Proscenic M7 Pro Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner With A Self-Cleaning Base

Review of M7 Pro is Proscenic’s flagship, designed to compete with more than one brand 2022. The main feature of the Proscenic M7 Pro is “full stuffing” in the form of laser navigation, dry and wet cleaning, advanced mapping, an 80 W motor, a 5200 mAh battery and a self-cleaning station – all for a relatively modest 1,000 dollars.

Further, in the review, I will tell you in detail what the miracle of Chinese technology is, what design, technical characteristics and functionality is, and is it really good.

Buy Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Aliexpress

  • Robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Self-cleaning station (aka charging dock).
  • Adapter.
  • Remote control.
  • Liquid reservoir.
  • Disposable wipes (set of 10).
  • Reusable microfiber cloth.
  • Two Hepa filters.
  • Container cleaning tool.
  • User manual.

Reference! The Proscenic M7 Pro is sold in two versions: with a self-cleaning dust collector base and with a conventional charging dock.


Trying to match the fashion trends set by Xiaomi, Proscenic chose a simple and functional design for their robot: a tablet case with an LDS turret rising above the front panel, a single control button, nothing more. Execution material – matte black plastic. Case diameter – 350 mm, height including lidar – 98 mm. The weight of the Proscenic M7 Pro is slightly more than that of the Roborock S6 Pure – 4.35 kg.

The front side of the case is made in the form of an arched bumper with three slots for infrared sensors and a collision mitigating rubber pad. A dust collector is inserted into the back of the body – a plastic container with a volume of 600 ml. In its upper wall there is a transparent door for removing the HEPA filter, in the front there is a suction hole closed with a check valve, in the lower one there is a hatch for pumping out garbage at a self-cleaning station. And also in the body of the container, the manufacturer has provided a recess in which a tool for cleaning filters is placed.

The round control button, divided into two halves, allows you to turn on automatic cleaning or send the robot to the base. Apart from this button, the lidar and the gray “Proscenic” logo, there is nothing on the front cover.

The holes through which air is blown out are located on the sides of the case. All other items can be found under the bottom:

  • large drive wheels with rubber protectors;
  • a pair of end brushes with bristles in long leashes;
  • two pairs of terminals: front – for the charging base, rear – for the self-cleaning station;
  • self-cleaning hatch (like the rear terminals, it is located on the bottom wall of the dust container);
  • working unit with a combined turbo brush, floating frame and metal flow dividers;
  • 4 height difference sensors;
  • clips for installing a flat cleaning nozzle with a water tank and microfiber attachments.

A separate charging base and a self-cleaning station are included with the robot. The charging base looks classic – a plastic box is a stand for the arrival of the robot, on which the contact pads are located. The self-cleaning station is a black rounded curbstone that vaguely resembles a trash can. The lower part of the station looks like a charging base with a docking hole made in the base, the upper part is made in the form of a bunker, into which a disposable garbage bag is placed on top.


Function name Proscenic M7 Pro
Battery capacity (mAh) 5200
Running time (min) 150
Charging time (min) 300
Rated power (W) 50
Suction power (Pa) 2700
Cleaning area (sq. M) 200
Noise level (dB) 72
Trash can volume (ml) 600
Automatic dirt removal (self-cleaning) There is
Wet cleaning There is
Water tank capacity (ml) 110
Guardrail height (mm) twenty
HEPA filter There is
Cartographer sensor type LDS
Carpet detection There is
Drop / break sensor There is
Wi-Fi App / Smartphone There is
Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant support There is
Application features
Digital locked area
There is
Cleaning the area There is
Saving a room map up to 3 cards
Room cleaning There is
Add. functions
Recharge and resume cleaning
There is
Auto return to charging dock There is
Voice prompts There is
Dimensions (mm) 350x350x98
Weight, kg) 4.35
Price, rub.) 30-40 thous.
Where can I buy: Aliexpress

Proscenic M7 Pro performs joint or separate dry and wet cleaning of apartments and multi-storey buildings (up to 3 floors), regardless of the complexity of the layout and type of flooring: the silicone blades of the turbo brush remove dirt from marble, tiles and laminate, and nylon bristles are combed out of the carpet crumbs, captures hair and wool. Thanks to the air flow density sensor, the robot understands when it drives onto the carpet and automatically increases the suction force to a maximum of 2700 Pa. The loudness of the Japanese motor Nidec increases from the standard 50-60 dB to an impressive 72 dB (but in quiet mode this figure does not exceed 36 dB).

Proscenic M7 Pro does not experience problems with movement on a fleecy surface, as well as with overcoming interior thresholds up to 20 mm high. End brushes are responsible for the quality of cleaning the corner areas, working in combination with TOF sensors (for movement parallel to the wall).

Once in the dust collector, the incoming air flow undergoes double filtration: first through a mesh, and then through a porous paper filter (HEPA). Therefore, about 99.7% of the collected garbage does not leave the garbage container. When the dust collector is filled to the critical level, the Proscenic M7 Pro automatically goes to a self-cleaning station and pumps the garbage into a large stationary container. The user’s tasks include only periodic replacement of the garbage bag (no more than 1 time per week) and preventive cleaning of work accessories (no less than 1 time per week).

Despite the simple solution in the form of a nozzle with a 110 ml tank, wet cleaning in Proscenic M7 Pro is implemented efficiently. The application provides a “Y-shaped mopping” mode, in which the robot changes the usual S-shaped trajectory of movement to a Y-shaped one that imitates the movement of a mop. This algorithm allows the robotic assistant to scrub dirt and dog tracks off the floor.

Conservative users who are not smartphone friendly can use a minimalistic remote control with a joystick and multiple buttons. For more modern owners of a vacuum cleaner, a mobile application is intended, with which you can do many useful things:

  • divide the map made by the robot into rooms and draw up its own cleaning schedule for each of them;
  • establish areas without a mop and areas for spot cleaning (no more than 10 zones on one map);
  • adjust the suction power and the intensity of water supply to the napkin.

For mapping and orientation on the ground, Proscenic M7 Pro processes the readings of 6 groups of sensors:

  • Laser rangefinder – determines the coordinates of obstacles with a 360-degree view within the room.
  • Gyroscope – helps to choose the right direction of movement.
  • Odometers – with their help, the robot varies its speed depending on the distance of the obstacle.
  • IR sensors in the bumper – detect obstacles along the way and on the sides.
  • Tactile bumper sensor – serves as a safety system against malfunctioning of other sensors.
  • Fall sensors – inform the vacuum cleaner about a possible exit on the stairs.

The manufacturer did not save on energy supply either, equipping the robot with the best possible battery – a lithium-ion type with a capacity of 5200 mAh. On a single charge, Proscenic M7 Pro can work for more than 3 hours. If this time was not enough to complete the task, the robot recharges the battery at the base, and then continues cleaning from the check mark.

Advantages and disadvantages

I will summarize the article by listing the pros and cons of a robot vacuum cleaner.


  • Capacious rechargeable battery – 5200 mAh.
  • Powerful brushless motor with 2700 Pa suction power.
  • Three modes of suction power.
  • Smart navigation and cartography Map Management 4.0.
  • Multicard support (stores up to 3 cards in memory).
  • Simultaneous dry and wet cleaning.
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants.
  • Overcomes thresholds with a height of 20 mm.
  • Extended functionality of the application: restrictions on movement, dividing the map by rooms, cleaning a certain area and room and setting up a work schedule.


  • Small volume of the water tank.

Robot vacuum cleaner Proscenic M7 Pro sold on Aliexpress, costing 500-750 dollars, depending on the configuration with or without a self-cleaning base. As for dry cleaning, the assistant does an excellent job with its tasks. Cleans smooth surfaces from any debris, is capable of deep cleaning of carpets with medium and high pile, sufficient suction power. Suitable for pet owners and multi-storey buildings. But, no guarantee and wet cleaning with a small tank. Suggests that it is easier to buy a robot from the well-known company iRobot Roomba i7 +, which is also equipped with a self-cleaning base, or to save a little and buy, for example, the flagship from Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max. Although he cannot empty his trash can on his own, he washes floors with dignity, is not inferior in quality to dry cleaning and is equipped with the same functions. Write in the comments which robot vacuum cleaner is the best in your opinion.

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