Review of Thunder X3 BC1 Gaming Chair — Reliable & Extremely Comfortable

I welcome everyone who looked at the light. The review will focus on, as you probably already guessed, the inexpensive & very comfortable ThunderX3 BC1 gaming chair 2022. Of the main features of the model, it is worth noting a very strong and reliable design, the presence of a “breathing” surface, good ergonomics and a very attractive design. If you are interested, welcome …
General form

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  • – Model Name — ThunderX3 BC1
  • – Frame material — eco-friendly aviation plywood
  • – Upholstery material — matte black eco leather (polyurethane)
  • – Adjustable armrest — no
  • – Type of mechanism — Top Gun
  • – Swing angle — 3 ° -18 °
  • – Swing lock — yes
  • – Fixing the angle of the back — no
  • – Gas lift class — 3rd class
  • – The stroke length of the gas cartridge — 100mm
  • – Crosspiece — 350mm nylon
  • – Wheels — 65mm
  • – Load up to — 150 kg
  • – Seat size — 50cm * 52cm * 47cm
  • – Weight — 16.8 kg


The ThunderX3 BC1 gaming chair comes in a large box made of corrugated cardboard, measuring about 780mm * 640mm * 380mm:

It is worth noting that the gross weight is about 19 kg, and the box itself does not have cutouts for the hands, so there may be some difficulties with the delivery. Due to its impressive dimensions, it is better to carry the box together, although if you carefully break out a small hole from any of the ends, then only one person can handle the transfer. I hope that the manufacturer will take this desire into account and will correct this nuance in the future.

Otherwise, there are no complaints about the packaging: the box is strong enough, the model name and main features are indicated on the outside, and there are numerous protective liners from the same corrugated cardboard inside. All individual elements are culturally laid and shrouded in aka “polypropylene” foam polyethylene layer, or placed in a durable plastic bag:

All this eliminates damage to the most vulnerable places, which are the leather coverings of the seat, back and armrests.

In addition to components, in the box you can find assembly instructions and a warranty card:


The ThunderX3 BC1 gaming chair is as follows:

The model was very successful in terms of design and ergonomics. Three colors are available to the buyer:

See below for more details on all features.


The dimensions of the chair are as follows:

Options (back)

To protect the outer cover, the back is placed in a bag of very dense polyethylene, which, when using additional cardboard spacers, completely eliminates the appearance of any scratches during transportation:

As a result, the coating quality is perfect without any damage:

In form and design, it somewhat resembles the back of a sports seat, where the mandatory attributes are a fixed tilt, back and shoulder support, as well as a fixed head rest:

Given the low price and budget orientation of the chair, there are no particular complaints about the quality of the design, except for the lack of all kinds of adjustments. In more expensive chairs, there is an adjustment of the height and tilt of the back, and in some, adjustment of the head and back support, but alas, such models are much more expensive. In this case, the sizes of all elements are selected taking into account the proportions of the average person and should suit most.

At the top of the back there is a manufacturer’s corporate logo embroidered with turquoise threads that perfectly harmonize with the dark background of the coating:

Unlike ordinary office chairs for 1 000$, with which most furniture stores are littered, the back surface of the back of the ThunderX3 BC1 is also covered in eco-leather, and not covered with plastic elements or spandbond. There is also a logo, but in the middle:

It should be noted that the backrest upholstery is a kind of “cover” that fits tightly on the frame and soft elements. It is attached with a zipper, so if necessary it can most likely be removed.

A new generation of eco-leather with AIR Tech technology was used as a coating, which is a synthetic material obtained by applying a microporous (“breathing”) film of polyurethane onto a woven base made of cotton or polyester. At its core, this is a kind of compromise between natural and artificial leather with its own advantages and disadvantages. Compared with artificial leather, eco-leather allows air to pass through (“breathes”), is more durable and resistant to abrasion. In addition, it is softer and lacks a specific smell. Compared to genuine leather, it is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly to manufacture, which has a positive effect on the total cost of the product, but loses to it in strength and durability. There are many supporters and opponents of this type of skin, but be that as it may, the best solution in the budget segment simply can not be found.

I would like to note that the cover of the back, and of other elements of the chair, is somewhat different and is represented by three types: perforated, which perfectly passes air and is present only on the sides, with a usual coating under the natural “skin” and a very interesting coating, somewhat reminiscent of carbon film. Despite the different texture, all this is eco-leather, just somewhere it is a little stronger, and somewhere it is better to let air through:

This decision is conditioned, firstly, by practicality, and secondly, by design and decorative techniques.

There are no complaints to the seams, the lines are even, there are no distortions, the color of the threads matches the tone of the logo and only emphasizes the unique design:

The location of the screw bushings for mounting the armrests has not been processed in any way, but this is not necessary, since it will still be hidden:

Options (seat)

The seat is also placed in a dense plastic bag to protect the leather cover during transportation. In size, it is slightly smaller than the back and looks as follows (front part from the bottom):

Everything is similar in terms of coverage, but unlike the backrest, the “supporting” side walls of the seat are fully stylized as “carbon”:

The perforated coating here is also located mainly on the side, although in my opinion, it would be more reasonable to place it closer to the center. Even though the eco-leather is “breathing” in intense battles, and just on hot days, the feeling of “freshness and coolness” under the fifth point is not felt.

I’ll add from myself that the sidewalls supporting the hips are very comfortable, even despite their impressive height:

The lower part of the seat is covered with a special material in appearance resembling a dense spandbond and, unlike the back, is already fixed with brackets:

If necessary, it is not possible to remove the upholstery without losing appearance. As practice shows, the seat cover or its soft elements inside are most often damaged, since the main load falls on them exactly the same. Therefore, to replace foam rubber or polyurethane foam over time, I would like to be able to remove the upholstery, since this is realized by simply replacing the zipper brackets with the appropriate stops. But again, the manufacturer claims a durable filler of high strength, so this is only a wish.

The location of the screw bushings for mounting the armrests is also not processed in any way, although by and large this is not necessary:

Options (armrests)

The armrests are already shrouded in a layer of foamed polyethylene:

Since they are the connecting link and combine the back and the seat, the design is based on a metal profile covered with plastic:

Unfortunately, due to the design features, the height of the armrests is not adjustable in any way, but they are slightly curved in shape:

Such a constructive solution has its pros and cons. The main advantage is, of course, a very great strength, which allows you to freely lean on the armrests with almost all the weight without harmful effects. And indeed, the old armrest was thus broken in the left armrest.

The main disadvantage is the impossibility of adjusting “for oneself”, in connection with which increased hand fatigue is possible. This is especially important during long game battles, because they can last for hours. The option of raising / lowering the entire chair does not work here, especially if you have to work at a computer table with a sliding keyboard stand. She just rests on the armrest and does not allow to bring the chair closer to the table. For me personally, this is a very serious drawback, however, as for many others. I would like to see a shorter version of the armrests with the ability to adjust the height.

Otherwise, there are no complaints about the design of the armrests: the height is optimally selected, the coating is soft. All this allows you to conveniently place your elbows, especially if the keyboard and mouse are located on the table, and not underneath.

The design of the armrests is presented in eco-leather with two types of cover, stitched together with turquoise threads:

Options (gas lift)

The ThunderX3 BC1 gaming chair is equipped with a Class 3 gas lift and comes in a separate box along with a swing mechanism. Gas lift packed in a double plastic bag:

Marking is larger:

I’ll add that the gas cartridge is of 3 classes and can withstand up to 150 kg of weight:

Typically, these are installed in more expensive models, so this moment just can not but rejoice. As a mechanism, the Top Gan type is used with a swing function and the possibility of its blocking:

It allows you to turn this chair into a small “rocking chair” with a swing angle of 3 ° -18 °. Many are skeptical of this feature, but believe me, when watching a movie or listening to music, it can be useful, especially if you still “throw” your legs a lot more comfortable. The swing mechanism can be either turned on or off by shifting the lever to the right all the way. The spring allows you to adjust the stiffness of the swing. It is conveniently adjusted to your weight, making rocking more rigid for heavy people or less rigid for light.

Complete set (crosspiece)

The base is a traditional five-beam crosspiece made of durable plastic in dark color with a beam length of 350 mm:

We must pay tribute to the quality of manufacturing crosses at a height. Not only are the beams reinforced with numerous stiffeners, but the wall thickness is about 3mm:

I’ve already changed the crosses at the previous office chair twice and I can say with confidence that here the structural strength is much higher. In addition, the central part is made of metal, because it is magnetized:

I would like to see the mechanism for removing the gas cartridge in case of transportation of a chair, but as far as I know, this is very rare, especially in the budget segment.

The wheel seat is also reinforced:

The 65 mm wheels in the amount of five pieces are made of special material (nylon or something like that), which makes them ride smoothly and smoothly, as well as being resistant to breakage and not scratching the floor:

Dimensions of a wheel in comparison with a box of matches:

Seat assembly

The ThunderX3 BC1 chair is supplied disassembled by default, because it is difficult to imagine the dimensions of a box with a fully assembled product, and transporting it in this form will cause a lot of trouble. In addition, the design of the chair is so simple and thought out that anyone can handle the assembly. In case of difficulty, you can always refer to the clear and intuitive instructions:

The first step is to position the backrest and seat as close to each other as possible and secure them with the armrests using the supplied screws:

I recommend that you first attach the armrests to the seat, and then connect the backrest. In my opinion, this is much more convenient, although another option also works. In order not to confuse them, the left and right armrests are marked with the letters L and R.

After assembling the main structure “backrest — seat — armrests”, it is necessary to tighten the screws and cover the holes with decorative caps:

Having placed this design on the back, it is necessary to attach the swing mechanism to the seat, being guided by the inscriptions “FRONT” on both elements:

Next in line is a cross. First of all, we insert 5 complete wheels into it until it stops:

Then we insert the gas lift into the central hole of the crosspiece and install a decorative three-element casing on it:

Pressing the gaslift tightly does not make sense; he himself will “sit down” as he needs under the weight of a person.

Well, the final stage — we insert the assembled cross into the swing mechanism, simultaneously adjusting the necessary play:

By the way, the swing adjustment is available during operation at any time. This completes the assembly.

Thanks to the unique design, the ThunderX3 BC1 chair will fit into any interior:

Impressions of use

I’ve been using the ThunderX3 BC1 chair for almost three months now and honestly, compared to my previous one, it’s just heaven and earth. If you estimate the total “experience” in the use of such chairs, then it totals about 12 years. In appearance, it was a regular inexpensive option, which are now sold in any furniture store for 5–7 thousand rubles:

The only common problem with such chairs is their very short lifespan and a very flimsy, ill-conceived design. After a year of use, the foam is squeezed and the screws of the gas mounting mechanism are beginning to be felt. Springs also begin to creak, and the angle of the backrest is not really fixed. It is worth adding to this the malfunction of the gas cartridge, especially with sharp movements and the shakiness of the armrests. Over the years, I changed crosses, armrests, seat cushioning and other elements several times, because I was simply not allowed to give 12 thousand for a new chair. It was not in vain that I began this chapter with a description of the shortcomings of typical chairs, so I recommend not to save.

Now, regarding the operation of the new chair:

Chic design, very reliable design, convenience — these are some of the strengths of this model. Here it is worth adding the use of a gas lift of class 3 and the presence of a swing mechanism. The only thing I would like to see is the availability of armrest and backrest adjustments. About the lack of adjustment of the armrests and the corresponding inconvenience, I already mentioned in the middle of the review. They are too long and more interfere.

Regarding the use of a breathable coating, this is partly true, but despite this, in hot weather or during energetic battles it is still not so “fresh and comfortable”. Saves an additional fabric wrap, made even for old chairs. Everything is perfect with her and the leather coating does not wear out. In this regard, I would like to see the perforated coating in the center, and not on the sides.



  • + brand, quality guarantee
  • + quality of materials
  • + design and ergonomics
  • + very reliable design
  • + gas lift 3 classes
  • + swing mechanism
  • + a reliable crosspiece and “silent” rollers
  • + price

Controversial issues:

  • ± perforated (breathable) coating located at the edges and not so effective
  • ± the issue of the durability of the coating


  • – there are no armrest adjustments and their considerable size
  • – no backrest adjustments
  • – inconvenient for carrying box

Conclusion: As a budget option, the ThunderX3 BC1 is an excellent choice. Yes, it is a little more expensive than the usual office “trash”, but believe me, the differences are cardinal, both in terms of convenience and durability. In addition, there are periodically discounts on it and this model can be easily purchased for 400 dollars. For this class of devices it is inexpensive.

The rest is no complaints. The lack of backrest adjustments upsets, but again, the very strength of the structure, which in this model is the most important advantage, is lost. I can safely recommend you to buy!

Thunder X3 BC1 is out of production, but you can order a better model, links updated — New arrival Racing synthetic Leather gaming chair Internet cafes WCG computer chair comfortable lying household chair

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