Review of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2C (global version): now speaks English

Recently, an updated version of the popular Mijia 1C robot with the characteristic name Mijia 2C (the full name is Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2C) has appeared on the market. The main feature of the novelty is that it is officially intended for the global market (and not only for China, like Mijia 1C), now the robot supports the English language. The price tag has not changed much – 14-16 thousand ***. Is Mijia 2C worth the money and does it have any other improvements besides Russification – let’s try to answer these questions later in the article.

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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2C


  • Equipment
  • Appearance
  • Specifications
  • Control
  • Drop sensors and black carpet
  • Navigation
  • Performance
  • Noise level
  • Dry cleaning
  • Wet cleaning
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • Equipment


    Together with the robot vacuum cleaner, they put in the box:

  • docking station with built-in adapter;

  • cord with European plug;

  • end sh – it must be fixed in the seat on the robot;

  • nozzle for wet cleaning with microfiber;

  • documentation in English.

  • The equipment is minimal, you won’t need to buy anything in addition for six months.


    Visual performance is the same as Mijia 1C. Solid white case with dimensions of 350 x 81.5 mm. On top is a pair of buttons and a camera, in front is a spring-loaded bumper with tactile and IR sensors, and in the back is an exhaust grille.


    A dust collector with a volume of 600 ml is installed under the cover. There is no pre-mesh, so the HEPA filter will not last long. Will have to be changed periodically.

    dust collector

    The main working accessories of Mijia 2C are a three-beam end sh and a bell with a turbo sh. The bell goes up and down, adapting to the relief of the floor, so that the vacuum cleaner does not jump on carpets. The turbosh is petal-bristle, not collapsible. Curly hair will have to be dealt with.

    Turbo sh and napkin

    Additionally, a mop with a built-in 200 ml tank can be installed from below. Water is supplied under pump pressure through three holes. The main problem is heterogeneous microfiber – fleecy in the middle and smooth on the sides. At skirting boards, the robot will be sick, this is understandable even without tests.

    Unfortunately, Mijia 2C is no different from its predecessor. Just a copy without any improvements.


    Battery capacity

    2600 mAh

    Working hours

    50-120 min

    Rated power


    Suction power

    2200 Pa

    Waste bin volume

    600 ml

    Water tank capacity

    200 ml

    Cartographer sensor type

    Camera + gyroscope + floor sensor

    Overcomes rapids

    20 mm


    mi home

    Case dimensions (mm)


    Where could I buy


    14 thousand ***


    20 thousand ***



    For management, the proprietary MiHome application is used. It offers the following features:

  • building and saving a map;

  • breakdown into rooms with the ability to edit;

  • virtual walls, target and restricted areas;

  • restricted areas for dry and wet cleaning;

  • power and wetting adjustment;

  • schedule by days of the week without selecting the desired zones;

  • choice of voice package (English available);

  • do not disturb mode;

  • joystick for manual control.

  • Application

    As for a robot with a camera, the functionality is good. It is also important to note that the application works through the English region, without failures and freezes.

    Drop sensors and black carpet

    Drop sensors and black carpet

    The fall sensors work adequately – they take the robot away from the steps, but let it onto dark carpets.



    Despite the relatively accurate map, the Mijia 2C is poorly oriented in a single room. It knocks down any objects that it can push out of place, and those that it rests on do not sweep over, but simply go around. Thresholds with a height of 2 cm pass well, it does not get stuck on the dryer.


    The battery is weak (2600 mAh), so at maximum speed Mijia 2C will work for about 50 minutes, and during this time it will process 40 sq.m. In the standard mode, autonomy increases, but in order to remove it qualitatively, most often you will have to use the maximum mode.

    Noise level

    Noise level

    The nominal suction power is moderate – 2200 Pa. But the robot produces no less noise than more powerful analogues – in the range of 56-72 dB.

    Dry cleaning

    Rubbish on the laminate

    The work algorithm of Mijia 2C is standard: double travel in zigzags and along the walls. There is no side sensor, so the robot moves slowly along the baseboards and manages to scoop up almost all the motes. On laminate, Mijia 2C collected 98% of debris.

    Sand on laminate

    As shown by the sand test, the actual suction power is quite high – leaving a clean floor behind the turbo sh. The end sh leaves a lot of grains of sand on the first pass, but picks them up on the second. The final result is 99%.

    Thin carpet

    On a thin carpet, the effectiveness of the shes decreases, more motes remain near the walls, so the result is slightly weaker – only 95%.

    Medium carpet

    The average carpet Mijia 2C combed much better than most analogues. With an average result of 40-60%, Mijia 2C showed 83%.

    Very solid results for a budget vacuum cleaner.

    Wet cleaning

    Wet cleaning

    Wet cleaning is an auxiliary function for this model. The napkin is wetted slowly and does not adhere to the floor tightly, so Mijia 2C washes dried stains only from the sixth passage, and even then not completely. Such wet cleaning is suitable only for humidifying the air in the house.

    Advantages and disadvantages



    English language support;

    no mesh filter;

    functional application;

    turbo sh with non-removable ends;

    cleaning in the selected room;

    poorly identifies obstacles;

    good build quality;

    does not sweep objects on the floor;

    thoroughly vacuums laminate and carpets;

    formal wet cleaning.

    moderate price tag.


    Mijia 2C

    The only thing where Mijia 2C is better than its predecessor is in the application. It works faster and is easier to install, plus the robot has learned to speak English. Otherwise, we have the same Mijia 1C of 2019 with all its problems and obsolescence. Against the background of analogues in its price category, Mijia 2C still looks good, but is noticeably inferior to market leaders such as Dreame F9. At the same cost, Dreame has a more powerful battery (5200 mAh), a more modern working unit and higher cleaning quality. Therefore, Mijia 2C can only be recommended to fans of this brand, other categories of buyers will be able to find more interesting options for themselves.

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