Review of Xiaomi Amazfit GTR Smartwatches

Review of smart watches Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 2021: like Mi Band 4, only better.

There are several varieties with different case options, sizes and straps (removable):

Case with a diameter of 47mm (3 color variations):
• aluminum alloy (weight without strap 36 grams), brown leather strap (22mm);
• stainless steel (weight without strap 48 grams), brown leather strap (22mm);
• titanium (weight without strap 40 grams), fluoroelastomer strap (22mm).

Buy 42mm case versions (5 colors) have silicone straps with 20mm width.

In this review we will focus on the version with an aluminum case and a brown leather strap.

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Watch weight:

The body is made of aluminum, the back cover is plastic. The build quality is excellent.

The watch has a 1.39 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454×454 pixels (pixel density 326ppi). Tempered glass, 3rd generation Gorilla Glass with hydrophobic coating.

The brightness can be adjusted, the maximum level is sufficient even in bright, direct sunlight.

You can adjust the active display time (from 5 to 15 seconds).

It is possible to turn on the constant display of time and date on the display (the style of time display and brightness will differ from the main dial).

The strap is made of leather and silicone, it is soft, high quality and pleasant to the touch. Strap width 22mm.

The instructions warn that the leather strap is not waterproof and must be changed if the watch is to be immersed in water. The watch itself is protected by the 5ATM level (tolerates high humidity, splashes and short-term immersion in water).

On the right there are two physical buttons, the pressing is distinct, there is a soft click.

The top button is responsible for turning on, off, restarting the watch, turning on the display and returning to the dial from any menu.

Amazfit GTR runs on an operating system from Xiaomi, the system is optimized well, but not perfect, there are slight jerks during navigation (not always smooth). Considering that the watch has just come out, there is a chance that this will be fixed in future updates (two updates have already arrived in three weeks of testing the watch).

When you turn on the watch for the first time, you need to sync with your smartphone in the Amazfit app. Then they can be used without connecting to the phone.

If Ukrainian is set as the system language on the phone, the application will be partially in Ukrainian — partially in English, and the clock will be entirely in English. If the system language is Russian, then both the application and the clock menu will be in this language.

When you swipe up, the main menu opens.

Swipe down brings up a menu with access to the main settings (flashlight, change the brightness of the display, select the sleep tracking mode, turn on the power saving mode and lock the display). In addition, this menu displays the status of connecting the watch to the smartphone, month, date and battery charge (in percent).

Swipes left and right scroll between information about physical activity (number of steps taken, calories burned and mileage) and starting heart rate measurement.

Initially, the watch has two dials to choose from, but in the application there is much more choice. The disadvantages are that when you select more than one dial from the application, the previous ones are not saved. That is, the maximum number of dials stored on the watch is three (including two pre-installed).

When there is an incoming call, the watch vibrates and displays the name / number of the caller. You can either reject the call or mute the sound. Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer calls and speak in hours.

The watch can display notifications from any application, but emoticons do not display, only text.

On the watch, you can control the music that is played on the phone (change the volume, pause / continue playback, switch tracks).

The watch has 12 sports modes and can track and record detailed statistics of sports activity, which can be viewed both on the watch and in the app (more detailed). GPS works fine, it takes 10–20 seconds to initialize it outdoors.

During the work of the alarm clock, the watch distributes 10 vibrations. During vibrations, it is possible to either turn off the alarm by pressing any button or choose to fire again after 10 minutes. If you do not select anything during vibrations, the alarm will turn off. As for me, this may not be enough to wake the person up (as an option — set many alarms for every minute). The advantages include the fact that the alarm clock works regardless of whether the watch is connected to a smartphone or not.

There is a function of reminding about any event (the watch vibrates 4 times and the display shows a reminder).

It is possible to set a custom vibration rhythm for both notifications and alarms (the total maximum vibration duration is 12 seconds).

The watch has a power saving mode, in which the watch only displays basic information (time, date, month, day, battery charge and number of steps taken), tracks steps and sleep.

The watch can display detailed weather information.

Working with the application

To synchronize the watch with a smartphone, you need to install the Amazfit app.

You can optimize and customize almost everything in the application.

Currently there are 56 watch faces available.

I liked the fact that you can personally adjust the vibration rhythm for notifications / alarms.

Among the interesting functions, I would like to note the ability to configure the screen to turn on automatically when you raise your wrist and thus exclude the possibility of accidentally turning on the screen at night. It is possible to enable the watch’s high response speed when lifting the wrist.

You can select notifications from which applications will come and customize them.

In the application, you can adjust the order of the clock menu items or completely remove unnecessary ones (hide the display).

As for the heart rate, you can measure it either by going to the appropriate section on the watch, or turn on one of the following modes in the application: automatic regular heart rate measurement (every 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes), heart rate monitoring in a dream, or at the same time turn on regular measurement pulse, including during sleep. There is also an option for the watch to automatically increase the measurement frequency when it detects physical activity.


The watch is equipped with a 410mAh battery. Perhaps this is a small capacity, but the manufacturer managed to optimize the charge consumption so well that the operating time from one charge is really impressive: with moderate active use, the battery will last for 22–24 days. With active use, the charge will last for 17–20 days. If you use them in energy-saving mode, the watch will last up to 74 days.

During the night in standby mode, the clock was not discharged by one percent (looked at 21:30 and at 8:40). In the morning I put on my watch and went for a walk, at 12:40 pm the battery charge was still at the same level.

In sports tracking mode (walking, with GPS and heart rate sensor on), the watch was discharged by 3% in 27 minutes.

The charger is magnetic, the watch keeps well, does not fall off. It takes about 2 hours to charge.

How they look on the hand:


The Amazfit GTR watch very much resembled the functionality (the application is also almost 100% identical) to the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 , only with a full display, stylish design and the presence of GPS, and at the same time with greater autonomy.

+ stylish design;
+ high-quality assembly and low weight;
+ high-quality display;
+ availability and good work of GPS;
+ notification of incoming calls and from any applications;

  • insufficient amount of vibration at the alarm;
    – it is impossible to unlock the clock by tapping on the screen;
    – downloaded watch faces are not saved on the watch (only 1);
    – you cannot answer incoming calls and talk on the clock.

Thank you for attention. That’s all, happy shopping! 

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