Review of the robot vacuum cleaner Starwind SRV7550

The robot vacuum cleaner is the object of controversy and holivars on the topic of whether it is needed and whether it is useful. This is due to a misunderstanding of why it is needed and a strict faith in advertising texts. The first reinforces the second. Although if you figure out why you need a “pylik”, everything falls into place and it turns out that he copes with his task. Maintaining a fairly good level of cleanliness on the floor is very cool and almost anyone (within reason) can handle it, some faster, some better. Consider the basic robot vacuum cleaner with wet cleaning function – STARWIND SRV7550.

Packaging, appearance and equipment

The gray packaging of the device is diluted with red inscriptions and the image of a robot vacuum cleaner. Made from thick cardboard.

The image of the assistant is located on both sides. The front side shows the main features: HEPA filter, turbo sh, mapping and control via the application. The reverse side is bright red. Here are detailed descriptions of the characteristics, equipment and a few more features. As always, STARWIND has everything in English. Inside, everything is packed in a special niche in a cardboard form. For added protection, everything is in individual packages.

In addition to the robot vacuum cleaner itself, which has a filter, a trash container and a turbo sh, the kit includes:

  • Charging base with power adapter
  • Wet wipe container
  • 4 side shes
  • Replaceable HEPA filter
  • Cleaning sh
  • Remote control
  • User’s manual

The presence of spare shes and a filter is good, it will allow you not to worry about consumables for a long time. And the remote control will allow you to use the basic, and not only, functions without installing and configuring software. More on that later, but for now let’s consider the actual vacuum cleaner itself.

The STARWIND SRV7550 robot vacuum cleaner is a classic “washer”, the most common appearance. On top is the start / return button, as well as the Wi-Fi connection indicator. There is a bumper at the front, which is protected by transport foam spacers, by removing which it gains mobility and a “click” of pressing is heard. There is a black window on the bumper itself, behind which the sensors are hidden. Windows for IR receivers are visible on the sides, and maybe additional proximity sensors. There is a charging port on the left if you don’t want to use the charging base. On the other side, there is a small speaker mesh. At the back of the robot there is an outlet for passing air, as well as a button to open the container.

There are no surprises at the bottom either. In the center, the turbo sh mounting frame, which is held on by two latches, attracts attention with an orange color. The on/off switch is visible on the left. There is a swivel caster and charging pads on the front. There are two places for attaching side “raking” shes, near them there are windows with height sensors to throw from a height, if there is a ladder. There is an information sticker in the center.

For cleaning and prevention, everything is easy to disassemble, the latches are released with your fingers without special tools. The container is also pulled out and disassembled easily, inside you can find several filters, one of which is HEPA and allows you to keep small dust particles, and not “spit out”.

Container for wet cleaning, installed instead of a garbage collector. At the bottom you can see a lot of hooks that hold the wet cleaning cloth, it has Velcro tapes (Velcro). Water dispensers lined up in an arc; in the presence of the latter, they constantly moisten the napkin. From above you can see two plugs, filler and for maintenance, such as flushing. Very good, and most importantly useful thing.

Consumables are quite typical for this kind of dusters, if necessary, you can easily buy on many online sites. The remote control is powered by two AAA elements and is endowed with the ability to control the robot in manual mode,n in different modes and set a schedule.

The charging base / station is also made in a typical design for such devices. There is an LED on the top, and a power adapter can be connected on the side. There are some anti-slip feet on the bottom of the base, but due to the light weight, they try in vain to keep it in place.

The insction briefly but succinctly tells about the capabilities of the robot vacuum cleaner and theles of use.


To start using the assistant, just turn it on at the bottom, and then start it from the button on top of the case or remote control. The robot in English will announce the start of cleaning and go. It will clean up to a certain battery level, or until the floor is clean, in his opinion.

The robot vacuum cleaner is not endowed with lidar, so it focuses on its sensations, namely proximity sensors. If he encounters an obstacle, he turns around and tries to drive away. Goes around the obstacle in this way and continues cleaning.

I always try ton the “snake” mode, in my opinion, the most optimal mode, which will cover the entire available area. Regardless of the mind and level of the vacuum cleaner, he will simply walk over it physically. There is a similar mode and it works adequately. But unlike the “lidar” models, it does not drive through the perimeter and then fill the inner surface, it just starts to snake from the starting point.

There is a separate button on the remote control for passing the perimeter. Those. after cleaning, you cann it to drive around the corners to collect everything that is left there.

When returning to the base, like most robots of this class, the hero of the review cann a little, but he will still come home. To do this, even robots with the most advanced navigation start looking for a home when there is another 15% -25% charge, anyone can get lost.

Here’s what dust collected in a room with a smallg and a cat.

STARWIND SRV7550 fit in the side opening, between the floor and the bed, and the cat likes to sleep there, as a result, he pulled out a bundle of wool from there. The main robot does not crawl through there because of the “tower”, although the body is lower.

Ag with an average length of pile, and a height of 1.8 cm, was difficult to clean, the height turned out to be on the verge of obsction, and the pile exacerbated the problem, it elm in it. Although in the end he vacuumed it. A 1.6 cm high short pile mat was passed without any problems.

The block for wet cleaning is installed instead of the garbage collector, i.e. You can not simultaneously clean in the “dry” and “wet” mode. Water is always supplied capillary to the napkin, so if you have a floor surface that does not like water or high humidity, such as laminate, be careful with this, because. water tank installed but robot notnning = puddle.

In addition to starting from a remote control or a button, you can use the STARWIND SmartLife application. You can download it in the app stores: Google Play Market and Apple App Store.

If you have ever used such programs, then you can easily get comfortable in this case. If this is a new experience for you, then you can read the steps below. First of all, we download the application, launch it and go through the simplest registration procedure.

Then we need to add our device so that we can receive data from it and can control it remotely. We select the type and model, enter the Wi-Fi network data and put the robot (like any smart home device) into pairing and configuration mode by holding a single button for 5 seconds. After that, it waits for automatic configuration and finishes it.

From now on, we can start the STARWIND SRV7550 robot vacuum cleaner from our smartphone, set up a schedule, view the map, update the firmware.


The STARWIND SRV7550 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a workhorse that will maintain a clean enough level to walk barefoot and not swear at grains of sand and mbs on the floor. Wet cleaning requires increased attention, namely the installation of an appropriate container. Setting work to work on a schedule, when, for example, you are at work, will allow you to maintain order without your participation.

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