Review of Amazfit Bip Lite Smart Watches

In Stock Global Version Review Amazfit Bip Lite Smart Watch 45-Day Battery Life 3ATM Water-resistance Smartwatch For Android New 2022. The gadgets under the Amazfit brand are produced by a subsidiary of Xiaomi — Huami. So we immediately expected an excellent value for money from the Amazfit Bip Lite — and we were not mistaken.

Despite the Lite prefix in the name, which hints at some compromises in the equipment of the device, its only difference from the Amazfit Bit version is the lack of a GPS module. Since not everyone needs it, we will not classify this feature as a disadvantage — after all, most users can do without tracking on the watch, using a smartphone for this purpose.

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We got a model in pink for the test, there are also blue and black versions on sale. The strap can be easily removed, if you wish, you can order different colors and change according to your mood. The strap itself is made of hypoallergenic silicone, 20 mm wide and 19.5 cm long.

We especially liked that the watch is compact and looks neat even on a small hand — and it is much more comfortable to wear than fitness bracelets with a wide case.

The rectangular TFT display with a diagonal of 1.2 inches and a resolution of 176 × 176 pixels is covered with Gorilla Glass 3. We tested the watch for a couple of weeks, but even minor scratches did not appear on the screen.

In terms of image quality, the matrix resembles a classic electronic clock — the viewing angles here are very small, and in order to see anything on the screen, you need to look at it exactly from above. However, the display has a high brightness that can be adjusted (as many as 5 modes). In addition, the screen is always active: by default, the watch shows the selected dial. To illuminate it, you need to press the button, which imitates the crown of a mechanical watch.

Amazfit app

The watch can work both independently and in conjunction with a smartphone. If you want to use the capabilities of the gadget to the fullest, then you still have to connect it to the phone. In the Amazfit app, you can set which notifications will be duplicated on the watch, set training goals and track your progress.

In general, it is not necessary to use the application all the time — it is more needed for the initial setup and statistics of your activities. You can also start a workout with tracking geolocation in the program — then you can save not only the history of steps taken, but also track your movements while jogging or cycling.

Another feature that people love is available in Amazfit — the ability to add friends in the application who use the manufacturer’s fitness gadgets and track their sports achievements.

What Amazfit Bip Lite can do

All modern fitness gadgets can do is count steps and calories, measure heart rate in real time and monitor the quality of rest, distinguishing between fast and deep sleep. By default, sports modes are available for walking, running, cycling, and treadmill activities. You can also swim in the watch — it can withstand diving to a depth of 30 meters. During training, the gadget reads data on speed, distance traveled, heart rate and calories burned.

Also, the watch can be used as a timer or an alarm clock, and when connected to a smartphone, it can read notifications and receive weather data.

Conveniently, the gadget can display not only messages from popular instant messengers, but any notifications from any application — and not as a preview, but as a whole. Of course, you won’t be able to answer them, but you won’t have to guess “what’s next”.


The watch is charged on a special stand that is connected via USB to a power source. The manufacturer promises up to 45 days of battery life — given that the watch always has an active screen, this is a very strong statement. In two weeks of testing, we spent 70% of the charge, not using the watch, except at night.

Charging from zero to 100% takes about 2.5 hours, but after 15 minutes at the outlet, the battery will recharge by 20%.

Our review of Amazfit Bip Lite

We especially liked the ergonomic design of the watch and the always-on display with the dial always on. Good battery life is another reason for praise, because many smartwatches cannot last even weeks without recharging. Also, Amazfit has a handy app that running enthusiasts will definitely appreciate.

From the unusual — some additions constantly arrive on the clock. Either we are in the season of new firmware, or this is a constant problem. Once we even had to force-install a separate font update (!), Apart from a few resource upgrades. Otherwise, there can be no complaints about Amazfit Bip Lite , especially considering their low price. Happy Shoping!

That’s all for me. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below the article. Happy shopping everyone!

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