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Robot vacuum cleaner Proscenic M8 Pro with auto-loading base: review and comparison 2022.

Hello everyone. Today we will look at another robot vacuum cleaner from the Chinese company Proscenic, which I love. The Proscenic M8 Pro robot vacuum cleaner received an auto-upload database and an updated application.

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The device is delivered in a large white cardboard box with a schematic representation of the device itself; the technical characteristics of the base are printed on the side edge. There is a plastic carry handle on top.


The package bundle is rich. It includes the vacuum cleaner itself, a power cable with a European plug, a self-cleaning base with a bag installed, and two more spare bags. Then 2 rags for wet cleaning, a spare side brush, a remote control, 3A batteries for it, a brush with a knife for cleaning the vacuum cleaner and cutting hair, a spare HEPA filter and several manuals for setting up the robot.


The top of the vacuum cleaner has a beautiful surface that practically does not collect dust and fingerprints. In the center there is a laser navigation sensor with an anti-jam system and two buttons with multi-color LED diodes. The buttons are plastic, but they are pleasantly pressed tactilely. Robot power – 2700 Pa. The 5200 mAh battery is enough for about 100-150 square meters of cleaning. A full charge takes 5 hours.

On the bottom there is one side brush in the center, a deflection roller without a protector, charging contacts, four dual height sensors, two modular wheels with a rubber protector, a standard turbo brush with bristles and rubber petals.

On the side parts of the bumper there are two wall proximity sensors, thanks to which the robot is able to walk as close as possible to the obstacle, which makes cleaning more efficient. So, for example, its younger version is a robot vacuum cleaner Proscenic M7 Pro also has two wall proximity sensors, but a budget robot vacuum cleaner Dreame Bot D9 and D9 Max, is not equipped with such at all. Dreame Bot D9 Max also cleans quickly, but less efficiently.

A combined garbage receiver with a water container is installed at the back of the vacuum cleaner. A complete platform with a rag for wet cleaning is also attached to it. Water is supplied to the rag using a pump through three nozzles at the bottom of the tank.

Self-cleaning base

The self-cleaning base is essentially another vacuum cleaner that sucks debris out of the robot. She certainly looks a little scary. At the front there are 2 spring-loaded contacts for docking and charging, below the docking hole with a rubber soft seal, above the sensors that guide the vacuum cleaner to the right place. By the way, there were no mistakes during the tests. The robot always hit the base clearly the first time.

On top of the base there is a lid under which a garbage bag is installed. It is retrieved with automatic closing, which prevents debris from spilling out. You just need to pull it up by the tab when removing it and it will close the valve itself.

Also on top of the base there are touch buttons that allow you to start cleaning and return the robot to the base. In addition, there is also a battery indicator.

Where can I buy?

You can buy this robot vacuum cleaner in the official store on AliExpress using the links below. Since now there is a sale, I leave a coupon from the seller 1111BUY. It will help you save 2,600 dollars on purchase.

Proscenic M8 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner on AliExpress

Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner on AliExpress



The robot works with the proprietary Proscenic application. It was updated and received a new design. Unfortunately, now everything is in English. A bit of a frustrating point, but the interface is still intuitive. All standard features are present and more.

So, there are virtual walls, restrictions on cleaning zones, map editing, combining and dividing rooms, choosing a cleaning location, cleaning schedule, consumables status, adjusting the volume, turning the backlight on and off, power, search, cleaning history, firmware, and so on. There is even a choice of conditions for cleaning the vacuum cleaner when returning to base. Separately, you can force the robot to self-clean from the phone when it is at the base.


Summing up, I can say that the Proscenic M8 Pro robot vacuum cleaner turned out to be the most balanced device in terms of the quality of cleaning, its speed and settings. I am glad that the speed of cleaning the premises of the M8 Pro is comparable to the Dreame Bot D9 Max, while thanks to two sensors of proximity to the walls, it does it much better. And here the suction power is not so important, which for Proscenic is only 2700 Pa, versus 4000 Pa for D9 Max. Of the minuses, I can only note the absence of the English language in the application, but I think that this will be fixed soon. Also, unlike its younger model, the M8 Pro lost its Y-shaped wet cleaning, however, personally I have not yet had time to get used to this function, so much so that its absence upset me greatly. In other words, this is not the most important thing in a robot vacuum cleaner. That’s all. If you still have a question, write from in the comments

Good luck and good mood to everyone. Bye.

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