Review of Xiaomi Diiib hose + watering kit

Hello everyone, Xiaomi is gradually capturing the world, that’s for sure, now its products have settled in my bathroom in the form of a hose and Xiaomi Diiib watering can .

No jokes, but the product is very good: a metalized flexible hose and a watering can with three modes of water supply.
Each part of the kit comes in a separate box:

Watering can, by the way, received the 2018 RED DOT Award for Design:

Inside the boxes:

I will dwell separately on each element of the kit:


Flexible, thick, metallized:

On the plugs, the manufacturer kindly noted to which end to fasten the watering can:

Metal cap nuts, gaskets and coarse mesh included:

Length 160cm:

15mm thickness:


Watering can

Plastic, but made of high quality material:

Instruction manual

The diameter of the main part 12cm:

In the central part there are 8 large holes, around them there are many small silicone nozzles of smaller diameter:

Handle Diameter 28mm:

Total length 25cm:

On the handle is a self-resetting switch of the operating modes of the watering can:

There are three modes in total:

  1. flow from the central holes,
  2. flow from all the small holes,
  3. 1 + 2 together

Modes are switched sequentially by a switch located directly under the thumb:

Mounting location:

Complete gasket and fine filter:

The design is such that when you completely screw the union nuts of the hose onto the watering can and mixer, the hose still freely rotates around its axis, preventing twists and loops from forming on it:

To understand that the watering can is wide enough, compare it with the complete mixer watering can:

We install an overview kit on the mixer (they have standard seats, so they are installed instead of the standard ones without problems):

In work

In work, the kit proved to be excellent, it is installed simply and quickly, all connections are tightened by hand, nothing leaks anywhere. It is very convenient to use the mode switch.

Mode 1, central nozzles only:

Mode 2, water goes only through small holes:

Mode 3, jets come from all holes:

 Switching modes, you can achieve a good hydromassage and relaxing effect 🙂 I liked the set, in quality and performance it is no worse than world brands like the same Grohe, Hansgrohe and others. . Recommend

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