Review of Heated Cushion Xiaomi PMA-M10 Graphene

 Today we’ll look at the next novelty from the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform from the PMA sub-brand, which produces various kinds of warm devices and clothes. So, for example, a heated scarf was quite interesting. In this review, let’s take a look at the pillow with a similar opportunity Xiaomi PMA-M10 Graphene. To begin with, as usual, I propose to watch a review, and only then go to the text part of the publication.

Buy Xiaomi PMA-M10 Graphene — Heated Cushion

The device comes in a reusable matte bag with a complimentary fastener and PMA label. In the upper left corner of the package, a familiar triangle is marked with a logo indicating that the device is coming out of a crowdfunding platform.

On the reverse side in the lower right corner you can see the dimensions of the pillow, which are 45 by 45 centimeters, the company’s website and a QR code. The upper corner is a familiar triangle, indicating that the device belongs to a krautfanding platform.

In the kit you can find a small but quite informative instruction, warranty card, tag with the PMA logo and a proprietary flat USB cable to microUSB, the length of which is 120 centimeters.

The pillow itself is represented by two components. This is a cover made of dense and practical fabric of gray color, from which jackets for snowboarding are sometimes made. Side cover is bordered with a blue transition. On the case is a rubberized button with the inscription PMA and the logo of the crown, which in the on state glows in orange.

Around the button are three risks that are indicators of pillow heating. So, the green indicator indicates that the pillow heats up to a temperature of 40–45 degrees Celsius. Blue — 45–50 degrees. Red — 50–55.

However, if you believe the picture from the company’s website, the maximum temperature after time can reach up to 65 degrees Celsius. Only when writing a review, the idea came up to fry fried eggs on it, so sorry. So, for maximum heating in each of the modes, the device takes about 14 minutes. It should be noted that after switching on, the heat is felt immediately.

On the side of the button is a microUSB connector through which power is supplied to the heating elements. Power can be supplied either through Power Bank or through a regular adapter in a 220 V network. To turn on the heating mode, you need to hold the button for 5–7 seconds, after a single press change the heating modes.

Heating elements are located inside the case itself. They are very thin and are placed under the inner lining of the cover and have nothing to do with the pillow itself. As you can see in the picture from the company’s website, the cover has five heating elements, four of which are arranged in a circle and one double in the center.

The cover has a zipper through which you can remove the pillow itself and use it separately as a heating pad or even put it under a jacket! The pillow itself is quite soft and has several rollers, so it can almost be rolled up into a tube and easily put back into the case.

To summarize, we can say that my cat really liked the device, which fell apart on a warm lining “without hind legs”. I was very pleased with the ability to remove the pillow and use a thin cover almost any way. Of the minuses, only the cost can be noted, which in some stores is just space. On the other hand, it costs relatively adequate money on AliExpress. The rest of the device is really very useful and perfect for gatherings for a PC in the season of disconnected batteries.

That’s all, happy shopping!

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