Review of Liectroux C30B Robotic Vacuum Cleaner — Part 2

I want to tell you about my new friend, assistant and member of our family — about the robotic vacuum cleaner from Liectroux C30B. 2022
Only a week passed, and I managed to forget what cleaning is (and this is with a cat and a child). An excellent robot vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function and a 2D map of the room. Read my review for details.

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Reviews usually start with a true story about the brand, when it was founded, how many cool awards it received. In our case, it will be superfluous — we perfectly understand that I bought this robot vacuum cleaner on Aliexpress and that says it all =)
But suddenly someone will be interested, so here is some information about the company:

The German brand “Liectroux” was founded in 1912 in the military industry. For more than a century, the company has been producing products with aesthetic value, cool design and high technology. German brand “Liectroux” continuously brings energy and warmth to the whole world

I think that’s enough of the official part, and let’s get straight to the point.

Why Liectroux?

A robot vacuum cleaner is an incomprehensible thing: it seems to be needed on the farm, but when you look at the price tag, everything seems to be cleaned without it, clean in the house =) I had
doubts and decided to buy for a long time, almost a year since I went on maternity leave. But the cat and the child together helped me make the right decision — the robot vacuum cleaner should be in our family!
* Spoiler * There will be no pictures of the cat here (left for a summer link to the dacha), so we unfold)))

Previously, the issue of cleaning was not so acute. My husband and I were practically not at home, and the dirt was not particularly noticed. But now I settled in houses, in maternity captivity with a small child, and the dust, small debris and sand seemed to deliberately decided to settle in our apartment.
The friends assured that for daily cleaning: collecting cat hair, cookie crumbs and dust, washing the floor — a robot vacuum cleaner is ideal. Once a month — do-it-yourself spring cleaning. And I will be happy …

Initially (like many) I considered Mi Robot. Two factors stopped me from buying:
1. The xiaomi equipment connects very poorly with ios. and we all have iPhones in our family.
2. According to friends, the most problematic place of these vacuum cleaners is the connection through the application (it constantly falls off).
Putting these two factors together and remembering how the mi band and the action camera connection is constantly buggy, I decided that “well, he nafig.”

Then I considered the iLife company. The price stopped — they began to ask for a lot for completely ordinary functionality. So I would not buy a Chinese vacuum cleaner with a price tag of a certified large brand (officially represented in EU/US). Apparently a lot of adverts are included, it is necessary to pay off somehow =)

The next in line was Liectroux C30B — actually the culprit of this review.
I saw the price, read the name as Electrolux is our favorite (I have a lot of household appliances), I was very happy …
Then I got upset when I realized that we were talking about the wrong XD brand. But I went to watch reviews on youtube.

Few people do not know about Liectroux, but the few reviews and reviews that we managed to find on the network made me happy.
And I was also pleased with the price, because:

  • 2D cleaning map
  • wet / dry cleaning
  • wi-fi connection and smartphone control
  • sensor of obstacles and height differences (in the country it will not fly off the stairs)
  • big battery
  • voice prompts
  • automatic return to base for charging
  • long side brushes
  • powerful motor ….

… In short, everything that I liked and is in Mi Robot is available in Liectroux C30B, only much cheaper!

So I took a chance and bought it. and I’m drinking champagne now =)))

Shipping and packaging

Arranged delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation. In the main store Liectroux there is such an opportunity — you can choose a warehouse.
Placed an order on August 7. On August 8, it had already been processed and I received an SMS notification from the IML courier service
on August 14, the courier knocked on my door and handed a box with a vacuum cleaner)) The Vacuum cleaner arrived safe and sound. Double packing is used.
First, the transport box, it looks, of course, well-worn)

Inside there is already an ordinary box, with a logo and a schematic drawing of the contents.Each

part from the kit lies in its own cell and is packed in cellophane

The robot vacuum cleaner itself is also sealed with a protective film. I did not take it off, and it will be seen in the pictures below, do not be alarmed.
Well, it’s just like with new smartphones — you don’t remove the protective film from the screen until victorious, so that later you can get special pleasure from ripping it off =))))

I will not list what is included in the kit, I just attach a photo + description from the instructions.

Build and run

There is nothing complicated: I figured it out without my husband and even without instructions.
The vacuum cleaner is almost ready to work, you just need to attach the brooms: they indicate where is left and where is right

AND replace the water tank with a garbage tank (I started with dry cleaning to collect debris and dust).

I forgot to remove the restraints, but when I turned on the robot, the voice assistant immediately reminded me of them. The

robot vacuum cleaner squeaked and happily said that it needed to be charged. And he left for the base =)))

Voice notifications are very convenient: you don’t have to guess what happened to the robot and how you can help it.

Cleaning impressions

I am very glad that I made up my mind and bought this miracle of technology.
The instructions say that the full charge cycle is 5 hours. Not a little, of course, so it’s better to keep him at the base at night if you plan to clean up every day.

But “out of the box” liectroux c30B hung on the base for about 30 minutes and again happily told me that he was ready to start.

I started the first cleaning without connecting to a smartphone. By default, the robot vacuum cleaner starts smart cleaning and starts zig-zagging, exploring the space, and avoiding obstacles.

What was I worried about in the first place?
For charging (battery) and space. And these are interrelated things: the more obstacles, the more forces the robot spends in order to overcome them. In all reviews, such robots are tested in empty rooms. They ride on the floor in rooms where there is no furniture, but there is simply garbage on the floor. Now, let’s imagine each of them their own apartment? Here is a table, there is a wardrobe, here you have left your car, and here is a cat’s bed and “don’t you dare touch it.”

I was really worried and doubted whether such a device would be able to clean up a cluttered apartment with high quality?
Verdict: Yes, it can! And it will pull out the dust from where you yourself were too lazy to climb.
Liectroux C30B is very short — 7 cm. I removed the base from the cupboards in the kitchen — he went and washed the floor under them.
He crawled under the sofa in the nursery, rolled under our bed, and pulled the dust out from under the dresser.

This photo shows how the vacuum cleaner quietly drove under the exercise bike and sucked in the age-old dust from there (no one on the simulator, of course, does not ride).

By the way, here is the sill, between the bathroom and the corridor: the robot vacuum cleaner climbed in without my help

Ideally scooped crumbs out of the corners in the kitchen, just in the place where the children’s chair is

And cleaned the carpet in the hallway from sand

Perfect! One charging cycle was enough for the entire apartment with a bathroom and toilet — 72 sq. m.

  • Problems with the definition of space — no
  • Obstacles — bypasses
  • Walls — does not scratch, bumper around the perimeter
  • Corners — sweeping with brushes
  • Streaks — does not leave (microfiber), wipes the floor dry (wood and tiles)

Mobile app

Having played enough, I decided to connect to my smartphone.
Everything is also very simple, the main condition is that the wi-fi router and you with a vacuum cleaner and a smartphone are nearby (up to 4 m).

  • Downloading the Tuyasmart application
  • Log in by phone number
  • Connect to the device

You can add manually or choose to search for a device via wi-fi. It will take 15 seconds. I forgot to clarify: before connecting to a smartphone, you need to double-click on the ON button on the robot vacuum cleaner. The wi-fi icon will light up and the voice assistant will say connecting network. When connected, the robot will quickly report network connection succeded. Hah, I found myself a companion for the evening.

And then everything is as easy as shelling pears — controlled remotely from the phone. You can go to the store and make the vacuum cleaner work while you are away =)

You can also use your phone and app to:

  • find a robot (well, what if he decides to hide under the closet),
  • adjust the suction power,
  • create a cleaning schedule by day and hour,
  • edit the room map (divide the entire apartment into zones)
  • enable cleaning in a specific room (zone)

Simple, understandable, fast, convenient, perfect … why didn’t I buy a robot vacuum cleaner earlier ?!


A great helper, especially for everyone who spends a lot of time at home. Daily cleaning is quickly boring and time-consuming. The robot vacuum cleaner really unties your hands in this regard.
Specifically about Liectroux C30B: no complaints about the robot and the manufacturer.
The vacuum cleaner is well assembled and looks beautiful (black and glossy). It works on a single charge for a long time (I will check it soon in a country house of 200 sq.m.), it vacuums quietly, does not let trash through. In the center there is a V-shaped brush that handles my long hair and cat hair. Long side brushes scoop crumbs out of corners, and there is even a special “cleaning along the walls” mode in the settings.
My liectroux c30b is cleaning the whole apartment every day, and so far I could not find any cons.
It works quietly (much quieter than a simple vacuum cleaner).
And most importantly, it crawls through any holes and easily navigates the crowded rooms (we have a lot of furniture)

I recommend! A necessary thing for any family =)

That’s all for me. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below the article. Happy shopping everyone!

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