Review of Xiaomi Roborock S6 / T6 Robot Vacuum Cleaners

One of the Best Roborock Sweep S6 / T6 (S602 or S650-S652) is New Flagship 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Xiaomi Review 2021. The device is designed for dry and wet cleaning, which can be performed simultaneously. The Roborock Sweep S50 differs from the previous model with an increased liquid reservoir up to 160 ml and the addition of functions: cleaning a specific room and saving up to three maps built by the assistant in memory. The rest of the characteristics remained the same: a powerful motor with a suction force of 2000 Pa and a capacious 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery with a runtime of up to 150 minutes.

Further, in the review, I will describe in detail the characteristics and functionality. I will list the pros and cons, as well as make an expert opinion based on feedback from real users.

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Xiaomi Roborock Sweep S6 / T6 comes in a cardboard box. The packaging shows the model and brief technical specifications.

The kit includes:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  2. Charging dock.
  3. Dust collector.
  4. Water tank.
  5. Disposable floor cleaning wipes — 10 pcs.
  6. The instruction is in English.


The Xiaomi Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2019 Design Award. The new model is virtually identical to the previous version of the Roborock Sweep S55 . The device is available in black, white and gray. The case is made of matte plastic, not glossy, which solved the problem with fingerprints.

The control panel has also changed, now three buttons are lined up. A round LDS sensor is located nearby. The laser rangefinder rotates 360 degrees for room scanning, sizing and obstacle detection. Waste container with a volume of 500 ml is located under the top lid.

On the bottom, the smart vacuum cleaner is equipped with a rubber side brush that catches the smallest dust particles on the carpet and a petal-bristled turbo brush. The main brush has removable parts for cleaning the roller from hair and fur. The undercarriage often consists of two large wheels and a small caster for turning. The assistant can climb obstacles up to 20 mm high. And also at the bottom there are contacts for charging from the charging base and a module with a 160 ml water tank is attached to the back for wet cleaning.


Roborock Sweep S6 / T6 is equipped with 14 sensors for orientation in space, which help not to get stuck, not to fall from a hill or crash into furniture. The LDS laser is controlled by three Allwinner Technology processors with a R16 series chip, Texas Instruments and an updated MCU microprocessor from STMicroelectronics, making the assistant smarter, faster and more efficient.

The laser rangefinder scans the room for an accurate map. The cartography system has been improved to Map Management 3.0. Which expanded the capabilities of the device.

After the first cleaning, the robot divides the built room map into separate rooms. The technology opens access to such options as: setting virtual boundaries, setting the area for local cleaning yourself (by drawing a rectangle on the map in the application).

Reference! Roborock Sweep S6 / T6 stores up to 3 cards in memory, which makes it irreplaceable for two or three storey buildings.

Compared to the previous version — Roborock S5 (S50–55), the new model finishes cleaning 20% ​​faster using Rock Navigition technology.

Dry cleaning is done with a side brush that sweeps debris to the center of the suction port, where the petal-bristled turbo brush is located. Central brush combined with a powerful suction of 2000 Pa, large and small dust particles, dirt are drawn into a 500 ml container. Inside the trash can is a washable HEPA filter that is designed to last longer than non-washable ones.

Reference! The noise level is reduced to 40–50 dB due to the reduced motor, soundproof cotton and noise reduction filters.

The smart vacuum cleaner moves forward and backward, methodically moving in straight lines, so the S6 does not go through the same areas over and over again and does not skip areas where it did not go, covering the entire area when cleaning in one cycle.

Important! The device does not divide the room into zones, the transition from room to room occurs along the constructed optimal route.

If you live in a large house (by a large one, I mean more than 250 square meters), as soon as the 5200 mAh battery is discharged, the robot will return to the base to recharge, and then continue cleaning from the same place where it left off.

2000pa Roborock S6 New Robot Vacuum Cleaner Home Automatic Sweeping Mopping Dust Sterilize Smart Planned Machine Remote Control

The Roborock S6 is suitable for cleaning carpets as it is equipped with a sensor for detecting carpets. As soon as the S6 hits the carpet, it increases the suction power to provide a deep cleaning of the carpet, and returns to normal when it is on a hard floor surface. This saves battery power, since you do not need to constantly turn on the maximum power mode in the settings.

Wet cleaning is carried out with a disposable cloth, which is attached to the 160 ml water tank. Liquid tank with a switch that adjusts the amount of water required according to cleaning needs and stops wetting when stopped. Includes 10 disposable daily cleaning cloths and 2 microfiber cloths. In my test, the robot was able to soften the stains. I think the roborock sweep s6 is one of the best wet cleaning models .

On hard surfaces, there is little to no difference between low and high power settings. The device collects all particles from flour and sugar to cereals. The robot washes and sweeps at the same time, so you don’t need to start the robot first to collect everything before inserting the water tank.

The robot vacuum cleaner is controlled from the Mi Home application on a smartphone, by installing which, it opens access to additional options:

  1. Viewing and editing the room map.
  2. Selection of the suction power mode.
  3. Setting virtual boundaries to restrict the movement of the smart assistant.
  4. The choice of cleaning a specific room.
  5. Setting the schedule. (Now the programming of the schedule does not end only with the choice of the time and day of the week. In the timer settings, you need to set the time, day and the room in which you want to clean. For example, 10 hours of cleaning the kitchen, and at 4 pm the living room or bedroom).
  6. Cleaning the zone. (By drawing a rectangle or indicating a place on the map for the robot to clean in this area. This option is useful if you need to clean in a specific area, and not in the whole room).

Advantages and disadvantages

After analyzing the manufacturer’s declared characteristics and reviews from real users, I highlighted the following pros and cons of the Xiaomi Roborock Sweeping S6 / T6 model.


  • Updated navigation and mapping technology.
  • Easy maintenance of the turbo brush.
  • Sweeps and washes floors at the same time.
  • High suction power with regulation.
  • Capacious lithium-ion battery — 5200 mAh.
  • Low noise level — 50 dB.
  • Wet cleaning with a switch.
  • Recognizes carpets.
  • An application with advanced functionality: cleaning the area, room and building virtual boundaries.
  • Cleaning according to the schedule for every day of the week, time and for any room in the room.
  • Stores up to 3 cards in memory.

The disadvantage is poorly implemented wet cleaning. Small water tank without electronic regulation of water supply to the napkin.


There are 13 reviews on the market, of which 92% of real buyers recommend Xiaomi Roborock Sweep S6 / T6. The smart vacuum cleaner is suitable for multi-storey and large houses, as well as for pet owners. It has proven itself well both on mixed surfaces and on hard floors. Recognizes and copes with medium and high pile carpets, does not like very shaggy carpets. The water tank is not large, but with control over the supply of liquid to the napkin. It is perfectly oriented in space, builds a map of the room, keeping up to 3 maps. Convenient application with additional functions: virtual borders, zone cleaning and a separate room. At a cost of 599$ in 2020, a smart vacuum cleaner is a serious competitor to other manufacturers.

That’s all, happy shopping!

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