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Review of Portable tabletop vacuum cleaner 2022. NUSIGN Desk Portable Desktop Cleaner Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner For School Classroom Office School Supplies For Smart Life. This review will focus on a very funny, but at the same time quite interesting and useful thing – a portable vacuum cleaner for cleaning a workplace. The device will be quite useful when engaging in any hobby, when a lot of small rubbish remains on the table, or, for example, for teaching, in an unobtrusive manner, the younger generation to keep the desk in order.

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The device is delivered in a high-quality cardboard box. Produced by Deli, a fairly well-known brand of high-quality and inexpensive stationery:

Inside, in a transparent package, there is the device itself, a cleaning brush and instructions:

There are only four colors available for purchase on the product page: white, black, pink and blue. The device is a round washer cylinder, very vaguely reminiscent of a robot vacuum cleaner 🙂

On the side there is an On / Off switch and a button for removing the top cover:

At the bottom, in the center, there is a hole through which debris is sucked in, from which eight rows of brushes (or brushes, as you like) diverge:

The bristles are about 5mm high, made of hard nylon:

Between the parts of the body there is a recess through which the flow of intake air exits:



The device has several components. The top cover covers the battery compartment, to remove it you need to press the button labeled PUSH:

The vacuum cleaner is powered by two AA batteries:

To remove the bottom cover (which is with brushes), you need to turn it relative to the middle part, in which the engine is located:

Under the cover there is an impeller with a cover module with a filter mesh:

The mesh allows air to pass through well, but retains the sucked-in debris:

To install it correctly, there are special key marks:

For the experiment, we take an eraser and get a large number of scraps (as if erasing a pencil from paper):

To make the vacuum cleaner work, simply insert the batteries and set the switch to the “ON” position. The vacuum cleaner has only one speed, however, it sucks up very well, we just run it several times without pressing over the place of cleaning. Stiff brushes help to loosen the sticking to the surface of the eraser. It takes a couple of seconds to clean:

The device also copes with pencil cleaning without any problems:

I thought I would give up in front of larger objects such as seeds and sea salt – nothing like that, it sucks up without any problems:

It is clear that with such a size, a separate dust collector is not provided, everything is accumulated directly in the compartment where the impeller rotates, the volume of which is small (455 cc declared), but quite sufficient for one or two cleanings. The device itself is not noisy, but when large debris gets in, you can hear how it grinds inside:

Please note that the power was enough to grind some of the seeds and remove the husks from them (and it only worked for about 10 seconds):

Well, then we just shake everything out and use the complete brush for the final cleaning of the device:

On the whole, the device is unusual and quite interesting, it claims to be the smallest vacuum cleaner 🙂 However, despite its size, it performs well the declared function of cleaning the workplace. Can be used as an original gift.

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