Review of Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2

If you have started to monitor your weight changes, you cannot do without quality scales. One of these models is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2. This model is able to accurately measure your weight, as well as display the dynamics of changes on your smartphone using the special Mi Fit application. But more about everything in order in the review below.

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Original Xiaomi Smart Scale 2 Mi Smart Health Weight Scale Bluetooth 5.0 Digital Scale Support Android 4.3 iOS 9 Mifit APP Scale

Main technical characteristics
  • Dimensions: 280 * 280 * 22mm
  • Weight: 1.2 Kg
  • Weighing range: 100g-150kg
  • Minimum recorded changes: 100g
  • Material: tempered glass, special plastic
  • Communication channel: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Power supply: 3 AAA batteries
  • OS Compatibility: Androin / iOs
Packaging and appearance

The scales are delivered in a box made of early dense and porous cardboard, which will definitely increase the safety of the goods during transportation. The main box is pre-packed in a wrapper made in the corporate style of Xiaomi. It should also be noted that there is a plastic bag in which the scales are packed.

The delivery set also includes instructions in English or English (depending on the selected country of dispatch), but I think we will not need it, the device is quite simple and intuitive.

Outwardly, the device looks both simple and technologically advanced. The front, working side of the balance is made of durable white tempered glass. In the middle, the manufacturer has placed its corporate logo, but the digital display is hidden and cannot be seen when the scales are turned off.

It is also worth noting the smoothed corners of the device, which, I think, is convenient during operation. This will prevent you from getting caught on them, for example, when weighing in long pants.

The reverse side of the device is also made in white, but made of special plastic. Also on the back there are four anti-slip pads that really fix the scale on a flat floor really well.


The scales are powered by three AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries. The tray for their installation is located on the back of the balance case. In principle, there is nothing to add here, I have been using the scales for about a month, the batteries do not need to be replaced. It is also worth noting that the battery tray cover is fixed very tightly and opens with little effort.


Scales work very simply, like many others similar to the model. In a nutshell, you just need to become on them and your weight will be displayed on a special digital display. Separately, I would like to highlight the display on the scales. When not in use, it is hidden, but when the scale is activated, it clearly and vividly displays your weight when weighing. It is also worth noting that the numbers are clearly visible both at night and during the day. In general, of course, it is quite difficult to praise such a simple device as a scale, but here I want to do it. Xiaomi has really taken care of installing a high-quality and stylish display, as well as all the design in general. These scales do not have to be hidden for design or size reasons, they will fit into almost any interior.

It is also worth noting the high accuracy of the device, the scales record changes in weight, starting from 100 g in any direction. That is, they can literally measure the weight of a glass of water that you drink before weighing in.

Smartphone connection

As I think, it has already become clear from the name that the scales have a number of smart functions, which include the ability to connect the scales to a smartphone. To connect the scales, we need to download the Mi Fit app from the official stores. Mi Fit is a proprietary application from Xiaomi that allows you to connect not only scales, but also other equipment to your smartphone, for example, a fitness bracelet.

I will not describe the connection process itself, it is extremely simple and straightforward. I will add a few words about the possibilities that the Mi Fit application reveals. So, here you can create your profile, set your data, and after the first weighing, the program will calculate your weight index and give certain hints. Also, the functionality of the application allows you to track the dynamics of weight change for a period of your choice. If desired, there are a number of settings to adapt the functionality to your needs.

It should be added that all data is automatically pulled up in the application at each weighing. And for your convenience, the scales can create different profiles for all family members separately, so everyone can track their dynamics, regardless of other measurements. Well, if guests come to you and want to check their weight, in this case the device provides a guest mode. In this mode, all necessary measurements will be taken, but their results will not be synchronized with the Mi Fit app.


Summing up, I would like to note the excellent design and high quality of the scales in general. I really liked the display and the measurement accuracy, which was repeatedly tested experimentally. I will say again that such scales will fit into any interior and will become your faithful assistant in controlling your weight. Also, in my opinion, such a device is not ashamed to present as a gift. Well, that’s all, thanks for your attention.

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