Review of XD001: Portable Household Ozonizer for Sterilization

Review XD001: portable household ozonizer for sterilization, disinfection and deodorization 2022

Buy XD001: portable household air ozonizer for sterilization

Today we will consider such an interesting device as a household air ozonizer. But first, let’s figure out what it is for. An ozonizer is a device for producing ozone, which in turn is a strong oxidizing agent. It can be used to disinfect indoor air, sterilize personal items, and eliminate unpleasant odors. Ozone effectively destroys viruses, bacteria, and even fungi and mold at high concentrations. But even if only for household purposes, the ozonizer can be very useful: disinfection and elimination of unpleasant odors in the refrigerator, ovens, clothes and shoes. I checked a lot of what was said on my own experience and I can assure you that the ozonizer really works. The model, which will be discussed today, captivates with its versatility.

The device is focused on the domestic Chinese market, so the box is replete with hieroglyphs. The device is called an ozone sterilizer and, according to the description, it disinfects, deodorizes and prevents mold.

The description of the characteristics is very scanty, but even from it I managed to “pull out” some useful information:

  • maximum power: 3W
  • Compliance with China National Safety Standards GB28232–2011
  • dimensions: 115x115x43 mm
  • weight: 228g

The model of the ozonizer is called XD001 and if you look carefully, you will find that it is also sold on the Russian market under the name NOZOLUX XD001, only now it costs more than 3 times more. Nevertheless, in this I see several positive points at once:

  • The first is the ability to buy it in China at a much cheaper price;
  • Second, the device is really safe if it is sold on the territory of the USA;
  • The third is more detailed characteristics that, according to the legislation, the manufacturer is obliged to indicate on the packaging.

Actually from these characteristics, I found out that the productivity (ozone yield) is only 20 mg / h. Of course, this is not much, and is only suitable for disinfection of small rooms, for example: a bathroom, toilet, or it can be a car, wardrobe, refrigerator, etc. But actually for these purposes, portable is needed.

Included: ozonizer, micro usb cable for recharging, instructions and OTC coupon (confirms the verification of the device at the factory).

The instruction is of course in Chinese, so I translated it with the help of a google translator. The device is very simple and has 2 modes of operation. The first mode is manual, press the button and ozone production starts, until you turn off or the battery runs out. The second mode is automatic — press the button for a few seconds (until it starts blinking smoothly). In this mode, the ozonizer is turned on for 10 minutes, then it takes a break for 8 hours and then turns on again for 10 minutes. So it will work until the battery runs out. For recharging, you can use any 5V power supply, for example, from your smartphone or charge from a USB computer / laptop.

The device is compact and easily fits into small cabinets and niches. It can be used virtually anywhere. The body of matte white plastic is scratch-resistant and absolutely not easily soiled, no special care of the ozonizer is required.

The LED lighting around the button makes it clear what is happening with the device. On continuously — manual mode, smoothly blinking — automatic mode, quickly blinking and extinguishing — the battery is dead. Flashes while charging.

The USB connector is hidden behind a rubber cap, but this is not from moisture, but from dust. Be careful with water, because there is no moisture protection and water can easily get inside, causing a short circuit.

Under the cover, along the perimeter of the case, you can see many holes for air intake.

And on the back there are outlets through which air is expelled by a small fan.

It works like this. When you turn on the ionizer, you hear a slight hissing sound and a characteristic ozone smell. Periodically, about once a minute, for 10–15 seconds, the fan turns on. Let’s see how the ionizer works inside. At the base there are 3 rubber feet — pads, under which the screws are hidden.

Remove the cover and see a fan and a part that resembles a capacitor.

We disassemble further and see the structure of the device.

The ozone generator, battery and cooler are connected to the control board via 2 pin connectors.

On the control board there is a button and 4 LEDs for its illumination; the control circuit is also visible.

Battery of size 18650 Canfer at 1800 mAh or 6.66 Wh.

Through the tester, 1866 mAh is poured into the discharged battery, charging is carried out with a current of up to 0.5A, so the whole process takes 4 hours.


An ozone generator, from which a plate is connected with thick wires, when voltage is applied to which a characteristic glow appears and ozone is released.

Now some personal impressions and observations. First of all, I checked the ozonizer in the interior of a smoky car, leaving it inside for 10 minutes. It should be noted here that when the device is in operation, you should not be near it, because ozone in high concentrations is harmful. Here, although a low-power device, you should not put your health in danger once again. Ventilate the room after use. So, after 10 minutes of “ozonation” of the car, I felt that the tobacco smell became less pronounced, although it did not disappear completely. This instilled confidence. I left it working for another 20 minutes, after which I ventilated the car and found that there was no tobacco smell! The next moment is the operation of the ozonizer in the refrigerator. In addition to the fact that after 10 minutes all extraneous odors have disappeared, the storage time of products (especially milk and vegetables) also increases,

I did another test after cooking the chicken legs in the oven with a generous amount of mayonnaise and garlic sauce. The oven, like the air in the kitchen, smelled very much of garlic. Well, as expected, the meat burned a little, in general, the aromas were the same … I just put the ozonizer in the oven and without closing the lid, left it in the kitchen for 20 minutes, after which I ventilated the room. The smell of burning and garlic disappeared. Here are a few ways to use that I came up with myself. Somehow in training, I thought that if ozone kills bacteria and destroys odors, why not disinfect your sneakers? I took a sealed zip bag, put my sneakers, an ozonator and left it on for 10 minutes. The smell is gone, which means that the bacteria that cause it have died. Further — more, I began to disinfect disposable masks in this way: I put them in a bag, closed hermetically and switched on ozonation for 5–10 minutes. In principle, this way you can disinfect any things, objects and even small equipment, such as smartphones. In times of a pandemic, this will not be superfluous. In general, in practice, I felt that the device was working. And you can hear it by smell. If you leave it to work in the room for a few minutes, and then go in, then you will feel a specific smell, similar to the smell of bleach. This is ozone. They say that if the smell is heard, then the concentration is already quite high and it is not worth staying in such a room. After ozonation, thoroughly ventilate the room! If you leave him to work in the room for a few minutes, and then go in, you will feel a specific smell, similar to the smell of bleach. This is ozone. They say that if the smell is heard, then the concentration is already quite high and it is not worth staying in such a room. After ozonation, thoroughly ventilate the room! If you leave him to work in the room for a few minutes, and then go in, you will feel a specific smell, similar to the smell of bleach. This is ozone. They say that if the smell is heard, then the concentration is already quite high and it is not worth staying in such a room. After ozonation, thoroughly ventilate the room!

It is difficult to say by the total operating time from a full charge, because the ozonizer turns on for an average of 10 minutes and it is rather difficult to calculate the total time. But if we estimate that the maximum consumption is 3W, and the battery has a capacity of 6.66 Wh, it turns out that the ozonizer can work continuously for more than 2.5 hours. If we can prescribe it for permanent residence in the refrigerator and turn on disinfection in automatic mode, then from one charge it will work for about a week. In general, I am satisfied with the device: small, inexpensive and effective!

That’s all, happy shopping!

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  1. Hedduh Lettis

    J U N K. P R O D U C T
    Cheap components; impaired by design means it is NOT durable enough to count on it for even 30 days / uses !

    May work for several uses – then eminent component failure

    USB plug stopes accepting inserted charge cord by misaligned bent or broken connection(s) due to inferior connector quality – so inserted connector fails to establish continuity = can no longer charge the battery

    Powered operation is not possible for long, as the battery will reach intolerance for recharging

    No useful battery – no cycle of operation =
    J U N K

    This product appears in various configurations as CPAP cleaner all that’s different is the internal fan and exterior case

    NO WAY to contact anyone by any communication method for questions or warrant questions