Review of vacuum sealer Bort BVV-100

Vacuum sealers are still rare guests in kitchens. Meanwhile, they can greatly help with winter harvesting or just cooking – for example, sous-vide involves vacuuming food. Even just storing food in or out of the refrigerator is greatly extended if the product is in a vacuum. If you doubt whether such a device is needed in the kitchen, you can try an inexpensive and simple one like the Bort BVV-100. It will give an idea of ​​how it works, what can and whether it is useful in principle.


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  • Packaging, appearance and equipment
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  • Specifications

    Model Bort BVV-100
    Type of Vacuum packing machine
    Power 90 W
    Vacuum degree -0.6 bar
    Performance 10 l/min
    Maximum package width 270 mm
    Package type cogated
    Peculiarities Possibility of sealing without vacuum
    Dimensions 37.5*7.3*8cm
    The weight 0.54 kg

    Packaging, appearance and equipment

    A compact box will protect the device from damage during transportation, but a vacuum sealer does not seem to have such fragile and sensitive parts.

    The packaging shows the device and briefly describes the characteristics. The latter are bilingual. The kit includes insctions, a power cable, as well as several packages. That is, you can start testing right away, as they say, out of the box.

    The vacuum cleaner is made in the classic form – an elongated and flat device that opens into two halves. There are latches on the sides that secure the lid. On top, in addition to the logo of the manufacturer, there is a drain valve, as well as two buttons. Vacuum & Seal – starts the compressor and then seals the bag; Seal only – only sealing the package. With the first option, everything is clear. But the second one can be useful for partial vacuuming, or if you just need to seal the package, for example, when we cut off the sleeve from the roll, which we will then seal. On the reverse side there is an information sticker and an outlet for the compressor.

    Inside, the picture is also typical for vacuum cleaners. A chamber with a sealing gasket that came off, but easily returned to its place – air is pumped out here. Closer to the edge there is a heating element, which will seal the packages. In addition, you can see the second side of the drain valve and again the indicators.

    The kit includes 6 bags 17×25 and a power cable with a C7 connector. Packages, as in most inexpensive vacuum cleaners, are cogated, since it is easier to pump air out of them. There are no problems with availability now – I once bought 6 rolls of two sizes on the Chinese site, and they still remain, but it is profitable to buy in large quantities.

    The manual briefly and with illustrations shows how to operate the vacuum sealer. All this is in two languages. Briefly and succinctly.


    Working with the device is simple: put the bag so that the edge is in the pumping chamber, close the lid and press the vacuum and seal button. Upon completion, we slightly pull the valve to loosen the “grip” of the lid and take out the finished bag. In the case when you only need to solder the package, we put it so that the package is on the heating element with a margin of about a centimeter. Press the “solder” button, and you’re done. But about this all in a little more detail.

    First, we prepare the package and the vacuum sealer, and then the product so that it does not stale or, for example, excess juice does not come out, which can interfere with work. After we have done the preparatory work, we can begin to prepare the products – cutting, laying, wiping with napkins to remove excess moisture, and so on.

    There are no problems in the packaging of soft foods: just put them in a bag and start the packaging process. If the product has moisture, then we have several options: try to wipe or dry (an option is possible with meat); intept the evacuation of air when moisture approaches the edge of the bag and then seal it; insert a napkin along the width of the bag so that it is absorbed when moisture approaches (this option is suitable with a small amount of moisture, otherwise the vacuum will simply squeeze out the napkin). To make the bag lie flat, it is sometimes useful to put a board under the product bag.

    If you missed the moment with stopping the air pumping and moisture got into the sealing place, you can wipe the rest and just solder it.

    The vacuum bag takes up little space and is thick enough to be stacked together without a problem, and it also survives freezing. At one time, I made semi-finished products – I marinated meat in different ways, cut it, and so on. I put all the blanks in the freezer. The advantages of vacuum packaging are that products are stored longer, marinated faster, and do not exchange odors.

    It is convenient to store the cheese brought “from over the hillock”.

    Packages included in the package have a tear area, which makes them very convenient to open.

    Of course, do not forget about the packaging of various things and objects. You can pack your smartphone so as not to drown while fishing.

    The touchscreen works properly, and the problem of a closed speaker and microphone can be solved with a headset. And if you attach a float to it, then you can not be afraid of it and drown it altogether.



    The Bort BVV-100 is an affordable vacuum sealer that will introduce you to this type of kitchen appliance. And it’s worth getting acquainted, as you can expand the possibilities in cooking and storing food. In addition, non-food products that are sensitive to moisture in the air or oxygen itself can be stored: oxidation is much slower.

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