Review of Practical Xiaomi Luggage Classic 20 Travel Suitcase

In October 2019, Xiaomi introduced its new products in USA, among which were two travel suitcases: premium Xiaomi Metal Carry-on Luggage 20 (339$),

Xiaomi Metal Carry-on Luggage 20

made of an alloy of aluminum and magnesium, as well as the more budget model Xiaomi Luggage Classic 20”, made from Makrolon polycarbonate from the German manufacturer Covestro. The last of the new products will be discussed in this review.

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Features Xiaomi Luggage Classic 20:

  • Manufacturer: Xiaomi
  • Model: XMLXX02RM
  • Size: 20 “
  • Weight (gr.): 3300
  • Color: blue
  • Dimensions: 51 x 36 x 23 cm
  • Construction: Rigid
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Volume: 38 L
  • Package Size (L * W * H): 55 x 38 x 23 cm
  • Features: textured mesh coating, stiffeners for increased strength, TSA lock

Since the suitcase was dispatched by the Tmall trading platform from a warehouse in USA, free delivery by courier “to the door” took only a few days.

After removing the transportation package, the factory packaging of the suitcase immediately surprised me. A suitcase, that is, something that is already intended for harsh operating conditions, is supplied in a package that, if desired, can be used as a suitcase itself — a box made of thick, durable cardboard and also equipped with a carrying handle.

On the box on both sides there is an image of the suitcase, and also, which was pleasantly surprising, there is a sticker with product information in USA: characteristics, names and addresses of the manufacturer and importer, warranty period, service life and date of manufacture.

The weight of the suitcase with packaging is 4.5 kg.

Also, apparently to avoid scratches, inside the box the suitcase is additionally placed in a bag — when unpacking, you get the feeling that this is not a suitcase at all, but at least something related to electronics. Only a protective film is not enough, honestly.

The first impression is already respecting the manufacturer — no sticking out threads, rattling plastic or crookedly fitting parts, everything is very clearly and firmly “knocked down”, a monolith and nothing more.

The inspected instance is made in blue, but the manufacturer’s proposed palette of possible options includes, in addition to blue, gray black and even pink colors.

We check the weight of the empty suitcase — 3.3 kg, everything is exactly according to the characteristics.

The basis of the suitcase was the wear-resistant Makrolon polycarbonate having a three-layer composite structure and having good protection against physical damage. On both sides we see curly grooves — these are stiffening ribs that help the suitcase to keep its shape and withstand loads.

In addition to stiffeners, a small textured “honeycomb” coating is applied to the surface of the suitcase, designed to protect it from scratches.

The suitcase can be carried both vertically and horizontally. To avoid lightning contamination when used horizontally, four rubber feet are provided on one of the side faces.

On the opposite side is a durable rubber carrying handle with an extruded “Xiaomi” inscription, as well as a combination lock with the international “customs” standard TSA007.

The combination lock allows you to fix the zipper sliders in the closed position (the default code is 000). To release the runners, you must press the large lock button, after which, if the correct code is entered, the runners will jump out of the lock automatically.

There is a hole for a special key on the lock. On the Web, there are often comments on such suitcases, where dissatisfied customers complain that the manufacturer did not put the same key in the kit. Perhaps many do not know, but the red rhombic on the lock is a kind of note for customs officers that if it is necessary to inspect this suitcase without the presence of the owner, it is not at all necessary to do this in a barbaric way (and in most countries this is quite acceptable for customs and is not considered a violation ) You just need to use a special TSA key. In this case, the lock opens, the suitcase is inspected and closed, while the lock is not only not damaged, but its code is not lost. As officially stated, TSA keys are issued only to employees of the inspection units of international customs.

It is possible to change the standard code to a personal one, for this, on an open lock, you need to use something thin, such as a ballpoint pen, press the small button located next to the code wheel, set a new code in the lock windows, press the lock release button and after clicking a new code will be installed.

A durable rubber handle is also provided for carrying the suitcase in an upright position, and a telescopic handle for transportation on wheels.

The upper part of the telescopic handle is made of matte plastic and has a locking mechanism, which can be turned off using the built-in button. The telescopic mechanism is made of anodized aluminum with thickened walls.

In total, I counted 6 possible fixed positions of the handle height.

In the maximum extended state, the height of the handle from the floor is 105 cm, which seemed even a bit too much for my height of 181 cm. That is, it turns out that for people of higher growth there is even a certain margin. The handle unfolds and folds without jamming.

For the convenience of moving the suitcase in an upright position, it is equipped with four wheels.

Each of the wheels can freely rotate 360 ​​°, for this purpose bearings are provided here.

In appearance, the material of the wheels resembles plastic, but has a slightly softer composition, the manufacturer claims that it is a thermoplastic TPE elastomer based on rubber, which is much more reliable and durable than ordinary rubber. The softness of the material also has a positive effect on reducing noise when moving the suitcase, the wheels really move much quieter compared to ordinary plastic, which comes with most budget travel suitcases.

Before considering the interior space of a suitcase, let’s check its strength characteristics in an empty state, when there is simply nothing to support the structure from the inside.
With a strong press, at first it seems that the wall of the suitcase begins to bend, but with increasing pressure, the deflection does not increase, I tried to press with all the weight, but this was not enough.

For clarity, we will use the services of a 5-year-old assistant.

In the photo you can see that the deflection of the wall of the suitcase is barely distinguishable. Knowing that Xiaomi is very scrupulous even about small things, I assume that this behavior of the material is not accidental. That is, it turns out that with a strong impact, the wall will slightly rinse, thereby absorbing part of the impact energy, but this deflection should not be enough to damage the contents of the suitcase, and in this case polycarbonate is even more preferable to metal, where a strong impact can leave a noticeable dent on the wall of the suitcase.

The wheels were also not from flimsy. In the “on all four” position, the suitcase is able to transport not only its contents, but also a small passenger without any problems. In principle, I would have survived a lot, but it will be uncomfortable to sit.

By the way, I think the engineers nevertheless initially considered the option of improper use of the suitcase, since many commercials have similar.

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Last test, simulate the transportation of additional cargo in an inclined position on two wheels. I think it’s clear that the weight of the passenger is rather big, and in this position half of the load is also distributed to the telescopic guide handles. Honestly, I thought they would bend, especially when the “stand” passed to the test in motion. But no, despite the fact that it was not even easy for me to hold the handle in this position and at the same time move the suitcase, the guides and two loaded wheels withstood all the honor, standoff.

It is time to take a look at the interior of the suitcase. To do this, we unzip and, as a result, divide the suitcase into two identical halves, fastened together by a jumper.

As you can see, both parts of the suitcase are closed with a separate fabric wall with a zipper, which allows you to conveniently arrange the placement of things in two approximately equal volume departments. When you open the suitcase, even in an upright position, things will not fall out, in addition, this allows you to find the right thing and not to display to the surrounding people the entire contents of the suitcase.

For those who can not understand the design of such a complex device for the first time, the manufacturer carefully provides for the presence of detailed instructions with pictures located in one of the two mesh pockets with zippers for storing small things. The pockets are quite large, but an A4 sheet can only be positioned in length.

Departments are about 11 cm deep, about 35 cm wide, and about 50 cm long.

The dense fabric, which feels like an umbrella and acts as a gasket between the department and the outer wall of the suitcase, is equipped with a zipper, with which you can access the details of the design of the suitcase, for example mounting wheels. Well, or you can also put something here and hide from prying eyes.

We open the second department.

And here it is immediately evident that a small part of the internal space is lost due to the tubes of the telescopic handle.

Also, if necessary, you can access them using the available lightning.

In general, the manufacturer did not save on zippers, and even the jumper between the halves of the suitcase here provides for the possibility of unfastening.

It remains only to visualize what can be roughly placed in this suitcase, with the declared volume of 38 liters. Without thinking twice and roughly figured, I decided to try to pack sneakers, jeans, a sweatshirt, a sweater and a voluminous winter jacket here.

Any winter jacket, despite its visual dimensions, always shrinks well due to air removal, the main thing is not to let it turn around after that. For this purpose, division into sections with separate walls is very well suited. He twisted it, stuffed it, holding the jacket he fastened the zipper and he was done.

All remaining freely fit in the second compartment. If you wish, both in the first and in the second compartment, you can still add a certain amount of various necessary small things.

Close the second compartment.

As a result, the weight of the filled suitcase was exactly 7 kg.

Here I suggest a little delay and consider one very important issue. But will such a suitcase pass by hand luggage parameters for air travel? Indeed, when traveling by car, bus or train, the mass-dimensional characteristics of baggage often do not play a critical role. In the case of air travel, exceeding the dimensions of the suitcase even by 1 cm can immediately impose additional, often tangible, costs on the baggage for the passenger. In fact, in the case of Xiaomi Luggage Classic 20 “, this question cannot be answered unambiguously, because each airline has the right to set its own parameters for falling into the concept of” hand luggage “, so we will consider this suitcase from the point of view of several of the most famous air carriers.

So, I remind you that the dimensions of Xiaomi Luggage Classic 20 “are 51 x 36 x 23 cm.
According to information from the official website of PJSC Aeroflot, this year the established norms for the carriage of hand luggage for the classes of service in the cabin of the aircraft (for one passenger) on regular flights for Economy and Comfort classes — one seat weighing no more than 10 kg, while the dimensions of one piece of hand luggage for all classes of service should not exceed: 55 cm in length, 40 cm in width, 25 cm in height, i.e. our suitcase here very pass.

Go ahead, the airline “USA”, as well as “Aeroflot” requires fit into the size 55h40h25 for all tariffs — suitable.

S7 Airlines at the “Economy Basic” tariff allows only free carry-on baggage of up to 10 kg and dimensions not exceeding 55x40x23 cm. The supply is getting smaller and smaller, but we are getting through.

Utair has two norms for hand luggage: “standard hand luggage” for passengers with tickets of any fare measuring 40 x 30 x 20 cm and weighing 5 kg. and “large carry-on baggage” measuring 55 x 40 x 25 cm and weighing 10 kg. for passengers with Premium and Business fares. That is, in this case, our suitcase will pass only at advanced rates.

But the Pobeda low-cost airline, known for its low prices and strict requirements, regulates the hand luggage of passengers not to exceed dimensions of 36x30x27 cm. Here, our Xiaomi suffers a definite defeat.

Despite the fact that it cannot be guaranteed that Xiaomi Luggage Classic 20 “is guaranteed to fit the requirements for hand luggage of all airlines, it seems that during its development these parameters were still taken into account and in each particular case it is better to ask in advance about the requirements of the selected carrier.


B As a result, Xiaomi turned out another practical thing, although not equipped with at least something that would have the prefix “smart” or connected to electricity, but this is no less attractive to the buyer: good material , High-quality assembly, strong handles and wheels, the presence of “the customs of the castle”, excellent ergonomics of interior space, as well as acceptable for the aircraft hand luggage dimensions — practically everything you need for a pleasant journey.

Thank you for your attention and all the best!
That’s all, happy shopping!

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