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In this review I will tell you about a small rechargeable table lamp with an interesting design, made in the form of an unusual animal with a flexible neck, the head of which is a lighting unit. The lamp has adjustable brightness and several operating modes, and in addition, it can serve as a stand for office supplies and a smartphone.

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New Smart Touch USB Charging Pet LED Table Lamp 3 Modes Lighting Adjustable Brightness Dimmable Desk Lamp for Children’s Gift

The device arrived in a dense cardboard box, slightly crumpled, but nevertheless, protecting the contents:

The set includes: lamp, manual and micro-USB charging cable:

The device itself is a construction with a design stylized after an unusual animal:

To the base on four legs on a flexible neck-stand, a “head” is attached – an LED lamp. The declared battery capacity is 1200mAh, power is 3W, 30 LEDs.

The stand can bend in almost any direction. Although some options, when the “neck” is too extended, can be unstable and the “head” outweighs:

The neck is flexible, but stiff enough to calmly fix the lighting part in a given position, and, accordingly, direct the light to a place convenient for the user:

The stand can even be twisted in a spiral:

The lower part has a small and useless tail and stand feet with anti-slip pads:

Sorry, under the tail 🙂 there is a socket for charging the lamp, an indicator LED and a switch to turn on the device:

On the opposite side there is a touch button for switching modes and adjusting brightness. If you just touch it and remove your finger, then the light temperature modes are switched in a cycle: cold, warm light, neutral, and also shutdown. If you hold your finger on the sensor, you can increase or decrease the brightness:

The base serves as a stand for office supplies and a smartphone:

To place the smartphone, a special retractable stick is raised and fixed, and in the lower part there is a special protrusion to stop the gadget:

It looks like this:

The upper part is equipped with rubber horns:

On the product page, by the way, there are four variants of “animals” with different “ears” and colors:

The LED part is covered with matte translucent plastic:

Device dimensions:

The weight:

Now let’s estimate how the lamp shines. As I already mentioned, there are only three modes with different light temperatures, plus brightness control. Touching the sensor, we choose a light that is pleasant for ourselves (there are three modes on the bottom three photos):

The light through the translucent plate is milky-diffused. If you hold down the aperture of the camera, we will see that there are two types of LEDs in the design. In two modes (cold and warm), they shine separately, and in neutral light mode, all LEDs work simultaneously:

In the maximum mode, the lamp shines brightly enough. Below are three modes at maximum and minimum.




The lamp is quite suitable for reading, for this, about 80% brightness is enough:

If desired, the lamp can be used as a night light, for example, in this position:

The lamp works at maximum brightness, depending on the mode, for 8-10 hours, at a minimum for 18-20 hours.

The device is charged with a current of 0.5A, it takes a little more than three hours for a full charge.

The battery capacity is even slightly more than the declared 1200mAh:

In general, the lamp, for its low price, is quite interesting in its design and functions. Three operating modes, stepless brightness control, high-capacity battery with long battery life. The ability to set almost any direction of light, thanks to the flexible “neck” of the animal.

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