Review Samsung VR5000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Review Samsung VR5000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2022 (New Brand – NEATSVOR X520 Robot Vacuum Cleaner). When making plans for the weekend, you realize that you definitely need to include shopping and cleaning, which you can’t get rid of. What if I told you that you can significantly reduce the time spent? “While you and I go shopping, the cleaning partly happens by itself” – this is what the advertisement says, which follows us everywhere. And this is partly true, because robots are replacing the broom and vacuum cleaner. Samsung Powerbot-E Smart Robot Vacuum and Mop VR5000/VR05R5050WK/TR



The choice of robotic vacuum cleaners at the time of my purchase was not very large. About 2 dozen different models were available in stores. What is their essential difference?

First: the type of cleaning

There are our robotic vacuum cleaners with dry cleaning and with wet cleaning.

  • Dry cleaning is a regular vacuum cleaner.
  • Wet cleaning is a combination of a vacuum cleaner and floor mopping. It is important to understand that it is wiping the floors, not washing them.
Second: the type of robot navigation

The first and the simplest, and accordingly the cheapest, robot, which simply orientates itself in space using sensors. Such vacuum cleaners are practically not sold anymore, since they drive without much logic and are best suited for cleaning one room. It is far from always clear where he is going and for what purpose he is moving there for the 4th time, and so on until the battery runs out.

The second type of vacuum cleaners distinguishes them from the first by the presence of a gyroscope. These guys are already more expensive, but smarter. They know how to ride a snake, in a circle or diagonally (depending on the settings). They pass all the places with better quality and miss them less often. In addition, after cleaning the entire area, they return to the station, and do not drive until blue in the face. Some even know how to build room maps in the application.

The third type and the most expensive are vacuum cleaners with a lidar or camera. These hard workers are the smartest, build maps, remember routes, can be programmed where and for how long to clean. So to speak, robots of the elite class.

After reviewing the information and checking it against my budget, as well as under the strict guidance of my wife, our family was replenished with a new resident – the SAMSUNG VR5000 robotic vacuum cleaner.

Fortunately for me, there was no chapel, because, finally, the moment has come when the cleaning that is not particularly favorite will turn into memories.

This vacuum cleaner headed the middle class and with all its descriptions said that you can forget about cleaning.

And so the main characteristics:
  • Cleaning type: both dry and wet.
  • Dust collector: 0.2 liter container with HEPA filter
  • Battery capacity: 3400mAh
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Working time: 150 minutes maximum
  • Cleaning area width 160 mm
  • 2 side brushes
  • Container and nozzle for wet cleaning
  • Weight: 3KG
  • Dimensions: 340x85x340 mm

Slim and agile with Wi-Fi control.

  • The robot vacuum cleaner itself
  • Base to him
  • Remote controller
  • Setup Instructions
  • Wet cleaning nozzle
  • 2 filters (one replaceable)
  • Spare parts

Personal impressions

The type of cleaning is easily configured in the application, and it is also very easy to start the robot remotely.

Now, when we go to the store to shop, we simply start the robot vacuum cleaner, and it cleans up while we are away. Of course, he does not solve all cleaning problems, but the apartment with him is much cleaner. I am the proud owner of a wife and a cat who are competing all week, who will throw more hair around the room. And if earlier by the end of the week, clumps of wool and hair were collected, now the robot steadily picks everything up daily. According to personal feelings, there is even less dust in the apartment, which settles on all surfaces.

The vacuum cleaner is quite simple to clean. The kit even includes a brush, which should solve all problems with cleaning the filter. In fact, only rinsing in water helps.

Cleaning must be done after each cleaning, since the container is small, and the brushes are wrapped in hair and do not work well. By the way, if before it was too lazy to pull the vacuum cleaner, now, when it drives itself, it’s too lazy to even just clean it, so the next one will be the one that cleans itself.

Wet cleaning for this model is very dubious. Specifically, I didn’t really like it. As planned, when moving, the rag is moistened with water from the container, and the robot, pulling the damp rag behind it, collects dust. In practice, if you do not immediately wet the rag before cleaning, then by the end of cleaning, most likely, it will reach almost dry. And even wetting a cloth, the result leaves you expecting the best. For myself, I noticed that it’s easier to just wipe the floor yourself after it.

Of the minuses. The apartment will still have to be cleaned. The robot vacuums only the free parts of the room; of course, you need to clean up behind the closet yourself. He needs to create space for cleaning, lift chairs, things from the floor. If you have a modern apartment with a minimum of things, then these vacuum cleaners are for you. And if you have everything crammed with tables, chairs, appliances, sofas, then he will simply poke at them, and most of them will not be cleaned.

This robot has some kind of internal memory, as it remembers where it went. I advise you to make the apartment the way it will always be cleaned when you turn it on for the first time.

Do not be afraid of the first launch, the robot needs to clean the apartment (room) a couple of three times to get used to the situation. Otherwise, as soon as I launched it, I was afraid that he would break his head against the walls and corners, he was so diligently driving into them with a bumper.

Also note that if you change something in the room, it is advisable to reset the vacuum cleaner (so to speak, reboot) and re-configure it so that it gets used to the room again.

And then I had a case, before the guests arrived, I assembled a sofa, which was spread out all the time, went to the store and at the same time started the vacuum cleaner to clean up. I come with the guests, and he cleaned everything except the place where the sofa was laid out, and in the middle of the room there is just a spot of dust. I had to clean it myself. The robot learns, but sometimes it doesn’t work at all.


Good thing. But you need to understand how robots are not particularly suitable for replacing the main vacuum cleaner, but as an electric broom (which they, in fact, are), a thing is simply irreplaceable for daily cleaning. If finances allow, you can buy a brother at a higher price, but this model completely suited me. Moreover, the manufacturer gives it a 3-year warranty!

Of the pleasant bonuses, it has manual control through the application. As a real, adult and self-sufficient man, I first of all tested this function and chased the cat on it for half a day. Be careful, this function can be traumatic both from the side of the cat and from the side of the wife.

In general, I recommend everyone to acquire this kind of gadget. Only by trying something yourself, you can understand how much you need it.

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