Review Inkbird IBS-TH2 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Temperature Sensor

Review of Thermometer-hygrometer IBS-TH2 Plus with a remote sensor and Bluetooth. At home or in the country, it is always useful to know the temperature and humidity of the environment, small electronic measuring devices will help in this, various models of which can be purchased, including on AliExpress. One of such devices, the IBS-TH2 PLUS thermometer-hygrometer, will be discussed in this review. A distinctive feature of this devsays from others is the presence of an external temperature sensor, built-in Bluetooth and interaction with the application on a smartphone.

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The device is delivered in high-quality and dense branded packaging:

The package of the IBS-TH2 PLUS model includes the device itself, an external thermal sensor and instructions:

The device itself is slightly larger than a matchbox and has a small but easy to read LCD display. In front of the case, above the temperature and humidity sensor, there is an opening for air intake. The device does not have serious moisture protection, so you should not place it in an open space on the street:

On the side there is a single control button responsible for activating the Bluetooth mode and, with a long press, switching between C ° / F modes:

On the other side there is a port for connecting an external probe / sensor:

Power is supplied from batteries, which are installed in a compartment located on the back of the device. I also note that a magnet is built into the case and the device can be magnetized, for example. on the metal door of the refrigerator:

Declared characteristics:

  • Temperature and humidity range:
  • internal sensor from -10 to 60 ° С; 0 ~ 99% RH
  • external sensor from -40 to 125 ° С
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.5 ° C (external sensor); ± 0.3 ° c (internal sensor)
  • Humidity measurement accuracy: (25 ° C, 20% ~ 80% RH): Max precision: ± 4.5% RH
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Bluetooth transmission distance: up to 30m
  • Number of records in memory: up to 30,000 values.
  • Configurable intervals between recordings: 10sec / 30sec / 1min / 2min / 5min / 10min / 30min,
  • Power: 2xAAA (not included)
  • Battery life: up to 6 months
  • Dimensions: 63.5x20mm
  • Weight: 53g.

A feature of this thermometer / hygrometer, which distinguishes it from analogues, is the ability to save data on the monitored indicators (at specified intervals) in the internal memory of the device (up to 30,000 values) and transfer them to an application on a smartphone or tablet in real time via Bluetooth. The device works with both Android and IOS gadgets.

The size:

Weight (without batteries):

The temperature probe is equipped with a sealed metal tip, this probe measures only the temperature:

Connected with a plug resembling a stereo minijack, length 2 meters:

When the batteries are installed, a self-test is performed on the display. It can be seen that 4 digits are allocated to the temperature, three integers and one fractional:

After switching on, the device immediately begins to display and write to the memory the recorded temperature and humidity. If no external sensor is connected, the measured values ​​from the sensor integrated in the device are displayed and written. If you connect an external probe, then the corresponding symbol is displayed on the display and the temperature data is logged only from it, and the humidity is written from the internal sensor. Simultaneous recording from external and internal temperature sensors is not performed. The display also shows the activated BT icon and the battery power:

With a short press of a button, you can turn off Bluetooth to save battery power, and when necessary, turn it on and transfer all data for a period (as I already mentioned up to 30,000 values) from the device’s memory to the application. Long press on the button toggles the temperature units:

The display is of good quality, the numbers are well visible even at large angles:

The accuracy was compared with different thermometers from other manufacturers and a temperature probe from a multimeter. The device is very sensitive, the parameters are monitored approximately every 3-4 seconds and the data immediately changes on the display. Here is a comparison with the data modified by the internal temperature sensor:

From an external sensor:

The external probe can also be used to measure the temperature of the liquid:

It fixes negative temperatures normally. Using a probe, you can, for example, measure the temperature in the freezer of a refrigerator. I was surprised to learn that the top of my freezer is about 5 degrees higher than the bottom. I also note that in fact, the device records the temperature and humidity to hundredths, it simply does not display it on the display, but it can be seen in the application (in real time):

Now about the application. It is proprietary and is suitable for all similar Bluetooth devices from INKBIRD. Each device has a unique identifier and several devices can be connected to the application at the same time, they do not conflict with each other. The connection itself is elementary and simple, after adding it to the application, information about the current temperature and humidity begins to be transmitted in real time. Note that the transmission distance is about 20m (with one wall):

In the application, you can select the icon of the location of the device, name it, set the upper and lower temperature thresholds, when you go beyond which, a corresponding message will be displayed on the home screen. In addition, you can select the time interval after which the values ​​will be regularly recorded into the device’s memory and, most importantly, you can calibrate the temperature and humidity sensor if they suddenly overestimate or underestimate the value:

By selecting the Diagram item, the data is loaded from the device memory into the application and the transition to the data section. Here you can see temperature and humidity graphs for: day / week / month / year. The X-axis represents the time, the Y-axis represents the measured temperature / humidity value. The graphs themselves are interactive, by clicking on any point of the graph or diagrams, you can see the specific temperature value at one time or another. The minimum, maximum and average values ​​are displayed above the graphs (the screenshots below are taken on different dates, so these numbers do not match):

For temperature and humidity, different graphs are switched by clicking the corresponding icon at the top of the application. You can see in general all the values ​​downloaded from the device in the form of a table, and also see a diagram of the distribution of the number of measured values ​​by temperature range. Data for any period can be exported to a CSV file and sent, for example, by mail, and then build a graph by points in Excel.

In general, the IBS-TH2 PLUS is a quite decent and interesting device, with good accuracy and, despite its compact size, ample opportunities to provide information on temperature and humidity. It can be installed in some place autonomously, and periodically comes and reads data for a period, and an external temperature sensor further expands the functionality.

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