the possibilities not only for YouTube, but also for other HD services for watching movies and TV series online. The only disadvantage is the absence of the Home button on the remote control, sometimes it is really not enough.

That’s all, happy shopping! 

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