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Review of robot vacuum cleaner iLife V8 Plus: cleanliness is inexpensive 2022.  Cleaners have already firmly entered our life and have become faithful helpers in cleaning the house. Many buyers are looking for a robot for a small amount of money, which will be able to perform its duties efficiently and bring maximum benefit, working off every ruble spent on it. Even if it does not have a fancy navigation system and a wet cleaning function, you cannot see the dog’s hair on the floor, and the whole house is clean enough. Whether iLife V8 Pro robot vacuum cleaner can become such a workhorse – we’ll figure it out in the review.

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  • Model: iLife V8 Plus
  • Cleaning types: dry
  • Dust container, volume: 300 ml
  • Maximum suction power: 1000 Pa
  • Maximum noise level: 63 dB
  • Overcoming obstacle height: 12 mm
  • Cleaning modes: automatic, spot, zigzag, schedule, manual
  • Control type: remote control
  • Battery: Li-Ion, 2600 mAh
  • Charging time: up to 350 min
  • Autonomy of work: up to 130 minutes
  • Sensors: IR radiation, cliff recognition, mechanical obstacle sensor
  • Vacuum cleaner diameter: 348mm
  • Height: 92mm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg

Contents of delivery

The iLife V50 Pro comes in a cardboard box that is compact enough for a vacuum cleaner with a handle. No impact marks are visible on the packaging and the contents were not damaged during shipment. The box contains a picture of the device and its main advantages.

Found in the box:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Charging station
  • Power Supply
  • Remote control with 2 AAA batteries
  • Additional two side brushes
  • HEPA filter (spare)
  • Container cleaning brush
  • Instruction + Warranty

The 12W power supply has a plug for connecting to the charging base. The station has silicone inserts on the bottom for a stable position on the floor. I am glad that the batteries for the remote control are included and you won’t have to run to the store. The instructions contain English.


The iLife V50 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a round shape that is standard for similar devices. The case is made of white plastic with black inserts on the sides, the top cover has a beautiful peach color (pale pink or rose gold). Case dimensions: 348 * 92mm. In the front part, in the turret, there is an IR sensor for communication with the remote control. The tinted glass on the protective bumper hides infrared sensors that allow the vacuum cleaner to recognize obstacles at a distance of 1-5cm.

From above, when you press the lid, it flips up and opens the garbage collection compartment. The container is conveniently removed with a foldable handle. The HEPA filter is easy to replace and works in tandem with a plastic filter. The waste container is transparent, has a volume of 300 ml.

On the bottom of the vacuum cleaner there is an on / off button, two springy large wheels with “caterpillar” tread (allow you to overcome obstacles with a height of 12mm), a small front wheel, an air intake hole, side brushes and height difference sensors to prevent falls. When working, the side brushes sweep debris towards the center of the suction opening. There are two charging contacts near the front wheel.


It is quite simple to operate the iLife V50 Pro robot vacuum cleaner, there are only two options:

  • Using the remote control
  • Using the “Clean” button on the body of the vacuum cleaner

Using the “Clean” button, you can turn on / off the standby mode, turn on / off the automatic cleaning mode.

Using the remote control, you can start the automatic cleaning mode with the blue button, control the vacuum cleaner with arrows in manual mode and turn on the maximum power mode (1000Pa, standard mode – 500Pa). The bottom blue buttons allow you to set a cleaning time schedule, change the current time, turn on the spot cleaning mode and the zig-zag cleaning mode, force the vacuum cleaner to the charging station with the home button. On the screen of the remote control there is information about the current time and time of cleaning according to the schedule.

Automatic cleaning – the vacuum cleaner travels along its own route, which it develops itself. It may seem strange and illogical, but in the end, the vacuum cleaner covers almost the entire area of ​​the room.

Spot (local) cleaning – it is used in the case when the garbage is localized in one place: you sawed / planed something, scattered something or something else like that. The vacuum cleaner must be located in the very center of this disgrace and turn on this cleaning mode. The device will move in a spiral from the center point and then backward. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner operates at maximum suction power and is quite noisy.

Zig-zag cleaning – the most logical cleaning mode in which the vacuum cleaner travels along a clear trajectory from wall to wall or from one obstacle to another, then turns around and does it again and again, thus covering the entire area of ​​the room.

Manual mode – the vacuum cleaner is controlled using the arrows on the control panel. Thus, you can remove garbage exactly where you want at a given time.

Scheduled cleaning – automatic cleaning, which simply starts at a certain time. The vacuum cleaner will automatically exit the standby mode at the specified time and will clean the room.

The quality of cleaning I would rate as average, although I compare it with much more expensive robotic vacuum cleaners (Lydsto R1 for example). That is, for its class of vacuum cleaners, for this amount of money, the quality of cleaning is very even at the level. The noise level during the standard cleaning mode is not annoying, while the vacuum cleaner is running, you can calmly watch TV and go about your business. But when cleaning at maximum power, it is almost impossible not to notice the sound, it’s like a hairdryer is working. The vacuum cleaner is able to work for two hours on one full charge and go to make up, which takes 4 hours.


iLife V50 Pro (V8 Plus) robot vacuum cleaner is a budget workhorse that will serve you faithfully and earn every ruble spent on it. It has a sleek design and all the features you need to effectively combat debris and dust in your home.

Yes, he does not know how to build room maps, does not have a Wifi module, does not understand voice commands and does not speak himself. But you need to understand that not everyone needs this. Most people just need a clean house, albeit imperfect, and not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on such devices. Of the main shortcomings, I can single out a high noise level in the maximum power mode and a relatively small compartment for garbage. Still, you have to keep track of how full the dust container is in order to clean it in time.

Among budget robotic vacuum cleaners, the iLife V8 Plus is more than competitive and I can recommend it for purchase.

That’s all for me! May your home be always clean!

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