Review of smart watches Mobvoi Ticwatch E on Android Wear

Recently, I reviewed the most sophisticated smartwatch from the manufacturer Mobvoi – Ticwatch Pro. Today I will talk about a simpler, but no less successful model – Ticwatch Express.

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The watch comes in a metal box with bright camouflage colors.


The insction is multilingual, but there is no English language.

The watch is available in three colors:

Comparison with other models can be found here.

The body is made of plastic, the strap is silicone, soft and pleasant to the touch. Its width is 20mm and can be easily replaced if necessary.

At the back is a speaker, an optical heart rate sensor and a charging contact.

The first thing that surprised me when I took the watch in my hands was how light it is, only 42 grams, thanks to which it is practically not felt on the hand and does not cause any inconvenience.

The screen is recessed, does not stick out, which reduces the likelihood of breaking / scratching it.

An OLED display with a diagonal of 1.4 inches and a resolution of 400×400 pixels (287dpi) is installed, there are 5 levels of brightness, which, in general, is enough even in direct sunlight. Sensitivity and responsiveness are excellent.

You can exit sleep mode with a single tap on the screen, pressing a button, or raising your wrist.

Those who do not like to walk around with a “black spot” on the screen can turn on the option to make the screen always active.

The display turns off / goes into a more economical mode after 10 seconds of inactivity.

On the left side of the case there is one physical button, which is responsible for the following functions:
• enabling / launching the Google assistant with a long press;
• return to the main menu (dial) / start the list of applications / activate the screen (exit the “sleep” mode) with a short press.

The watchns on Android Wear 2.26 (Android 7.1.1). They feel faster than the Ticwatch Pro.

Ticwatch E has 4GB of internal memory, of which 2.08GB is available to the user.

Initially, there are 21 pre-installed watch faces, if you wish, you can download / buy more than 1000 watch faces for free on Google Play.

Preinstalled apps include everything you need to monitor your fitness activity (Google: Fit, Fit Workout, Fit Breathe; Mobvoi: TicExercise, TicHealth and TicPulse).

Among other applications, I note the following: a flashlight (the display will glow white at maximum brightness), find a phone, reminders, Google translator, alarm clock, weather, stopwatch and timer.

The language of the watch depends on what is set as the system language on the phone (if Ukrainian, the watch menu will be in English). Some applications are not translated into English (they will be in English), but this does not cause any discomfort.

You can enable 24-hour heart rate measurement.

There are 3 font sizes.

GPS works well, initialization occurs instantly (up to 10 seconds in an open area in the city), you can see the speed of initialization in the video review, starting at 2:46.

When a call comes in, the watch vibrates and plays a ringtone (both on the watch and on the phone), and the name / number of the caller is displayed on the screen. You can answer or reject the call. The conversation takes place after hours, the microphone works perfectly even at arm’s length, but in order to hear the interlocutor, you need to put the watch close to your ear and the room should be quiet. If you turn on the speakerphone on the phone or the speaker of the phone (instead of the speaker of the watch), the microphone of the phone will work, not the watch.

The clock can display notifications and messages from any application, everything is displayed instantly (you can see the display speed in the video review, starting at 2:56).

When the alarm goes off, it will beep and vibrate (only vibrate/beep can be turned on) and you can either turn it off or snooze it for 10 minutes.

Vibration of the watch is moderately strong (you can choose the type of vibration signal: normal, long or double).

When you swipe up, a menu with notifications opens.

Swipe down brings up a menu with access to all settings, as well as the ability to change brightness, mute / unmute sound, enable / disable power saving mode, completely turn off the display (only activated by pressing the button), enable / disable do not disturb mode and airplane mode . It also shows the battery charge and whether the watch is connected to the phone. If multimedia is played on the phone, the same menu displays the name of the video / audio, with the ability to control (pause / continue playback, change the volume).

A swipe to the right opens the Google Assistant menu.

When you swipe to the left, information is displayed with the number of steps taken, calories burned and mileage. The second swipe to the left opens the weather, the third – scheduled events. Cards can be changed / deleted / added others. The following cards are available to choose from: heart rate tracker points, heart rate, goals, headlines (Google News), Mobvoi apps (TicExercise, TicHealth, TicPulse), agenda, weather forecast or timer.

You can set the control (flipping) of menu items using gestures (wrist movement).

The watch has an IP67 water resistance rating (it will withstand splashes without problems, but it is not recommended to use it for swimming and diving).

Working with the application
When you turn on your watch for the first time, you need to install and sync it in the Androir Wear app.
In it you can:
• change the dials (this can be done on the clock);
• configure applications, notifications that will come to the watch;
• view the list of installed applications and the remaining amount of free memory;
• monitor the clock battery discharge graph;
• set up Google Assistant;
• other.

It is worth noting that for the watch to display notifications from various applications, the application (Android Wear) must benning, however, incoming call notifications are received even if the application is notnning.

Application screenshots:

To monitor physical activity, you need to download the Mobvoi application (fully in English). In the application, you can view detailed information regarding physical activity, its duration, calories burned, distance traveled, number of steps, and so on.

Connection to both applications is instantaneous.

Application screenshots:

The battery charge is enough for a day of active or one and a half to two days of very moderate use (without constant synchronization with the phone and always-on display).

For 50 minutes of monitoring physical activity (in the TicExercise application) with GPS turned on and a heart rate monitor, the battery sits down by 40%.

Overnight (10 hours 25 minutes) in flight mode and when idle, the watch is discharged by 8%.

Connection to charging is done with the help of magnets (cable length 80cm), the watch keeps well, but if you pull it hard, it can fall off.

It takes 1 hour 6 minutes to charge.

Here’s how the watch looks on the hand:

Video review:

Among the main advantages, I note a stylish design and light weight, a high-quality bright display with excellent sensitivity, Android Wear with all the goodies and good optimization, as well as fast charging.

The disadvantages include an insufficiently loud speaker for conversations and a small autonomy.

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