Review of the sonic electric sh Oclean Flow Sonic: excellent autonomy, multi-mode and Type-C charging

Those who are trying to properly care for the oral cavity have long acquired or at least are interested in modern sonic shes, because it is these shes that allow for the most thorough oral hygiene. The review will focus on a sonic sh, which, in addition to performing its direct task with high quality, boasts a laconic design, a waterproof case, good autonomy and recharging with any available cable with a Type-C plug. I’m talking about the Oclean Flow electric toothsh.

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Packing and scope of delivery

Despite its conciseness, the packaging is very solid, both outside and inside. Rest assured, this product will transfer easily and without damage during transportation from China. The box is made of hard cardboard, and inside for reliability there is a plastic blister with a set of:

  • Electric toothsh
  • Replaceable nozzle
  • Type-C charging cable
  • Russified insction
  • Appearance of the device and functional features

    In front of me is an elegant toothsh, despite the fact that there is a powerful battery inside and a weighty sh, this model is compact, of optimal length, fits perfectly in the hand and does not take up much space on the shelf or during transportation. This hygienic tool has a laconic design typical for Xiaomi: a light body, no aggressive inserts, bright lights, logos – everything is quite simple, as the Xiaomi sub-brand believes. The emphasis is still on ergonomics and functionality.

    The case is made of plastic with a matte finish. I consider this color and coating to be practical for such accessories, water stains and limescale are not so noticeable on a light background, and thanks to the rough coating, the sh does not slip out of my hands. The front panel has placed the power button, which is also responsible for changing operating modes. The button is easily palpable, because. large diameter and has a recess in the center, it works with a click. Below in a row you can see the light indicators.

    This model is programmed to work in one of 5 modes: Morning, Night, Standard cleaning, Whitening and Gentle. The modes replace each other, and to select the one you need, you need to scroll through the previous ones. The most intense and effective of them is the night one with the maximum vibration speed. Careful is designed for people with sensitive teeth and gums, or those who are just starting to use such devices. It is worth noting an interesting point that when you turn it on again, the device starts the last mode you selected.

    The set includes a removable nozzle. It fits tight and stays securely in place. The nozzle included in the kit is of the Clean type, positioned by the manufacturer as a nozzle for everyday use with fairly stiff bristles and is designed to remove tartar.

    At the end, under a reliable silicone plug, there is a charging port. This is a modern Type-C connector, which means that no charging stations are required for this model. This, in my opinion, is a big advantage when choosing an electric toothsh. The user does not have to think over a special place, how and where to store and charge his sh. Having at your disposal a modern Type-C cable, you can take it with you on a trip and charge it in any conditions. By the way, this model boasts a long battery life. A powerful built-in 2500 mAh battery will ensure the operation of the device for up to half a year without recharging. Of course, if you use the device alone, every day 2 times a day. By the way, having acquired an additional set of nozzles, which are freely available on the manufacturer’s website, any electric sh can be used by several family members. A special indicator in the form of a frame of the power button will inform you of a low battery with a flashing red light.

    In use

    I am so used to electric toothshes that I panic and feel uncomfortable using a regular one, and this happens on a business trip or on a trip to the country. I knew I would like the sh. In terms of style, color, design – in front of me is a classic toothsh, neutral in color and practical for such an accessory. The device is weighty, the case is ergonomic, the length is optimal, and the coating is matte, so it fits comfortably in the hand of both a teenager and an adult, it does not slip. The power button is well palpable, easy to press, the modes change obediently, for clarity of each mode, a light indicator is provided. In terms of functionality, I am satisfied with the variety of modes and other goodies in it: from a gentle mode for beginners, for sensitive gums and teeth, to a thorough cleaning and whitening mode with an oscillation intensity of 38,000 per minute. One of the important points can be considered a built-in timer that warns the user every 30 seconds about the need to change position, as well as automatic shutdown of the device after two minutes of operation.

    In order for the procedure for shing your teeth with an electric sonic toothsh to be effective, and the product lasts as long as possible, do not neglect the basicles for using this accessory:

  • be prepared when switching from a regular toothsh to a sonic toothsh for the fact that the first time will be unusual and ticklish, do not overdo it with intensity so as not to injure the gums;
  • cleaning should be effortless, you can not press on the device, just move the sh along the dentition, it will do everything for you;
  • divide your mouth into 3 zones and sequentially clean each until the timer signal;
  • do not miss the opportunity to grab the gum during cleaning;
  • after the procedure, rinse the bristles withnning water and leave to dry;
  • Change bristle heads every three months.
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    Sonic toothshes are a discovery for me and a find that I can hardly ever refuse. I’m so used to them that I panic if I forgot to take it on a business trip or to the country. I liked the new Oclean Flow sonic sh: a laconic design in the tradition of Xiaomi, a long ergonomic handle and a matte finish make it comfortable to use, multi modes from the most gentle for beginners and problem gums to super intensive for removing tartar and whitening. Thanks to such a variety of modes and by purchasing an additional set of nozzles, the sh can be used simultaneously by several family members. A 3-second timer will indicate the change of the shing zone, and the auto-off function will allow you to track the time of shing your teeth and save energy. Of course, the main feature of this model is excellent autonomy. The battery is powerful, the charge should be enough for 180 days of use. My recommendations.

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