Review of electric meat grinder Hyundai HY-MG2322

The meat grinder in the kitchen allows you to make homemade minced meat with different proportions of meat, as well as adjust the degree of grinding. In addition, it is easier to control the composition of minced meat: when purchased, it can leak a lot during cooking due to the high content of fat, which begins to melt, or especially unspulous manufacturers add water-retaining components like starch for weight. Therefore, we take meat and make minced meat to taste. And the Hyundai HY-MG2322 electric meat grinder will help us do it.


  • Specifications
  • Packaging, appearance and equipment
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  • Specifications

    Model Hyundai HY-MG2322
    Type of Electric meat grinder
    Material Stainless steel, plastic
    Power 1200 W
    Accessories 3 gratings with a hole diameter of 3, 5, 7 mm; attachments for making sausages and kebbe
    Dimensions 305*240*305mm
    The weight 3.75

    Packaging, appearance and equipment

    A black cardboard box is a common type of packaging for the company’s devices. Durability enough for normal transportation.

    The image of the meat grinder is applied several times on the box, but in one projection. However, you can evaluate the appearance, because on the side shown there are controls and a food feeder tray. In addition to the appearance, several features and equipment are noted. Brief characteristics, like all other inscriptions in English. Inside, everything is packed in cardboard forms and individual bags.

    The appearance of the meat grinder body looks very stylish, although this is not the most important point in devices of this type. Glossy plastic case, has two metal plates. When disassembled, it does not take up much space, and thanks to its rectangular shape without proding parts, it does not take up much space. The control buttons – start and reverse, are located under the right hand, however, for left-handers it will not be difficult to use this device, because. many hold the meat grinder with their hand, and with the left hand you can just hold the corner and control with your fingers. The central part has wavy notches, slightly diluting the gloss.

    From above it is empty, there is nothing but the same waves. There are 4 legs on the bottom, 2 of which have suction cups to prevent the meat grinder from slipping during operation. Closer to the center is an information sticker.

    The working part does not show anything new. Feeder, pulley, knife and grids. The last three by the way. Basically there are 2 pieces with holes for 5 and 7 mm. Here there is another 3 mm, which at the output will give a rather tender mass of minced meat, which means it can be useful for “sausage makers”, because. in the manufacture of some types of sausages, the finest “grinding” is needed. The knife is straight. The auger with the gearbox is connected by metal parts.

    The product feeder is metal to complement the design of the side walls, while the pusher is plastic and lightweight. Nozzles for sausages and kebbe are also plastic and familiar from other meat grinders, they are the same almost everywhere.

    You can read the insctions, because. She quickly and with the arrangement will bring up to date. Of course, if you already had an electric meat grinder, then you probably won’t learn anything new, but still.


    What should be done before using the device related to cooking for the first time? Wash. After that, we wipe the components from excess water and proceed to assembly. Because the working chamber has already been assembled, then having disassembled it for washing, we will assemble it again. It is worth making sure that the knife is installed correctly.

    As in most meat grinders, the working chamber is set at an angle with the latch clamped and then rotated until it is vertical and the latch clicks. After these simple manipulations, you can get to work. To do this, take a little more than a kilogram of moderately sinewy piece of pork ham. To complicate the task, we put the smallest lattice, and also cut it into long pieces. In addition, the meat is not frozen.

    The meat grinder vigorously twisted the meat into minced meat. From the sound it was audible that the motor noticed the load, but the finished product was steadily coming out through the grate. Despite the long pieces, the hands did not have time to feed them, the auger tightened them almost without the help of a pusher.

    1.080 kg of meat was processed in about 1 minute 10 seconds, despite all the difficulties that I threw in the Hyundai HY-MG2322 meat grinder. Now let’s see how much meat is left inside the working chamber.

    It can be seen that it is mostly veins and sticky fat. I think there is practically no waste, and whennning, for example, onions, there will be even less. The stuffing turned out to be quite small and tender, thanks to the small grate.



    Hyundai HY-MG2322 is a working tool in the kitchen, which did its job perfectly, despite artificially created obstacles. The set includes 3 grates with different hole diameters, which means you can cook minced meat of the desired consistency. And the device itself will allow you to experiment with different compositions of minced meat.

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