Review of the Starwind SSM5570 steam mop: cleanliness in the house without chemicals

Cleaning an apartment is an integral part of everyday life. At the same time, it is important not only to remove dirt, but also to get rid of pathogens, which is especially important during a pandemic. For this, various chemicals are usually used and a lot of effort is expended, but there is an easier option – a steam mop. It not only steams dried dirt, allowing you to significantly reduce cleaning time, but also disinfects the surface. I looked closely at such devices for a long time, and my choice was Starwind SSM5570. This is not just a mop, but a whole complex that will clean the whole house: floors, windows, tiles, carpets, mirrors, upholstered furniture, dishes and much more, but at the same time the device turned out to be very affordable.

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  • Equipment
  • Consction and design
  • Preparation for work
  • Testing
  • Conclusion
  • Equipment

    Starwind SSM5570 is shipped in a vertical, relatively compact (175x215x650 mm) cardboard box. The packaging contains an image of a mop, its main features, as well as a list of nozzles included in the kit. Only the handle is missing for easy carrying. All contents are securely packed in cardboard and cellophane.

    The set includes a steam generator, a handle, an extension hose, a measuring cup, a microfiber cloth, an adapter, a warranty card, a user manual, and a set of nozzles: for floor and carpets, crevice cone and angled, round and flat shes, for cleaning windows, fabric , and a scraper. This number of different devices is enough to solve most problems.

    Consction and design

    The device is made of white plastic with blue and transparent inserts. Its main element is the steam generator. In shape, it resembles a compact car vacuum cleaner, its weight is only 1.2 kg, and its power is 1500 watts. The device is equipped with a non-removable wire 5 m long, which allows you not to depend on the location and number of sockets in the room. On the front there is a connector for attachments. Inside the latter is a nozzle through which steam is supplied. There is also a release button. On the other hand, there is an adjustable hinge with a lock and a handle mount.

    A light indicator is installed on the bottom of the case, which lights up red while the steam is heating, and green when the device is ready for use. Above is a rotary intensity control that allows you to set the device to work with both delicate surfaces and stubborn dirt. A rather comfortable handle with a steam supply key on it passes almost through the entire body. The latter is conveniently pressed with the thumb.

    Under the handle is a transparent container with a capacity of 350 ml with a water trap, which ensures a constant supply of liquid during any filling. On the reverse side there is a plug that plugs the hole for filling water and is held by a sealing silicone ring. There is also a removable container with granules, which serve to soften the water and protect against scale.

    The remote handle is an aluminum square tube, ending in a comfortable plastic handle with a trigger, pressing which delivers steam. In addition, on it, as well as on the steam generator, there are hooks on which it is convenient to wind the wire in parking mode. The handle is fixed with a latch, there is a slight play.

    The main nozzle is flat (28×15 cm), shaped like a vacuum cleaner sh and clips into the front of the steam generator. The mount allows it to rotate in two planes. On the bottom panel there are hooks for which the napkin clings. For processing carpets, a plastic frame is additionally installed on the sh, which will allow the nozzle to slide more easily, and the rag stops riding up. The mop is able to be fixed in a vertical position for storage.

    The device comes with several additional attachments. To install them, you must first connect an adapter, then optionally a 75 cm long flexible hose, which makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach places, as well as a cone nozzle. Despite the rather large number of joints, the elements are tightly fixed in each other, and seals do not allow steam to escape along the way.

    Tapered and curved crevice nozzles are used to clean corners, tile seams, baseboards, crevices and other hard-to-reach places. Two shes with stiff nylon bristles are needed to remove stubborn dirt, and a scraper allows you to clean pans with burnt food. The window cleaning nozzle has abber element 14 cm wide at the end, and is well suited for cleaning glass, mirrors and tiles, and together with a fabric “cap” for absorbing dirt, steams clothes and upholstered furniture well.

    Preparation for work

    To begin with, we assemble the parts of the device together, in accordance with the upcoming type of cleaning. This process is quite intuitive, and the installation of each element is accompanied by a locking click. To clean the flooring, we connect the handle, floor nozzle and microfiber cloth. The height of the assembled unit is 110 cm. For people of medium and tall height, it is quite convenient to operate it, but if necessary, you can change the angle between the handle and the body using a hinge, which will make the mop lower.

    The next step is to fill the tank. We collect water, better purified or distilled, into the complete measuring cup so that the device lasts as long as possible. We put the mop vertically, pull out the cork and pour liquid inside. One glass (300 ml) is enough to fill the reservoir almost completely. Don’t forget to put the plug back in place. It remains to set the required power, plug the device into a power outlet and wait fifteen seconds until the green indicator lights up. Now you can start cleaning. It is important to remember that the steam is very hot, so do not put your hand under it – it will hurt.

    During operation, a ticking sound is heard, which is emitted by a pump that pumps water. The steam rate reaches 25 g/min. One filling is enough for about fifteen minutes of operation of the device, during which it is possible to process about 30 m2 of the floor using the main nozzle. The steam generator has overheating protection. The lack of water is signaled by a significant decrease in the amount of steam released and an increase in the volume of ticking, and you can add liquid right in the process. After each use, the napkin needs to be washed.


    To wash the floor, we make reciprocating movements, exactly the same as with a regular mop, only the trigger is still clamped on the handle to supply steam. If we see stubborn pollution, then we hold the napkin in that place a little longer and steam it. The maneuverability of the mop is enough to easily go around most furniture, but it will not crawl under the sofa. The cleaned surface remains slightly damp and warm. The stain from the coffee spilled the day before disappeared into oblivion in just a couple of movements. The napkin collects dirt well, without leaving marks and streaks.

    If it is necessary to switch from laminate to carpets, then we put a special frame directly on the floor nozzle. The device will cope with the desction of microorganisms, but when cleaning the carpet, it is still better to use a vacuum cleaner. Fluffy shes work well for removing stubborn dirt or pet hair.

    Let’s try to clean the tiles. Instead of the main nozzle, we put an adapter, then a cone with a twist lock and after a nozzle for windows, do not forget to disconnect the extension handle. We supply steam with the button on the handle, which dissolves plaque, after which we scrape off the white liquid with thebber part. In parallel with cleaning, it is necessary to wipe the surface from smudges with a soft cloth. The work is painstaking, but the result is visible – the tile simply shines. To process seams, we change the nozzle to an angled slotted nozzle with a thin nose. It copes no less effectively than its predecessor.

    Surely everyone has come across a situation where the roast spent a little more time on the stove than expected. As a result, part of the food is firmly stuck to the bottom of the pan, and it can only be cleaned by soaking the dishes along with dishwashing detergent. Starwind SSM5570 with a scraper head will help you deal with this problem in less than a minute, without resorting to any chemicals.

    Another popular case is steaming clothes, curtains or fur coats. To do this, put a cloth nozzle on the glass sh to avoid splashing. When steaming, there is no need to remove the item, and wrinkles and jams should quickly go away, but either I’m doing something wrong, or the mop was not capable, but the effect is rather weak. Upholstered furniture is cleaned much better this way.



  • Conclusion

    Starwind SSM5570 is a multifunctional device that will make it easier to maintain cleanliness in the house: steam quickly copes with even stubborn dirt, removes unpleasant odors and destroys microorganisms without the use of chemicals. However, one should not expect magic: in order to clean something stubborn, you will have to sweat. Although many nozzles make the device universal, it turned out to be quite bulky to work on weight, so girls will not be able to use it for a long time. Floors, tiles and glass are cleaned well, carpets have to be vacuumed first, but the device copes mediocrely with steaming curtains. Although the device is relatively maneuverable, some places are much easier to reach with a conventional mop. The kit includes only one microfiber nozzle, while finding additional ones was not so easy. High power allows you to quickly heat water, thanks to vertical parking, it is convenient to store the mop, and the price was not too high.

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