Review ReClean M10 Wireless Electric Mop With Self Cleaning

Review Of The Electric Mop Dadget ReClean M10: The Gadget That Will Do All The Dirty Work For You 2022. Now you don’t need to vacuum at home before wet cleaning! Just go for a run with the reClean M10 smart electric mop from Dadget. This gadget for cleaning premises not only washes the floors, but also has a self-cleaning station. That is, you do not need to do anything with your hands – neither squeeze the roller, do not wet it manually. The mop is rechargeable and the wires do not interfere with cleaning. The electric motor with a powerful gearbox not only rotates the washing roller, but also pushes the mop forward. You only need to periodically pull the mop towards you, making a minimum of movements. The mop collects small debris, dust in a special container, that is, it replaces preliminary dry cleaning. The roller washes even stubborn and ingrained dirt.

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The reClean M10 cordless electric mop independently washes floors and sweeps debris at the same time, replacing both the mop and the vacuum cleaner. Unlike a conventional mop, reClean does not need to manually wring out the rag or roller, it is wetted automatically at the base station. A self-cleaning station is included and ensures not only the care of the mop, but also the correct storage.

Model characteristics

Specifications are listed below:

  • Brand: Dadget
  • Model: reClean M10
  • Article: KIT FB0336
  • Type: Motorized Cordless Wet Mop
  • Built-in battery: 2200mAh
  • Cleaning area from one charge: up to 120 m2
  • Cleaning roller speed: 110 rpm
  • Mop dimensions: 260 x 1150 x 193 mm
  • Base station dimensions: 284 x 317 x 173 mm
  • Mop weight: 2.35 kg

Completion and appearance

The reClean packaging looks quite presentable. This is a good option as a housewarming or anniversary gift. The mop comes in a compact package and small dimensions. The box weighs a little less than 5 kg – it is convenient to take it yourself from the courier or pick it up at the pickup point.

The box contains an unassembled reClean M10 mop and a self-cleaning station. Inside, the components of the mop, a set, instructions are carefully packed.

The cleaning roller is supplied separately, individually wrapped. Before installation, it should be moistened with water according to the instructions. There is also a separate coarse filter for the station (mesh).

Before use, you should assemble the mop according to the instructions, and also recharge. It makes sense to skim through the user guide after reviewing the main points.

The handle of the mop is comfortable, with an ergonomic tilt and a special insert to make it comfortable to hold when working. The extension tube allows you to work with the mop without bending over.

The assembly process is simple, it is enough to install the extension tube into the grooves of the main nozzle, then install the handle on the seat on the tube. The latches work and hold the parts in the assembled position. If desired, you can disassemble it back by pressing the tab of the retainer.

There are two physical buttons on the handle that activate the cleaning mode as well as perform a self-cleaning cycle at the base station.

The main module in the form of a head with a roller is shown in the photos below. It is a motorized nozzle with a powerful gearbox that drives a roller to clean the floor. During rotation, the roller is squeezed out, and dirty water is collected inside the nozzle.

Inside the reClean M10 nozzle there is a cavity for collecting dirty water and a separate valve for flushing when installed in the base station. To open the lid of the nozzle, just press the latch on the top of the lid slightly.

Before starting work, install the roller in the mop. As I said above, the roller must be completely saturated with water before the first use. A gearbox is installed inside the nozzle, which ensures rotation and clamping of the roller, and next to it there is a special brush that removes debris from the roller during rotation.

On the bottom of the nozzle there are support rollers, electrical contacts for the operation of the self-cleaning station, a valve for cleaning the tank, and a rubber blade for collecting excess moisture.

When installed in the base station, the valve opens slightly, allowing the collected dirty water to be drained. If necessary, the rubber band can be removed for cleaning or replacement, just press the corresponding latch.

Recharging the mop

The mop is powered by a built-in 2500 mAh battery (4S). One charge is enough for cleaning up to 120 sq. meters of the room. It takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the mop.

The mains charger is included in the kit, it is a 14 V (1 A / 14 W) power supply unit with a round jack. Connects to the base of the mop.

During recharging, there is an orange indication. During operation – white indication. The lower indicator serves to remind you to replace the roller after a certain period of operation.

Self-cleaning base station

A few words about the base station that comes with the reclean M10 mop. It is a fairly large (284 x 317 x 173 mm) plastic container with a handle.

The container resembles a mop bucket, but in the form of a cube with a complex shape. Designed for installation and storage of the mop and has special recesses for “parking” the attachment with a roller.

Electrical contacts are also provided to drive the built-in pump that washes the roller during the self-cleaning cycle. Dirty water is collected in a separate compartment in the container, large debris remains on the mesh – coarse filter.

Clean water is poured into another section of the station. It is allowed to use a floor cleaner.

There are rubber feet on the bottom of the case to prevent shifting during use. There is also an information sticker with the model name.

Pure water is poured into a separate container of the station (under the lid). The pump has a small mesh filter to prevent particles from entering the cleaning system.

The user manual describes in detail the use of the self-cleaning system and recommendations for caring for the station. It makes sense to study before starting work.

ReClean M10 mop testing

The principle of operation of the mop is quite simple. Before starting the work of the station, a roller wetting cycle is carried out. Then you can start cleaning. The mop is activated by a button and starts moving. When rotating, the roller is squeezed out, and small debris and dust are removed with a brush and fall into a special container. We periodically install the mop on the station and start a self-cleaning cycle, removing dirt and waste water into the station’s tank and renewing the roller with clean water.

So, according to the instructions, we wet the roller before the first use, fill the station with clean water, add the floor detergent.

The mop literally “runs” forward, wiping the floor covering with a roller and collecting dust, dirt and small debris. We just pull the mop towards ourselves, periodically rinse it at a self-cleaning station.

The brush is so maneuverable and light that it is not difficult to clean. The whole cleaning process takes quite little time, and you don’t need to vacuum in advance – the roller collects all the available garbage.

The nozzle allows you to clean in hard-to-reach places, under furniture, in corners and next to skirting boards. This mop is suitable for tiles, laminate, linoleum and other surfaces, with the exception of soft and carpets.

Maintenance and care of the mop

All debris adhering to the roller, hair and hair of animals, fine dust, dirt – all this is washed off into the station’s container. After cleaning, we start a self-cleaning cycle so that the mop is kept clean.

Separately, we remove and rinse the mesh for large debris (if necessary), and dispose of the dirty water. Before the next cleaning, it is enough to fill the station with fresh clean water.

The average resource of the video is up to six months at the rate of 2 single cleaning per week. According to the condition, the roller can be removed, washed in running water, you can also remove the brush for removing debris and cutting on the sole for cleaning.

Conclusion and conclusions

The reClean M10 Mop is a handy home cleaning gadget that maximizes user comfort and makes cleaning easier. Considering that there is no need to pre-vacuum the floor, cleaning has become much less time-consuming. Note that there is no direct contact with dirty water, and there is no need to manually rinse the roller. After use, the reClean M10 electric mop is perfectly rinsed at the self-cleaning station. Please note that you can even wash tiled walls and windows with such a mop. It turns out a fairly convenient option for home cleaning, as well as an interesting idea as a gift.

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