Review of Xiaomi Mijia Temperature And Humidity Electronic Watch

Have you ever thought that a watch can measure temperature and humidity? Mijia Smart Digital Clock can also connect to other smart home devices. Xiaomi Mi home (Mijia) watch with E-ink screen, thermometer, hygrometer and Bluetooth

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The watch model received the name LYWSD02MMC and did not officially enter the European market. But who is it stopping? An interesting product will find its way to the buyer. First of all, the watch is interesting for its appearance and super economical screen on electronic ink. In addition to the time, the watch shows the temperature and humidity in the room, and via Bluetooth it can be synchronized with the proprietary Mi Home application. In the application, you can view statistics and indicators for the past days, weeks and months, you can also automate some processes in the smart home system.

The watch arrived in a miniature box. Since they are sold mainly in China, you will see hieroglyphs on the box and in the instructions.

The main functions are described in the form of pictograms:

  • E-ink screen
  • Clock
  • Temperature and humidity measurement
  • Bluetooth to sync with APP

The box is disposable. To open it, you need to tear off the strip, after which it will open, completely losing its shape. There is also some interesting information here:

  • Power supply 2.5V — 3V from CR2032
  • BLuetooth 4
  • Temperature measurement from 0 ° C to 60 ° C
  • Humidity measurement from 0% to 99%
  • Dimensions: 110x55x10.1 mm
  • Weight: 60g

Includes: watch, 3 types of fastening (tape, magnet and stand) and instructions.

The device looks very modern, the corporate identity of Xiaomi with a predominance of light shades is immediately recognizable. The front part is made of plexiglass, the body is made of plastic. Most of the screen is occupied by hours, the numbers are large and easy to read from anywhere in the room.

Below, in smaller print, the humidity and temperature in the room are indicated. Also, a smiley is displayed on the screen, which generally speaks of the microclimate in the room: a satisfied smiley — everything is in order, sad — it means the conditions are not comfortable.

The screen on e-ink (electronic ink) is very economical, which allows the watch to work from one set of batteries for up to 2 years. In addition, E-ink screens have excellent viewing angles; in fact, the image does not change at all from any angle.

There is a place for fastening on the back side.

Stand if the clock will be on the shelf. Fridge magnet. And double-sided tape, for attaching to furniture or walls.

In the upper part there are small holes for air access to the sensor.

At the bottom there is a recess for removing the cover.

Under which was placed a pair of CR2032 batteries.

Only one battery is used to operate the clock, and the other serves as a backup.

The battery is common, CR2032 — sold in any major supermarket.

Can be disassembled. There is one more battery inside, to be honest, I can’t even imagine why.

The device is powered by SOC Dialog DA 14585. It is a system on a chip with an ARM Cortex-M0 processor and Bluetooth.

There is nothing on the reverse side, the board is connected to the screen via a ribbon cable.

Now let’s look at the capabilities of the application. Install Mi Home from the Play Market, register (if you have not used it before), select the region of China (otherwise the watch will not be in the list of available ones), then select your watch model and connect.

In the application, you can see the current temperature and humidity, as well as statistics for the elapsed time. The indicators are fixed once an hour. For example, below we see how during the day the temperature in the room rises, then the air conditioner was turned on and the temperature began to fall.

There is an opportunity to look for a longer period of time, for example, a month or half a year. Let’s take a look at the settings, here you can update the firmware (I had 1 update), change the degrees to Fahrenheit, share the device with other people (they will also be able to receive information from it), and also set up automation.

The automation works with other Xiaomi devices: air conditioner and humidifier.

A script is created. For example, if the humidity is below 40%, then the humidifier turns on. The script can be executed every day or on specific days of the week or times.

Besides the watch, I have some other xiaomi devices, but this is not an air conditioner or a humidifier. Therefore, I tested the automation on a table lamp. When the temperature exceeds 28 degrees, the lamp turns on. It becomes brighter, but not cooler. In general, I think it is clear that automation in our country will not be in great demand now, therefore, the primary task of the application is to collect statistics and present it in a convenient form.

Now, some personal impressions. The price is of course overpriced, but I can’t say that it is just too heavy. Any fan of the Xiaomi brand can afford them. A very cool thing by the way for gifts for small holidays. Next is the look, I really like it. Everything seems simple, but they look cool and fit into any interior: even high-tech, even Sovdep. The E-ink screen is clear and with high viewing angles, of course there is no visibility in the dark, because there is no backlight, but even with the light from the TV, the time can be seen well. The clock is visible from anywhere in the room, temperature and humidity from a couple of meters. The accuracy of the clock is high, because the time is synchronized via the Internet when the program is connected and is updated with each subsequent entry. Temperature and humidity are shown relatively accurately, in comparison with Inkbird sensors, the temperature difference is 0.1 degrees, humidity 3%. But I can’t understand which of them is more precise 🙂 There is a suspicion that Xiaomi is still more truthful than Inkbird. In any case, accuracy is enough for an apartment. I go to the application very rarely, mainly to see the temperature in a period of time. In winter, when there is heating, I will also monitor the humidity.

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