Review of Xiaomi inFace Men’s Pore Cleaner

Today, we will once again clean the nose of my cat using the Xiaomi InFace pore cleaner 2022. Experience of its operation. The box actually looks very premium and is perfect for a gift. The pore cleaner is made from the sub-brand InFace and I was very surprised when I saw that you can buy a toothbrush head for cleaning the face from the sub-brand Soocace. But I was right that I bought this particular device, because my Xiaomi Soocace brush has long been out of order.

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inFace MS — 2000 Electric Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush Massage Face Washing from Xiaomi youpin

This review will be impressions and operating experience. On one of the faces there is a QR code. At the back there are icons of the main modes with the main capabilities of the device. This is natural protection from water, three speeds of work intensity and something else in Chinese.

A short charging cable meets us in the box. With its help, the device will be most conveniently charged using the Power Bank. The USB connector also features the InFace logo. The device itself is in a plastic case with a drainage hole at the bottom.

Now I will tell you about my most basic impressions. Many people call this device a massager, but I call it
a pore cleaner — and so and so, in principle, correct. I wonder if anyone uses it as a pumice stone? Nevertheless, the main purpose of the device is of course to clean the face and it does an excellent job with it. First of all, I would like to note that this thing is very suitable for oily skin. After using this pore cleanser, the skin really becomes very smooth. If you use it with a gel for washing or just with soap, then the effect will definitely please you greatly.

The gradation of modes here is not quite usual. It is clear that these are vibrational influences and their amplitude is different, therefore, as such, I did not find intensities and speeds. I mainly clean the skin either in the first or in the third mode. In general, everyone will find the mode they need for themselves.

The silicone bristles are still in excellent condition. The silicone here is really very, very good quality, and the device itself is made at the highest level. There is a built-in timer that works for
one and a half minutes, which greatly saves battery power and I have not charged it for a very, very long time and
there were no hints that it was necessary to charge the massager in general.

You can change the intensity of facial cleansing due to the fact that there are 3 rows of bristle stiffness.That is, when you move the device over the face, the angle of its inclination must be adjusted independently, then the cleaning will be as effective as possible. Due to its small size and the ability to manipulate the angle of inclination in this way, you will cleanse the skin with exactly the level of hardness you need.

Summing up, I can say that the device is really very cool and I did not regret at all that I purchased
it is this separate device, not a brush head. Review Xiaomi inFace Electric Sonic Facial Cleaner

Video review Xiaomi Youpin inFace MS2000 Electric Sonic Facial Cleaner

The pore cleaner is suitable for both men and women. For example, I have a lot of pores on my nose and the device does an excellent job of cleaning them. That is why I can confidently recommend this thing. Rotational vibration has never been more relevant than in personal care devices. Previously, such devices were used only in some private clinics, but now you can independently take care of your skin directly at home. A similar example can be found with a sonic brush for brushing my teeth, with which I would never switch to a regular toothbrush. It is the same with this device. Now I probably will never just wash my face with my hands, because why should I do this when there is such a pore cleaner that, really professionally and deeply cleanses the skin of the face in just a couple of minutes at home and all this for about 17$. That is, you acquire this thing once and use it until it breaks, and given the quality of its performance, this will not happen soon. In the end, I repeat that I do not regret at all that I purchased this device and that I can recommend it to you. Below you can find even more interesting and unusual devices from Xiaomi that you did not know about. Good luck and good mood to everyone. Until. and given the quality of its performance, this will not happen soon.

That’s all, happy shopping!

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