Review Teclast F7S Laptop 2022

Review Teclast F7S laptop, 14.1 ”FHD IPS, 8 GB RAM for the price of a smartphone. Teclast F7S 14.1 inch Intel N3350 8GB RAM 128GB eMMC 38Wh Battery 7mm Thickness 8mm Narrow Bezel Notebook 2022

Today in the review is a laptop for the price of a smartphone. Despite the low price, the laptop has a thin, aluminum case, a 14.1 “IPS display with FullHD resolution, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of memory + an M.2 SSD slot, an Intel apollo Lake N3350 processor.

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Supplied laptop in a cardboard box with the manufacturer’s logo

Included with the laptop is a charger with different removable plugs (down with adapters) and instructions with a warranty card. Also, a plus to the detachable plug can be attributed to compactness, if the bag is thin, it is easier to put the charger without a plug.

Also included is an instruction with a warranty card


The laptop looks more expensive than it costs. The body is made entirely of aluminum, except for the keyboard cover, it is plastic. The workmanship is excellent, everything is done carefully, everything is adjusted, nothing creaks, no backlash, etc.

The keyboard is comfortable, the keys are large, but unfortunately, without the Cyrillic alphabet. There is also no backlight. The touchpad is large, with gesture support, and the quality is surprisingly good.

On the right side of the laptop:
microsd card slot, 3.5mm audio out and USB 3.0 port

On the left side of the laptop:
Power connector, LED indicator and USB 3.0 port and miniHDMI port


The display has a diagonal of 14.1 “, IPS matrix, not a touchscreen, but covered with acrylic glass and, accordingly, glossy, there are glare. True, when using a laptop at home, they are not, but in an office where there are two walls with windows, glare interferes a little.
The screen itself is good, viewing angles close to 180 degrees, good color rendition and contrast.

The display is not ogs, there is an air gap, but very thin.

Laptop Matrix Information

The bottom of the laptop has a separate cover for the SSD drive.

There is no disc in the kit, there is only built-in memory of 128 GB. So you can painlessly expand your memory by purchasing an m.2 SSD.


Inside, the laptop is standard (in comparison with analogs).
This is a board with a processor, RAM, wifi module, etc. soldered on it. From removable it is only an ssd disk. All this is covered with a copper plate for heat dissipation. Well, the rest of the space is occupied by the battery


The operating system Windows 10 Home is installed, activated. The system has been updated several times.

BIOS tabs

Memory test
The laptop has a 128GB drive. The speed is at the level of cheap SSD drives.

Hardware information

Performance tests



Geekbench 5

HWiNFO64 processor and video information

The processor is enough for using a laptop as a typewriter, surfing the Internet, and other not very demanding tasks. Although the same Photoshop can be safely launched and made some edits or sketch out a layout.

Heat Test
Like other similar passively cooled notebooks, it is susceptible to heat. But some are warming up more, the second not much.
For example, a voyo vbook v3 with an apollo lake pentium n4200 processor heats up the lower plastic cover to not very comfortable temperatures, and during everyday use I could not warm up the laptop under review to hot, the lid was a little warm, or even cold. But here it is because of the stronger TDP limitation. It’s always 6W here. After carrying out certain manipulations, you can raise the TDP to 15W and get more performance, but also by increasing the heating, but I think that no one will do this and will use the laptop as it is.

Loaded the LinX computer. When the application was running, the processor temperature did not rise above 67 degrees. The processor mostly ran at 2.0 GHz. The bottom lid was warm, but not hot.
before the test

after half an hour

in an hour

No questions asked about cooling, the laptop is not hot.


The battery lasts for 6–7 hours in typewriter / internet mode with a display brightness of 80%. If I load it with photoshop and some online video, the battery lasts for 4–5 hours. I am satisfied with such results, since I have enough charge from the evening until late at night, and at night I put on exercises.


The result is a good cheap laptop that looks and feels a lot more expensive. Nice IPS display, aluminum body that looks and feels much more expensive. Comfortable keyboard with large touchpad. Another plus is the presence of 8GB of RAM, since 4GB is not enough today.
If anyone needs a cheap new laptop for the “Internet”, etc., then for the money the laptop is quite suitable.

That’s all, happy shopping! 

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