Review of Xiaomi Ninetygo 90Fun Travel Business Suitcase

Best Seller Xiaomi Ninetygo 90Fun Travel Business Suitcase Review 2022: there is a place for things and gadgets. In their fresh model of a travel suitcase, the designers of Ninetygo 90Fun, which is one of Xiaomi’s sub-brands, tried to take into account the needs of a modern person and save him from having to transport numerous mobile devices in a separate bag. The new 20-inch suitcase under the RMST09XZ index has not only a special, convenient department for storing gadgets, a TSA code lock and a robust case, but also in size, it fits the parameters of hand luggage for a large number of air carriers.

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NINETYGO 90FUN Rolling Hardside Carry-ons 20 inch Luggage Opening Cabin Suitcase Spinner Wheel Scratch-proof Adjustable


  • Type of luggage: hand luggage;
  • Main material: Bayer polycarbonate;
  • Features: 4 wheels with 360 degrees rotation, telescopic handle, TSA combination lock, department for storing mobile devices;
  • Internal volume: 36 L;
  • Height: 560 mm;
  • Length: 370 mm;
  • Width: 230 mm;
  • Weight: 3.6 kg.

The suitcase comes in a sturdy cardboard box equipped with a plastic carrying handle.

The model is available in one single, laconic gray color.

In front is a compartment for storing mobile electronics, trimmed with waterproof Oxford 650D fabric, and the main material of the suitcase used multilayer polycarbonate of the German brand Bayer with a matte texture.

The back of the suitcase is equipped with two molded stiffeners at the locations of the guides of the telescopic handle.

On the left side is the junction of the two halves of the suitcase.

On the right side there is a handle made of durable rubber, which allows you to carry the suitcase in a horizontal position.

When folded, the handle fits snugly to the surface.

Below are 4 pairs of wheels that rotate freely 360 degrees with bearings. The wheels are made of rubber-like material — thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). The material is similar to hard rubber, therefore it has shock-absorbing properties, is almost silent and at the same time has good wear resistance.

On the upper side of the suitcase is a carry handle, telescopic telescopic handle and TSA combination lock.

Here, a tag in Chinese is attached with information about the characteristics of the model.

The handle, in its design, is similar to the one on the right and allows you to carry the case in an upright position.

The telescopic handle can be fixed at a height of approximately 90, 100 and 110 cm from the surface using the integrated button.

The guides are made of thick aluminum tubes with anodized coating, the mechanism works smoothly with a barely noticeable backlash.

The combination lock meets the international standard TSA007 and allows you to simultaneously lock the zipper sliders at once in two sections of the suitcase. I note right away that the key to the lock is not supplied, as it is intended only for customs screening.

The factory code for the lock is three zeros. To change it, you must press the button marked SET, type a new code, and then move the slider with the key hole in the direction of the mark — the red circle.

To release the lightning of the main, inner section of the suitcase, you must move the slider to the left, for the outer section — to the right. Runners jump out of the castle automatically using a spring-loaded mechanism.

Since the external department is designed to store mobile devices, a plate made of a composite polymer material — ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) is installed in its cover to protect it from possible shocks. This porous material is often used to make swimming equipment, as well as shoes. It is lightweight and has good shock absorbing and thermal insulation properties.

In the open state, the cover is fixed using special valves.

But if necessary, unfastening the buttons and Velcro, the cover can be completely folded.

On the inside of the department are two pockets designed to accommodate a laptop and tablet computer.

A stretch strap with Velcro is provided for their fixation.

The laptop pocket is attached to the wall of the department with rubber bands, allowing you to put here devices of different thicknesses.

The department cover has a large mesh pocket, two smaller pockets, as well as a mounting point for a ballpoint pen.

The main space of the suitcase is also divided into two sections.

The left is well suited to accommodate large items or clothing. It provides an adjustable strap that allows you to reliably pull things.

The contents of the right section are securely closed with a special wall with a zipper, so here you can place any small things and not worry that it will fall out after opening the suitcase. Also for small things and documents come in handy two large mesh pockets with zippers.

So, let’s see what a filled suitcase looks like and for this we put the first things in the closet into it.

In the department for mobile devices I fit a full 15.6-inch laptop and a 7-inch tablet, I don’t think such small things as headphones, a mouse or a power bank, since they fit here anyway.

This is how the whole set of things looks.

And this is how a closed suitcase looks like.

The manufacturer tried to make the dimensions of the suitcase suitable for international standards of hand luggage. But, as you know, not all airlines adhere to such standards, so before buying a ticket, in each case it is better to play it safe and check the conditions of the selected airline.

Otherwise, this suitcase turned out to be really high-quality and very convenient. Thanks to a special compartment, it will be much easier to find and get your favorite gadget out of your suitcase to pass the time at the station or at the airport. Light and durable case material, dual combination lock, silent wheels and a reliable, durable telescopic handle, what else is needed to make a long trip as comfortable as possible?

At the time of publication of the review, the cost of the suitcase was $350.99, but there are often discounts in the form of coupons on this model, so the current price can be found on the link below.

That’s all, happy shopping! 

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