Review of Xiaomi Freetie — Men’s Travel Shoes

Xiaomi not only pleases with a large assortment of electronic gadgets and household goods, but also keeps several brands of clothes and shoes “under its wing”. One of these is the FREETIE company, which produces very good quality shoes. For some time now I have been wearing their sneakers — workmanship and high level comfort. In this review, we will talk about the FREETIE MO0005GBB sneaker model , designed for the now fashionable “hiking”, and in common people, hiking and long walks in rough and not very terrain.

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The model is made in only two colors: Desert (desert) and Black (black)

Men’s sneakers, size chart corresponds to: 40–44 on EUR grid (6.5–10 on US). Compared to our size, they are a little small, offline I usually buy 43 shoe sizes, they also took 43 EUR (9.5 US), they sit tight, so it’s better to take one size larger. The completeness of the sneakers is standard.

The declared materials, the top of the sneakers: synthetic leather increased strength + polymer inserts. EVA shock-absorbing rubber sole, anti-slip and elastic.

I chose the “desert” color of the sneakers: firstly, I don’t like black ones, and secondly, the dirt will not be so visible 🙂

The top material is very similar to suede, it does not get wet:

It’s immediately striking that the lacing starts closer to the toe than with ordinary sneakers. As I understand it, it’s convenient to fix the forefoot more tightly when climbing on any gully.

Around the entire perimeter, the adjacency of the top to the sole is reinforced with dense rubber-polymer inserts, which are stitched with a double line and protect both the bottom of the sneakers and their user from any sharp stones, snags, etc.

Lacing consists of 7 rows:

The upper row passes through a loop on the tongue:

The back has an additional pad, a reflective insert and an eyelet for the convenience of putting on shoes:

All seams have double stitching with silk thread, untidy traces of glue were not noticed:

The sole is thick, has a very serious and impressive tread. The rubber itself is quite tough, but it bends well:

External dimensions:

Weight (430g. One shoe):

The soft roller covers the ankle; nothing should rub:

Foam insoles, not glued and easy to remove:

Under the insole:


“On a bare foot”

With jeans:

At the end of the review I’ll say that I liked the sneakers: good material and excellently sewn, with double stitches wherever possible. Comfortable and durable, keep the foot well, and the inserts additionally sewn over the sole give confidence in protecting the legs and the sneakers themselves, not only in everyday use, but also in long walks in the “no asphalt” mode.

That’s all, happy shopping! 

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