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Review Of A Rechargeable Table Lamp With A Swivel Shade And A Remote Control from Aliexpress 2022. In this review, we will focus on an interesting example of a rechargeable table lamp with a fairly large range of functions, a swivel lighting part and a remote control. The lamp is suitable for use not only as a table lamp, but also as a portable or bedside lamp or even a night light, because equipped with the ability to adjust the brightness.

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The package of the luminaire is a fairly dense cardboard box, which is quite capable of protecting the device from possible damage during transportation:

The kit includes the lamp itself, a remote control, instructions (in Chinese and English) and a 1-meter charging cable:

The device has the following features:

  • foldable design
  • 5 options for color temperature of light
  • stepless brightness control
  • step brightness control
  • remote control
  • timer to turn off after 45 minutes

Declared characteristics:

  • number of LEDs: 36 pcs.
  • lighting power 7.2W
  • luminous flux up to 1000Lm
  • Color temperature: 2700-6500K
  • Built-in battery capacity: 2000mAh

The lamp is a rather interesting design, with three movable hinges:

The main post, consisting of two parts, has two hinges, which provide it with a sufficiently large degree of inclination:

Both the vertical and horizontal parts are deflected. The lamp can be expanded almost to the surface itself or folded compactly. The lower and upper hinges swivel within 120 degrees.

The parts are connected with a thick cable:

Plastic hinges, steadily hold a given position:

Thanks to a separate hinge, the oblong shade with a lighting unit also has its degree of freedom; it can be tilted or rotated at will:

Moreover, there are no extreme points of rotation around the axis – it rotates 360 degrees:

This design allows you to choose the direction of the luminous flux that is quite convenient for the user:

The base is heavy enough that the lamp can be pulled far forward:

The lower platform has anti-slip pads:

The lamp weighs 600g:

The height of the lamp stand is about 35cm. Lighting part length 25cm, width 4cm:

The base has a size of 12x15cm and is equipped with a special platform for the control panel:

The remote control itself, with a diameter of about 6 cm, has five control buttons. In the center there is a lamp on / off button; the upper button with arrows, with a short press, changes the temperature of the light, and with a long press, it provides a stepless increase or decrease in brightness; the plus and minus buttons are responsible for changing the brightness step by step with each subsequent press; the lower button can be used to start the 45 minute timer:

The remote control is powered by a CR2032 battery:

In addition to control from the remote control, there are also two touch buttons on the lighting part: turning on and changing the color temperature / stepless brightness control:

36 LEDs covered with a translucent plastic diffuser plate:

You can turn on or off the lamp both from the remote control and touch buttons on the lighting part. In different modes of color temperature, different types of LEDs work, located in three rows. In the photo below (with the camera aperture clamped), this can be seen explicitly.




A couple more color temperature modes, like neutral light, are provided by a combination of the brightness of the “warm” and “cold” LEDs.

I checked the illumination with a lucosmeter at minimum and maximum brightness and different color modes of light. The minimum value is 41Lux (not to be confused with Lumens).

… Up to more than 1133Lux, which is very good for a table lamp, especially a rechargeable lamp. At maximum, it is very bright.

Subject photo at a minimum …

And the maximum …

Book in warm color (max.brightness) …

… in neutral (maximum brightness):

Lamp light in complete darkness with different tilts and rotation of the lighting unit:

If the lamp is folded down and dimmed, it can be used as a night light:

The lamp can be controlled from the remote control within 10-12 meters from the lamp. In the brightest mode, the lamp works for about 4 hours, at an average brightness for about 9 hours, at a minimum of about 16 hours.

When connected to a charger, a white LED lights up on the lamp stand:

I checked the battery capacity, which almost corresponds to the declared 2000mAh, although the lamp takes a long time to charge – about 5 hours:

In general, I liked the lamp, the convenient folding design with a large number of options for tilting the stand and the lighting part, five light modes, the ability to adjust the brightness, a capacious battery that provides a long operating time without recharging and, of course, a remote control that increases the ease of use of the lamp.

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