Review Smart Electric Actuator Of Water & Gas by Tuya

Review Smart electric actuator of water or gas ball valve with Wi-Fi of the Tuya ecosystem 2022. After installing the water leakage sensor from the previous review, the idea came up to automatically close the cold water ball valve. An automatic electric actuator (servo motor) for Smart Valve Tuya ball valves is ideal for this purpose. The smart valve will connect to the smart home via WiFi, which saves you the hassle of buying a gateway. But there is also a version with the ZigBee protocol. Paired with a leakage sensor or with a separate gas analysis sensor (if you install this automatic smart electric actuator on the gas valve). In case of flooding or gas exceeding signal, it will AUTOMATICALLY close the ball valve.


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The crane is delivered in an ordinary cardboard box, without any identification marks. Inside everything you need to connect.

There is no special need for the instructions, from the useful – how to fix the crane and see the characteristics of the device.

The crane needs a 12V power supply to operate. For this, the kit contains a 12V-1A power supply. with European plug. The total length of the wires is about 5 meters, but if necessary, it can be increased.

At the top of the tap there is an on / off button (used to open or close the tap, without using a mobile application) and a WiFi connection indication LED.

You can close or open the tap even in the absence of an electrician at home, for this you need to use a ring to pull the locking mechanism towards you and turn the tap lever 90 degrees to close or open.

In fact, this device can be used wherever it is necessary to turn something 90 degrees, some even adapt it to open small windows in the greenhouse.

The width of the “hook” can be adjusted, the maximum value is 23 millimeters.

The dimensions of the device are 68 * 79 * 103 mm.

The insides of the device

The rather popular TYWE3S module is responsible for the smartness of the device. TYWE3S is a low power consumption built-in Wi-Fi module designed by Tuya. “It consists of a highly integrated wireless RF chip (ESP8266), several peripherals, an on-board Wi-Fi network protocol stack, and various library functions.” Google Translate”

The control button and operation indication LED are placed on a separate board.

I thought there would be a conventional gearbox with plastic gears inside. But I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out that the gears are made of metal. Large + to the service life of this device.

To limit the opening / closing angle, limit switches are installed in the form of small buttons.


I have 1 root tap of cold water, and I will mount this device on it.

We attach a metal bracket to the automation, from the kit, for installation on a pipe.

Next, we fix the automation on the pipe, not forgetting to tighten the “hooks” to the width of the ball valve handle.

We connect the power supply and use the open / close button to check the operation of the mechanism. If necessary, you can additionally adjust the position of the lever using the “hooks” on the arm of the automation.

In normal mode, the power is 0.4W, and at the time of operation 1.6W.

Full opening or closing takes just 8 seconds.

Software and automation

Download and install the Smart Life or Tuya Smart application on your smartphone. We transfer the automation to pairing mode by holding the open / close button for 7-10 seconds until the indication LED starts blinking quickly. Go to the add devices menu and select any WiFi device (outlet, switch, extension cord). Next, we select our WiFi network as standard and enter the password for it. The software will automatically detect that we have added this, then you can rename it to your taste.

In the main menu, the status of the device (closed or open) is immediately visible and by “pressing” the virtual button, we can control the crane.

Timers can be set to open or close. This function will be useful, for example, for organizing automatic watering of the lawn.

After creating various timers for opening / closing, they can be controlled from the additional menu.

In addition to the timer, it is possible to set a countdown to change the status from closed to open, and vice versa. In this case, under the virtual button there will be a notification that after N time the device status will be changed.

In addition, you can view the device status, view timers and other counters from the main screen of the Smart Life application.

I recommend turning on the status notification, then if there is no WiFi connection with the device, a reminder will be sent to the smartphone. At the time of writing the review, the firmware was 1.1.2, you can set the automatic update mode, or you can update “manually”.


If there is a leak sensor or a gas leak sensor, shut off the water / gas. To do this, go to the automation menu and select the condition that if the leakage sensor is triggered, close the tap.
Open / close action or even close + open (Reverse Switch) can be triggered. Or first, the countdown timer, then change the status of the device. By the way, I recommend setting one task per month for closing + opening, in order to prevent the “souring” of the tap.

Another automation can be added after repairing a gas leak or leak. Namely, to open the tap. But in the case of gas, I would not do this without visual control.

In my case, the automation looks like this. A scenario has not yet been added here – to close and open the tap once a month.


In the event of a trigger, a notification is sent to the shutter about the trigger and the status of the tap. On average, from the moment of “flooding” to the beginning of the closing of the crane 3-7 seconds – shown in detail in the video review.

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As I said, there is a WiFi version and there is a Zigbee. In the case of WiFi, there is no need to buy any additional gateways, but if you already have a ZigBee gateway at home, then I think it will be preferable to use the ZigBee version. But with WiFi it turns out to be more autonomous. I will use this automation in conjunction with the WiFi leakage sensor from the previous review. In fact, for a fairly small amount, you can save your home from big problems. The response time after flooding is 3 seconds, and the complete closing of the crane is only 7 seconds. And all this is fully automated + notification to a smartphone or other smart home system. We went on vacation and forgot to turn off the water or gas – it’s also not a problem, we go to the Smart Life app and turn off the water with a smart tap from anywhere in the world with one click. Since the leakage sensor and the automatic faucet work via WiFi, they can be used as a separate kit in the house, without the need to purchase and configure gateways.

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