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Checking what a robot worth less than 500 dollars is capable of 2022. One of the most budgetary robotic vacuum cleaners Lefant M210. Hello, I had a chance to try what robotic vacuum cleaners can do for less than $500. One such option is a robot from Lefant. It already has a decent look, two side brushes, significant ground clearance with spiked wheels, a voluminous container and a variety of cleaning algorithms. In particular, in the automatic cleaning mode, it can walk strip by strip, even without laser navigation. And it’s also curious how it copes with its orienteering, even though it doesn’t even have a contact bumper. But more about everything in the review.

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  • Dimensions: 11 “diameter x 2.8” height
  • Suction power: 1800Pa
  • Dust box capacity: 500ml
  • Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Packaging and equipment

The robot vacuum cleaner is delivered in a simple cardboard box, on which the vacuum cleaner itself is drawn and there is a picture of the product. We open the lid of the box and see that everything inside is protected by cardboard and the vacuum cleaner itself and its base are stored in individual bags

The package bundle is generous enough:

  • 4 side brushes
  • Garbage container
  • Charging base
  • 2 Hepa filters
  • Power Supply
  • Cutting brush with knife
  • Remote control
  • User manual

Black glossy plastic base with spring-loaded charging contacts. On the case there is a sticker with power parameters. On top of the base cover, a brush with a blade for cutting long hair and threads was placed in a special niche.

Photos of charging base

Spare side brushes are the same, with long pile, Filters without hard plastic cord. They are inserted into a plastic frame.

Additional photos of filters and brushes

The power supply has a standard Euro plug and a 5mm connector. Power supply data on the PSU case, namely 19V 0.6A 11.4W

Translucent plastic container with an inlet door. A compartment with a filter was placed on the back of the door. It will not be a problem to get and change the filter

There is also a remote control with a display to display the current cleaning mode. It resembles a remote control for an air conditioner, has arrow buttons for manual control, a play / pause button, auto cleaning, return to base, delay start and cleaning modes. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included)


The vacuum cleaner has a standard round body, but it is more compact than the usual models. Case diameter 28 cm, height 7 cm. White cover made of glossy white plastic, on top there is a button for turning on the vacuum cleaner, it is also the start of the automatic cleaning mode. There is also a door for opening the compartment with the container.

The sides of the vacuum cleaner are also made of white plastic. There is no contact bumper from the front, there is a barely transparent strip of plastic, behind which the obstacle detection sensors are hidden. The front part with a translucent strip is protected by rubber strips. The lower strip is slightly larger than the upper one. There are also holes for air outlet and speaker on the side. They just look like a lot of holes grouped in specific 2 zones.

We turn over the vacuum cleaner, the bottom is black plastic. At the front, a spinning wheel between the two charging pads. There are 2 side brushes on the front sides. Between the two side brushes, there is a hole for picking up the suctioned debris. The bristles of the side brushes are long enough to sweep dirt right into the hole. And what immediately catches the eye is the lack of a turbo brush, which is usually located in the center. Moreover, on the product page it is given as an advantage, but we know that. Along the perimeter of the front half of the body there are 3 fall prevention sensors, one in front and two on the side. Well, at the back there are two decent motorized wheels recessed into the body of the vacuum cleaner, which are covered with rubber with a powerful tread.

Detailed photos of the vacuum cleaner from below

If you remove the container, we just see a compartment under it with an air intake hole and an impeller can be seen on the back side

Getting started.


First, remove the films from the robot and the instructions on the lid.

Then we check the installation of the container and the filter in it.

Turn on the power switch under the cover

We can get acquainted with the list of errors of the robot, it is glued to the lid from the inside

To control the robot, you can first use the remote control. From the remote control, you can select 1 of 4 cleaning modes.

  • Manual mode. Simple control according to the pressed button.
  • Local cleaning. After pressing, the robot will make a few circles around itself to locally clear the space.
  • Passage along the perimeter of the room.
  • Auto mode. Snake cleaning lane by lane and then walking along the perimeter and returning to the base.

Of these, only automatic is interesting, in my opinion. When you press the automatic mode button, the robot leaves the base and begins to go through the entire room with a snake, and when it passes the entire area, it will go around the entire area around the perimeter and return to the base for charging.

Interestingly, even without laser sensors, the robot is trying to build a map of the room in the application. Download the Lefant Life app. Attaching a vacuum cleaner is easy in a few steps

Then we can change the cleaning modes, see the battery charge percentage, the current status of the robot (charging, auto cleaning). We start cleaning and the red dot begins to run like a snake across the area, strip by strip, drawing a map. Right there in the application, we can set the cleaning mode and voice control through the Google assistant.

Here is how the three-ruble card grows in stages. At first everything is not bad, but he is mistaken, the cartography is not as correct as possible. Somewhere he will make a mistake, somewhere he will draw an extra meter. Somewhere he will miss a piece. But in a relatively small room, it may well. For example, he removes a room of 17 squares and builds the map correctly.

During operation, the robot correctly sees walls of any color other than black. Faces black objects from the entire turn. Striking, realizes that there is something there, and continues cleaning further. The suction power is not very good, and there is no turbo brush. It will suck in most of the small debris, but if, in the case of a turbo brush, it throws debris into a container, then it may miss something. and also likes to scatter small debris such as dough buckwheat with side brushes.

The side brushes, as in adult models, slow down when approaching an obstacle and accelerate again when driving off.

Moreover, this is how far the robot stops from the wall.

These are the legs of furniture he does not notice, beats with his face

It fits easily onto carpets 1.5 cm high with enthusiasm, I am sure it will easily take a standard 2 cm

A curious moment. The son has lost a sock. And the robot drove over it. And the turbo brush would have choked on it long ago, but this robot could not suck the sock into the hole and just ran over it.

After passing the entire area, he approaches the base, stands opposite, takes aim and slowly drives up.

For the test, buckwheat, rice and beans were scattered, as a result, after cleaning, a dozen grains of buckwheat remained on the floor, which scattered from the side brushes.

And it would seem that the suction power is small, but he was surprised, he collected a full container of hair dust and debris. It can be seen that all the beans, both rice, and buckwheat were in the container. In the end, I am satisfied. If it were not for scattering with side brushes, cereals on the sides, then in general there would be no complaints. Let’s say I’m surprised. I thought that a turbo brush solves a lot, but here it turns out that the air flow is enough. And from the photographs below it will be seen that the dust has already been compressed by the air flow, which means it definitely sucks well.

I was pleased with its compact size, it fits perfectly where my Dreame L10 PRO is shy and takes up a minimum of space. Can be positioned in any corner. He is also short, he crawled under the kitchen set, where the older friend was embarrassed to climb. And it is also indicated on Ali that you can buy a cloth with a nozzle and he will also wipe the floor. Well, this for its cost, I think, is already fantastic.

As a result, the robot has a very right to exist. He does not draw the map quite correctly, but he always comes back to the base, he sucks in dust, hair and large debris. Yes, it can be scattered with brushes, but many sin this. It knocks against legs and dark objects with the front side, then gently goes around them, slowing down the rotation of the brushes. He’s not perfect, but for his 483 dollars. he is beautiful. And it is perfect for people who just want to try what robotic vacuum cleaners are, or for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on equipment. Especially if the cleaning territory is simple, then he is just a king) But you need to understand that wow will not happen. He just runs and sucks in the trash. He may miss something, forget something, but on the whole he left a pleasant sensation.

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