Review Mi Body Composition Scale 2

Review of Smart Scales 2022 Xiaomi Mi Smart Body Fat Scale 2 . Greetings to the readers of this review, today we will make a small review of the Xiaomi Body Composition Smart Scale 2. Let’s talk with you about the positive and negative points, tell you about the pricing policy and why I decided to opt for them. Enjoy your reading, everyone.

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Main characteristics

  • Material – glass, plastic
  • White color
  • Length – 280 mm
  • Width – 280 mm
  • Thickness – 22 mm
  • Weight – 1200 g
  • Minimum measurement – 100 g
  • Maximum dimension – up to 150 kg
  • Wireless Control – Bluetooth 5.0
  • Power source – AAA 1.5 V batteries (4pcs)
  • Compatibility – iOS, Android
  • Control – via the Mi Fit app
  • Country of origin – China

Unpacking and Overview of the Kit

The packaging is made in a minimalistic style, like the scales themselves. Plain white cardboard and nothing more. The first thing that catches our eye is the scales themselves, sealed in a film in order not to scratch them during transportation, respectively, it is advisable to remove it before use. This is written on the tape itself, but only in Chinese and English. Also, if you buy a product certified by ROSTEST, then the user manual will be in English inclusive.

Device appearance

This device has a very pleasant appearance, in the style of Xiaomi minimalism. After we remove the protective film, we notice that the top surface is made of white reinforced glass with the “mi” logo. Also, the scales themselves have a hidden LED display that displays the weighing results. The glass itself is scratch resistant. At the bottom of the scale there is a compartment for four AAA batteries. There are also four rubberized feet so that the scales do not slide on a smooth floor surface, which are accompanied by weight sensors. These sensors run from the glass surface of the balance to the floor and are made in the form of metal circles.

Connecting and using the device

The use of our device begins with the fact that you need to open the battery compartment and insert 4 AAA batteries. We place them according to the diagram under the cover, batteries are not included in the kit, so they need to be purchased additionally in advance, of course, it’s surprising to me why it was impossible to integrate a battery into these scales, which could be charged from USB through a special adapter. We are also invited to scan the QR code, in order to download the official Mi Fit application, who does not want to bother, just go to the application store and enter the name. The balance can be used without the application, but in this case a number of functions will be unavailable. According to the manufacturer, the main purpose of the scales is measurement accuracy. They are equipped with a G-shaped sensor made of special steel, which is capable of detecting changes in weight in increments of 50 g. You can also select units of measure in kilograms, pounds and jins. There are interesting functions for calculating fat and muscle mass separately. The minimum weighing weight is only 100 g. So it is possible to use it not only for measuring the weight of a person, but also for measuring other things, such as vegetables or parcels. Another interesting function is a balance test, for this it is proposed to stand with one foot on the scale and close your eyes, the main thing is to do it all in compliance with all safety measures and techniques. The application works at an intuitive level, there are no difficulties in using it. Manufacturers promise up to 12 months of operation of the scales from four batteries. There is also a guest mode, so that the scales do not synchronize and do not record any weighing data.

Advantages and disadvantages

On the plus side, this is a cool minimalist design with smooth curves, armored glass, scratch-resistant. Low power consumption, ensuring long-term use of the device. Rich application functionality. Minimum weight from 100 g, meaning that a variety of items can be weighed.

Of the minuses, I did not like that the work comes from AA batteries, that you need to buy them additionally. As for me, their era is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and a cooler solution would be to equip this device with a built-in battery.


The price for this device is around 1,500 dollars, but since there is a sale now, you can grab these scales with a very good discount. You can consider it as a great gift for the new year.


Summing up, I will say that this device will be a cool addition for people who are actively involved in sports and monitor their weight and figure, since this device has a cool functionality for adjusting and receiving information.

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