Review of the Hasten oral irrigator (model HAS830) after a year of use

I am sure that everyone dreams of a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth, but a toothsh or dental floss alone is not enough to eliminate bacteria between teeth. During an overbite treatment, my orthodontist recommended shing my teeth with an irrigator into my daily routine. This advice was indeed necessary and very e. I can say that I have found a worthy device from Hasten. Today we will consider the HAS830 model.

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Food100-240V (50/60Hz)
tank capacity600 ml
Power cord length1.2 m
Pulsation frequency1700 pulses/min.
Smooth power adjustment10 levels
water pressurefrom 210 kPa to 870 kPa
Power18 W
Noise level< 72dB
Hose length70 cm
Insment weight1.08 kg
Timerfor 3 min.

Kit overview

The box is made of high quality thick white cardboard. On the front and back sides, the irrigator itself and its main data are depicted. On the right and left sides – the functions of the irrigator and nozzles.

We open the box and immediately see the branded bag-cover in blue. Made from thick waterproof material. It’s nice that it comes in the kit, it’s very convenient to take the irrigator with you on trips.

The case contains:

  • irrigator has830 – 1pc
  • standard nozzle – 3 pcs
  • periodontal nozzle – 1 pc
  • orthodontic nozzle – 1 pc
  • nozzle from plaque – 1 pc.
  • nozzle for cleaning the tongue – 1 pc.
  • hydraulic rotating toothsh – 1 pc.
  • plastic case for additional nozzles – 1 pc.
  • insction in English with a warranty card -1pc
  • The irrigator consists of two parts: the device itself and a removable blue plastic water tank with a volume of 600 milliliters.

    The lid for storing 8 nozzles is made in the form of a case, but the attachments in it are terrible (at first it is difficult to insert the nozzles, and then they completely fall out of there), it never closes completely.

    In the lower left corner of the device is a water supply regulator with 10 power levels.

    On the right, the handle is connected to a foldable hose that is about 70 centimeters long. At the top there is a 360-degree rotating head, a button to detach the nozzle, and in the center there is a pause button.

    The bottom of the irrigator is equipped with anti-slip caps, thanks to which you can put it on any surface and calmly sh your teeth without worrying about the device.

    A separate box made of transparent plastic for storing additional nozzles (only 2 pieces fit) is much better than the main one. Initially, I thought that it would come in handy when traveling, but it is useless to take an irrigator without a lid.

    Special thanks for the insctions. Briefly, clearly, without unnecessary information.

    User experience

    To use, first you need to connect the device to a 220V socket, fill the tank with water, select the desired nozzle and insert it into the handle until the colored ring adjoins the head (a characteristic click will be heard), then turn the jet pressure regulator clockwise to the desired power and start shing your teeth.

    The device is set to automatically turn off after three minutes. It is convenient that there is a pause button on the handle, you just need to move it down and the water flow will stop.

    After a year of use, everything works flawlessly. Naturally, the nozzles wear out, but they can be replaced. The irrigator itself is quite solid, made of good plastic, with the exception of the lid, which creaks when closed. When turned on, the device makes moderate noise.

    It is very nice when the manufacturer carefully and thoughtfully treats such things as packaging, a high-quality bag-case, which perfectly keeps its shape and allows you to safely transport or store this device.

    For my oral cavity, the power of the device was sufficient. Before that, I had to use a wireless irrigator from the same company, but its power can not be compared with the HAS830.


  • quality case included
  • good enough power
  • 360-degree swivel handle makes shing your teeth easier
  • mains operated, not battery operated
  • automatic timer
  • The volume of the tank is calmly enough for a full cleaning.
  • Minuses

    There are not many cons, but they are:

  • terrible cover, made carelessly and a bad idea to make it in the form of a case
  • a little hard to press the on / off button on the handle
  • Conclusion

    Summing up, I can advise you to buy this device, it fully met expectations, despite minor flaws. I’m sure it will last for a long time.

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