Review of the Honor Band 6 fitness bracelet: a great option for those who think the watch is big, but the bracelet is small

Until now, everyone who wants to use wearable gadgets on their hand has been divided into 2 camps: those who love fitness trackers and those who love fitness watches. The honor company went to meet those who don’t have enough bracelets, but a lot of watches. She released a new fitness bracelet, which has a large high-quality display and will perfectly cope with the function of a sports companion bracelet. the novelty has a large touch amoled display, and accurate algorithms for tracking sleep, activity, workouts and notifications from a smartphone.

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Bracelet parameters

Name HONOR Band 6

Version Global

Screen 1.47″ AMOLED screen

Battery Battery life 14 days

Functions Blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate tracker, sleep tracker, message reminder, call reminder, alarm clock, weather

Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Operation Touch Screen + Side Button

Size 43mm × 25.4mm × 11.45mm

Water resistance 5 atm

Packaging and equipment

The bracelet comes in a dense white box made of thick cardboard. The gadget itself is drawn on the front side. The print is bright and high quality. On the side there is a sticker with the model, color designation

advantages are painted on the back

Another box inside the box

We take out the inner box, we see the bracelet itself, tightly inserted into the cardboard niche

In separate compartments in the box is a cable for charging the battery with 2 pins

Insctions in clumsy Ukrainian, no English

Of the important there is only a QR code

I recommend that you immediately purchase another strap in the kit, it costs not much more, and then you will thank yourself

For example, from experience I bought immediately with films and a strap.

I bought it right away in the same lot, so that later, if necessary, I would not fall for a bad fake


The watch has a plastic case and a pink silicone strap, the edges of the display are rounded, the strap clearly merges with the bracelet capsule

The strap of the bracelet is removable, but it is not easy to replace it, only with the exact same one, suitable for this model. The grooves at the bottom are tightly covered with plugs in the color of the body

Strap made of high-quality silicone, after wearing for 1.5 weeks, no complaints, no allergies, no inconvenience

The strap is fixed with a plastic watch buckle. There is one silicone ring with brand name embossed

The case of the bracelet is matte, plastic. The brand name is embossed on the left side of the display

On the reverse side, there is a button for displaying fitness bracelet modes. Matte button with a red stripe on it

At the back, you can see the sensors for detecting heart rate and blood saturation, two contacts for charging, and data on the manufacturer, model, and assembly are written.

In order to remove the strap, you must first remove the plug, with a little effort, and then pull the strap up relative to the display. The strap attachment point is closer

Hand view

Immediately to understand the size, we will place it with the women’s watch Amazfit Verge lite. You can immediately see the difference in display brightness. After more or less old amazfit verge lite, honor is much more interesting in terms of brightness and color saturation

Comparable in size to Honor GS Pro men’s watch

As you can see, they are perfect for almost everyone. They are larger than standard bracelets a la miband6, but also smaller than all bulky fitness watches.


We turn on the watch, draw the brand name, then select the desired language from 30 (English is available right out of the box). We connect to a smartphone.

The display of the bracelet is very bright and juicy, it has 8 preset dials. They are sporty and concise, so you can immediately see your activity parameters, batteries, heart rate and, of course, the time

Another dial suggests the ability to put your own picture and adjust the position of the time and the color of the numbers.

The quality of the display is enough to perfectly convey the mood of the photo

A very interesting feature, in general. Also in the application there is a practically unlimited base of dials.

Swiping down from top to bottom opens the quick access display. Here we can consider whether there is a connection with a smartphone, battery percentage, date and day of the week, do not disturb mode, constantly glowing display mode, Search for a smartphone, alarm clock, go to settings.

Swipe from left to right or vice versa from right to left to move between modes:

  • Received messages
  • Heart rate chart
  • Activity Summary
  • smartphone player control
  • weather
  • stress diagram
  • By pressing the side button, a list of all the possibilities of the bracelet is displayed:

  • Workout
  • Entries
  • Pulse
  • Saturation of blood with oxygen
  • Activity
  • Dream
  • Stress
  • Breathing exercises
  • Music
  • Messages
  • Weather
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Alarm
  • Flashlight
  • Phone search
  • Settings
  • There are 10 sport modes in the workout list:

  • Walking on the street
  • Walking
  • Run
  • Outdoornning
  • exercise bike
  • Swimming in the pool
  • Treadmill
  • Ellipse
  • rowing machine
  • Other
  • In the pulse and stress detection mode, there is a need for a live hand, if the sensor senses the absence of a pulse, the watch will ask you to tighten the strap

    In the breathing exercise mode, select the timer for how long we want to exercise inhalation / exhalation, and follow the insctions on the display

    In activity mode, you can see all your achievements for the week in bright graphs and charts.

    In the weather mode, you can not only see the weather online, you can see a detailed hourly forecast for today, as well as a daily forecast for the week.

    In sleep mode, you can get comprehensive information on the phases of sleep. The bracelet can track even daytime sleep.

    In the settings, you can adjust the screen brightness (5 levels), the strength of the vibration (2 levels: strong and weak, they differ only in the duration of the buzz), the “do not disturb” mode schedule, when the watch will not turn on by gesture and vibrate, enable / disable automatic detection activity, reboot, shutdown and reset to factory settings

    To use the bracelet, you need the Health app from honor.

    Everything is beautiful and clear in it, the application is cool, it cannot be compared with the damp software of many non-branded bracelets. You can set up notifications for any application, you can track activity, analyze sleep, stress, pulse, SpO2. You can activate a smart alarm clock, it is possible only one. And he even works, wakes up before he sets the alarm. I want to note that Honor has succeeded in tracking sleep. I really like their approach to sleep analysis. Much better than the Amazfits. But from the minuses, I want to note that there is no way to adjust the vibration as you wish, like the Amazfits.

    The watch itself is gorgeously visible from any angle, the brightness and richness of the display is enough to always be aware of the data from the dial. AOD is not. NFC too. They don’t know how to talk over Bluetooth. Batteries last for 2.5 weeks. charged in 1.5 hours. The alarm clock always wakes up, the vibration is enough to always feel the signal of an incoming notification. What I’m missing is a display lock button to prevent accidental triggers in the shower. There is also no button to turn off the display itself, you have to wait until it goes out. The activation mode by gesture always works without failures. There is one more complaint. There is no setting for the operation schedule of the display lighting up by hand gesture. There are only do not disturb mode schedules. I need this so that when I go to bed, one wave of my hand and the bright clock display lights up, it pisses me off at night. And the do not disturb mode does not suit me, since I have to be always in touch due to the nature of my work. It seems that these are all complaints about the work, and this is not for the bracelet, but for the software.

    Steps, pulse and SpO2 count clearly, the pulse is comparable to the readings of a medical heart rate monitor. Pedometer on a par with amazfits. Having a smart alarm clock and a big display is the bomb. The watch itself is worn on the hand easily and naturally, does not interfere, you literally do not feel them.

    The display is visible in any sun

    Notification texts are beautiful, the translation is not clumsy.

    In general, I can definitely recommend this bracelet for purchase. He will be a powerful competitor to the baby Miband6, and given the clarity of the sleep analysis, he is very curious.

    You can see the bracelet live in the video version of the review.

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