Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2C Review

Today’s review is dedicated to a home assistant – a new smart robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi. The Mi Mop 2C model is equipped with vSLAM navigation with a wide-angle camera and a Cortex-A7 quad-core processor, 2200 Pa suction power, and a battery lasts for 110 minutes of operation. Let’s see what’s new at work.


  • Model Name: Robot Vacuum Mop 2C (XMSTJQR2C)
  • Cleaning type: dry, wet
  • Turbo sh: Yes
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Navigation: vSLAM
  • Power: 40W
  • Maximum suction power: 2200 Pa
  • Dust container: 600 ml
  • Water tank: 200 ml
  • Overcoming obstacles: 20 mm
  • Battery parameters: 14.4 V, 2600 mAh Li-on
  • Working time: up to 110 min or 120 m²
  • Charging station: CDZ1902, 19.8V 1A
  • Wi-Fi control: IEEE 802.11b\g\n 2.4GHz
  • Application: Mi Home App, virtual walls, voice control
  • Vacuum cleaner size: 353x350x81.5 mm
  • Charging station size: 130x126x93 mm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg

Packaging and equipment

The robot vacuum cleaner comes to the user in a recycled cardboard box with an image of the contents and characteristics in English. Inside, everything is securely protected by layers of cardboard.

The country of manufacture of the product is China (Dreme factory). Warranty – 1 year.

Mi Mop 2C Package Contents (Global Version):

  • Robot vacuum cleaner with waste container
  • Side sh
  • Charging station
  • Water tank with floor cloth
  • Network cable for the station
  • User manual (multi-language)
  • Warranty card

The complete paper manual contains English, everything is written in detail and intelligibly:

The charging station (model CDZ1902) is connected to the mains~100-240 V, 50/60 Hz with a complete 1.5 m cable. Charging takes place through spring-loaded contacts. The station does not slip on the floor thanks to thebber inserts.


This model is available in glossy white only. The shape is traditional, only the camera eye with a metal frame on top stands out from the design elements. The body height is 8.2 cm, there are no proding parts on top (as in models with lidar). The model claims to use 15 vision sensors, but the good old soft front bumper has not gone away.

Consider the design features of the XMSTJQR2C model.

The diameter of the drive wheels is 7 cm, their clearance allows you to overcome bumps up to 2 cm high. The side sh installs without tools, it and the turbo sh have additional small hard shes to reduce hair winding, and looking ahead, I’ll say they work! The vacuum cleaner uses a NIDEC BC motor.

The module for wet cleaning is installed in the body of the vacuum cleaner with snaps. A microfiber cloth is securely attached to the water tank in a groove along the length and with Velcro. The water supply is controlled by a solenoid valve, and the fill is in a hole with abber plug. But the water tank is only 200 ml, you should not count on serious floor cleaning, this is not even wet cleaning, but “freshening” hard floor coverings.

Access to the waste container in this model is made through the cover on the top of the case. It opens 90 degrees, under it there is also a reset button and a wifi network indicator. The container is easily removed for cleaning with two fingers.

Dust collector made of transparent acrylic, 0.6 liter capacity. Silicone seals are used throughout the perimeter. It seemed fragile to me, it’s not worth knocking on it to shake out the dust, and the manufacturer could supplement the kit with a cleaning sh.

The HEPA filter has a warning that it should be used dry. On my own, I’ll add that regular cleaning will keep the vacuum cleaner working efficiently. Yes, and all consumables for the model are available, Xiaomi is great in this regard.

Mass of Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2C assembled:


When Mop 2C is working, all actions are accompanied by voice prompts in English by a female voice. Their volume can be adjusted in the mobile application. Voice control of the device via Alexa is supported.

Let’s start with orienting the model in the apartment. The SLAM navigation module remembers the route from the charging station and further around the apartment, orientation using infrared sensors, here this module is also supplemented with a camera with a viewing angle of 166 degrees, this allows you to quickly navigate along the ceiling. Everything is controlled by a quad-core processor. The advantage of this solution is that you can add virtual walls on the map and perform local cleaning. And yes, the map can be saved.

The robot moves around the room in an S-shaped pattern. After building the map, pretty confident. But the front bumper is still used:

The noise level (from a distance of 1 meter) during the operation of the vacuum cleaner does not cause discomfort, if you need to clean up when everyone is at home – there is a silent mode in the settings.

The low body height allows the vacuum cleaner to drive under cabinets with high legs. I note the sensible work of the side sh, it does not scatter large debris, but directs it to the capture zone of the turbo sh, thereby increasing the cleaning efficiency.

Wet cleaning does not leave drops and smudges of water. Slightly refreshes the floor, nothing more. The water supply level is configured in the application, three options are available.

After cleaning on the map, the robot quickly returns to the station for charging, it is also possible to recharge while cleaning a large room. Consumption from the network of the station when charging ~ 22 W, in standby mode 0.2 W. Full charge in a couple of hours.

The result of a complete cleaning of the area in a small apartment (60 square meters), the main source of garbage in which is a fluffy cat. For carpets, maximum efficiency is obtained in intensive mode, but the battery consumption is higher. There is an automatic mode for determining the floor coverage, but it is easier to set it up through the zone application.

With daily cleaning, the robot maintains cleanliness in the apartment on the floor, and general cleaning with a large networked vacuum cleaner should be done less often.

Mobile app

With this model, the proprietary application Mi Home Xiaomi Inc is expected to be used. With it, you can control the robot from anywhere, schedule cleanings, remember and configure the map, and select cleaning options.

The robot is added to the application through the home wifi network, there is a QR code in the manual to speed up the process. The firmware of the device is immediately updated over the air.

Cleaning settings of the robotic vacuum cleaner. In the application, you can monitor the resource of the main consumables. There is a mode for controlling the device as a remote control for local unplanned cleaning.

Working with the card in the Mi Mop 2C model, the card is saved if it starts from the charging base and returns to it without failures. After saving the map, splitting into sections and working with it is available.

But in the vSLAM method, the mapping is not as accurate as in models with laser navigation, but sufficient for zone cleaning.


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2C is a modern model of a home assistant with quite intelligent navigation and thorough cleaning.

Thank you for your attention. Enjoy the shopping!

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