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Review Budget Ring LED Lamps Light have proven themselves well for home photography and video filming 2022; at the moment, the market offers a large number of various models that differ in their dimensions and technical characteristics. Today, one of the budget models of such a lamp came to my review, and in this publication we will consider it in detail, and summarize it briefly.

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The product comes in ordinary cardboard packaging, inside which there is a lamp pre-packed in a plastic bag.

I also ordered a special tripod clamp in the kit with the lamp, which allows you to quickly and easily set the required lighting angle. Note that the retainer was of very good quality and was predominantly made of a metal alloy. It can also be used for mounting and other various equipment with a larger mass. The knot for attaching the clamp to the equipment has a rubberized insert, which will provide a secure fit and protect the equipment from unwanted scratches.

A special control panel with four mechanical buttons is installed on the wire of the lamp, thanks to which you can turn on and off the lamp, as well as adjust the brightness and change the glow temperature. It should be noted that the total length of the wire is almost 2 meters, and the remote control is located in the middle of the wire.

At the bottom of the luminaire there is a standard metal thread for mounting the luminaire on a tripod and other related equipment.

There are a number of slots on the back of the case for ventilation and cooling of the LEDs.

Inside the luminaire has a microcircuit with two rows of LEDs to provide a white and yellow glow, and both rows of LEDs can be turned on simultaneously.

In turn, the diffuser is made of a white matte pistil, and it does its job quite well.

The diameter of the lamp is 16 centimeters, which is not a lot. Although it shines quite brightly, below I will give several measurements from a luxmeter in three different modes of illumination.

The measurements were taken at arm’s length from the luminaire, and all other light sources were turned off. I don’t know how correct such a measurement is, but I think it will give an idea of ​​the brightness of the glow in figures.

The first measurement was taken at maximum brightness and the device showed 684 Lux.

In white light mode, the device produces 376 Lux.

And in the yellow mode, the device produces 387 Lux of brightness.

Summing up, I want to note that this lamp does an excellent job with the basic functions assigned to it. It is also convenient to use it as additional background lighting. Based on the price of the device, it is worth noting the good quality of the materials used, a convenient control panel and the ability to connect the device to any power source with USB output. I hope this brief overview was useful to you, and if you still have questions, I will try to answer them in the comments.

That’s all for me. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below the article. Happy shopping everyone!

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